2023 Card of the Year

“Help people. Give back. Do good shit for humanity.”

Can there even be a better card for a new year? Spark fire in yourself to help others and do what you can do to help others. Sometimes that’s just reblogging a post and other times it’s donating time or money to help others.

This year is stepping outside of yourself and into your community. This can be difficult, especially after so many of us had such monumental changes over the last few years.

This doesn’t mean you need to fork over your cash. Things are expensive right now everywhere, so don’t be afraid to hoard your coins like Smaug and instead focus on acts of compassion and love. 

Embrace helping and loving others. Teach a skill to someone. Hold the door for a stranger. Distract a crying baby so a stressed parent can breathe. Give your pet an extra cuddle. Give something homemade, such as cookies or even a card, to someone who needs a bit of cheer.

Make new friends. Join a club or just pick a new place to frequent, like the library, park, or a coffee shop. Find someone new to talk to.

This is also the year to find love. Being in love often softens people so they are willing to help others and give more. Giving love means you’re granted more love. It seems like nonsense at first, but it really does work. 

Bettering yourself also helps your community. Spend time focusing and loving yourself and you’ll find that you’re able to recognize more easily who is struggling and how you can help. By setting yourself up in a good place means that you’re more willing to give to others. Your cup isn’t empty, so you can offer some of your water to others.

So try to do more for others this year. We’ve been isolated and self-contained these last few years. Spend 2023 reaching out. Discover who and what reaches back. Open your heart.

Happy new year!

Featured decks: Rebel Deck (I drew several others, but this is the one that actually said “yes, me!”)


Dream, Mirage, Glamour Spread

This is a simple spread intended to reveal things like false idealizations, illusions, and so on. Sometimes we idealized people or put them on pedestals. This reveals what’s behind the curtain. This spread would also reveal what’s they’re fooling themselves with.

1 – What is the dream or (false) idealized version of the person or situation?

2 – What are the unintentional illusions of the situation or person? What falsehoods have been unintentionally perpetuated?

3 – What intentional illusions is this situation or person hiding behind?


Last Call – 2022 Year Ahead Readings

January’s almost over and this is your final chance to grab a “year ahead” reading for 2022.

“Year ahead” readings are divinations that predict the year ahead of you by some means, usually cartomancy. Often these readings will be large and go month by month, but some will go by seasons or tackle specific questions.

I’ve two reading available this month, with limited spots. Each reading is delivered in PDF form via email.

The first is a 12 card Year Ahead reading going through the months step-by-step.

The second is a 5 card reading going through the seasons, plus covering the next season (so winter-to-winter).

You can grab your reading here!

These two readings will go away at the end of the month and will be adding new readings for February. If interested in a year ahead reading, don’t hesitate to grab one here.

Stalker Cards – What to Do When You Keep Pulling the Same Cards Again and Again

Ever pull the same card again and again? No matter what deck you use, that card finds you and haunts you. It shows up unannounced, unwanted, and uninvited. It ruins the party and sometimes even other people’s readings. It is the worst.

Mine stalker card has been the Eight of Wands. It’s been the Eight of Wands for years. Why? Well, I’ve got a few ideas, but largely because I’m not doing what the card wants me to do. Because I don’t want to do what it wants me to do and I don’t take orders from fancy paper.

OK, maybe that’s a bit aggressive, but the facts are this: sometimes you’re being told in a reading to do something that you have no interest in doing. You get to say “yes, well, that’s nice, but no thanks.” That’s one of the nice parts of divination. You don’t have to heed the advice given.

But let’s talk about stalker cards and what they really mean.

The general message when this happens is that you need to pay attention to this stalker card. There’s a particular message it’s trying to convey that needs your attention.

Whenever a stalker card appears, you need to figure out what it means and how to do what it says to do (and make it go away). There’s a couple of ways you can do this.

Check lots of different interpretations of that card. Check the card’s symbology. Just research alternative meanings to that card to see if it creates a revelation on what it means.

You can also meditate with the card and see if there’s some message the card need to express that you need to know that comes to you through intuition and meditation.

Use a stalker card spread like this one. Or you can use the one I made up for you below!

Is that still not working? Then you’ve two options:

  1. Draw the card and then a clarifying card. You probably already do this and you’ll have to keep doing it until the message become clear. A nuisance, perhaps, but you do what you have to do.
  2. Draw the card and then ignore it. Use whatever cards you draw next for the rest of the reading. Is this the best policy? Not really, because you might be missing a different meaning for that card, especially if you’re reading for someone else.

Why does this happen?

Generally, it happens because we need to hear the message and we aren’t doing what the message says to do.

But what if it’s suppose to be part of the message?

Then include it. Does it make sense to the rest of the reading? Include it. When this happens for me, I include it in the reading but as an extra card (like a jump card). I don’t count it as a part of the spread I’m using.

Stalker cards are a pain in the butt. Sometimes, they can stalk you for YEARS because you don’t move fast enough for them or because you still haven’t got the message (even though you probably DID get the message, but can’t do anything with the message yet). You can try to resolve the card, but sometimes, you just have to sigh, give the card a good glare, and move on with your day.

