Social Media Galore!

Did you know that This Crooked Crown is kind of everywhere online? It’s true!

On facebook, This Crooked Crown published a “daily tip” which is shared with the twitter account.

On twitter, commentary is often shared and discussions had with fellow practitioners with occasional veering into original content.

On instagram, there’s daily life pictures of readings, selfies, and cats. Sometimes other stuff.

On tumblr, a lot of blogging with commentary and plus word of the day and art of the day. Reblogging and original content mixed. There’s also a huge page of resources.

On pinterest, there’s a series of boards with products from This Crooked Crown as well as inspiration for altars, gardens, and witchcraft. There’s also boards to discover a new spread, deck, or spell to use. A shout out to This Crooked Crown’s homeland exist in Rhode Island Local.

Plus don’t forget about our shops This Crooked Crown on Etsy and Storenvy.

Come follow us and enjoy the fun!