Vanishing Spell [Spell Saturday #7]

While the title and purpose is loosely inspired by the Vanishing Spell from the Harry Potter series, this spell is a This Crooked Crown original.

The spell is not design to make something literally and physical vanish before your eyes but it is intended to remove the object in question from your life and give it back to the world around you. Essentially, it will banish something from your life and scatter it to the world around you.

Because of the specific purpose of this spell, it might not be the best sort of spell to use to banish something from your life like a curse or ghost. Instead, it may be more useful to speed up the selling of a particular item, making a house guest that has stayed too long go away, or something similar. This isn’t intended to be used in a baneful fashion but rather as a dismissal of the object in question.

Make sure you read the whole spell, including the notes, all the way through before attempting. The structure of this spell is specific for reasons outlined below.

Candle Smoke

Vanishing Spell by This Crooked Crown

What you’ll need:

  • Magical circle creating materials
  • Object you want to make disappear or a representation of it
  • 9 white candles and candle-lighting stuff

1.Get your object or the representation of it. If you want to make a non-physical object disappear, like guilt or a bad habit. Write down the thing or place something that represents and reminds you of the thing you want vanished.

2. Cast a circle. Your method of casting a magical circle can depend entirely on your paradigm and purpose. The circle needs to be big enough to hold the object or representation of the object you want to make disappear.

3. Light your white candles and place them outside of the magical circle.

4. Now say or think the following very clearly. Make sure you blow out every single candle at the “as this fire vanishes into smoke” line. This must be done entirely before the final line is said.

[Object name] stands before me

I want it gone.

Disappear [object] from my life

Scatter to the winds and be sent elsewhere

As this fire vanishes into smoke 

[blow out the candles]

[Object] vanishes from my life

5. Now you can clean up the spell, starting with the candles, then the magical circle, and finally the object itself. You may wish to burn the object, especially if it’s something that’s written on a piece of paper. Otherwise, make sure you remove the object from your sight and as close to a door if possible if you can’t just outright throw the object out.


  • I am not one who casts magical circles. Outside of specific spells, I almost never cast a magical circle. I don’t see the need of it in my practice. Your style of practice is probably different though. There are hundreds of ways of casting  a magical circle. Pick the method you like best. I usually draw a circle in the dirt or with salt, sugar, or chalk.
  • You absolutely DO need a magical circle for this spell and it definitely should NOT be cast on a surface without doing the magical circle first. If you can’t or don’t want to do a magical circle, you’ll need a very empty space with nothing surrounding the object by a few good feet in all directions. Use common sense here folks. The spell is designed and exists on the theory that it can make stuff go away. So why not contain it in a specific space? An unconstrained spell of this nature might banish stuff you do want in your life like a favorite altar piece, your good coat, or your cat. Risk it if you want but you’ve been warned.
  • I specify nine white candles as nine is a popular number for rebirth or opening new doors in your practice. You can also use the same number of candles that you have number of exists in a room. For example, if you have two windows, a chimney, sink drain, and two doors in your room, you’d need five candles. You can always use just a single candle, if you prefer.

Interested in a pinable image? Try this one:

Vanish Spell

That’s everything! Happy casting!