Hope that helps folks!

Heal Your Heartache Spread

Heal Your Heartache is a reading that focusing on helping you heal from heartbreak. Whether your hurt comes from a break up, crushed dreams, trauma, or simply being soul tired, Heal Your Heartache focuses on helping you heal and move on.

It’s a really great kind of reading that allows you to identify just where you’re hurting and what hurts are symptomatic or caused by some other issue elsewhere.

For example, maybe you’re feeling sick to your stomach but that’s actually caused by the stress you’ve been feeling for an upcoming deadline. The body reacts in whatever way is needs to to tell you something’s wrong. And when you’re feeling poorly emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, your body will react.

I’ve used this a dozen times or more to figure out exactly how I’m reacting to various stresses or what-have-you and look for solutions I can implement without adding additional stress.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t meant to replace medical or professional care in any capacity. It’s just suppose to be an eye-opener and provide clues to help you. It’s a tool, not a solution.

And yes, you can absolutely use this spread for yourself. I encourage it! Just make sure you credit me if you use it in blog posts or paid readings since it’s my original work.

If you’re not up to reading for yourself right now, this reading is available in my etsy and storenvy shops.


The King’s Divination Sample Reading

Here’s a sample of what a reading using my personal divination method known as the King’s Divination looks like.

Note, all photos for your readings are personal and never shared on social media.


The King’s Divination reveals that your most immediate concern should be getting organized. You’ll want to review your schedule and make sure that you’re getting back on track. Not just because you have stuff to do but because you want to. For personal empowerment and to be able to cleanse yourself from the muck and negativity you’re surrounded by right now.

The most important aspect right now to consider is yourself. You are your most powerful tool. Your instincts, intuition, and self is key to your whole future right now. You are your best motivation and best friend. Remember to listen to yourself. Listen to your heart and spirit. It will guide you where you need to go.

Your relationships with others are very important right now. Allow yourself to trust your heart to others. Don’t lock up your heart tightly. Allow yourself to meet people and befriend those around you. In doing this, you’ll gain great personal power and enrich your life. It will make things much more vibrant and pleasant for you.

Success is possible for you, just avoid making mistakes. Allow yourself to be confident. Modesty and humility won’t help you right now. Embrace what you have and show it off.

Delusions rule over you right now. Get rid of the false illusions you allow and cleanse your spirit. You’ll want to be ready for what’s coming and separating yourself from toxic and negative things will only help you move forward.

Your life is rather split right now. There’s the relationships section of your life which is entirely separate from your success section of your life. Both hold importance to you but you are slightly leaning towards needing more people in your life. You’re probably feeling lonely or isolated right now. You’ve allowed yourself to get into that position so don’t be surprised that it’s happened. You’re responsible for your heart so take responsibility for it. Conquer those people-related fears and move forward.

The first step is with the self and on the mundane level. Follow that up with being true to yourself and you can’t go wrong.

The King’s Divination is an additional option to my etsy readings (the “cards + divination” option) and adds a different perspective on things.

The King’s Divination is also largely impersonal so it doesn’t get sassy like other divination methods do. It tells the truth as it sees it, firm and sincere but not unkind.

You want your own divination reading? Head over to my shop!

Privacy of Tarot Readings

When you get a tarot reading you’re asking someone else to sit down and read your most intimate parts of yourself. The reader might not know all the nitty gritty details, but they’re still involved with something personal, something private.

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Tarot spinner ring. Spin the bands to get a reading.

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This is why I hold my client’s tarot readings (and purchases in general) as private and under the most strict confidence. It’s also why I don’t show my client’s readings or give context such as spread names or full photo shots for the rare photo I do show. Because it’s not my business to share and sharing client readings (especially without permission) is considered a faux pas for me. Your readings are yours and they are private. The same way that your purchases are private and your emails and convos are private. Asks are a little different as often their asking for advice or commenting on a community discussion but nine times out of ten I’ll reply to an ask privately if I’m able to. Because that’s a private interaction.

It’s a rather common practice to see tarot readers show off spreads or client readings. It’s a great way to get your services out there and it’s a great boost of confidence for those who are learning to read to see the readings in practice. And that’s exactly why I’m all for showing my own personal readings or the readings of clients who give the OK. Because showing off your readings and skill can be such a great boon for both you, your readers, and your clients. I share my own personal readings fairly often. I’ll share client posts, reviews, photos, and videos because they’ve shared them first.

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Testing a new spread with the Magical Menagerie oracle.

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I think the crux of the situation is that clients aren’t often even asked if their readings can be shared. As mentioned above, tarot readings are personal to the person so not asking is kind of like snooping through someone’s mail to me. You might not know the context of the bills or letters but you can make some pretty educated guesses just from the names on the envelopes. It’s one thing if you decide to tell someone what’s in the envelope (or the reading) and you’re welcome to share that with the world as the client but for the reader to share your private reading publicly without your permission first… I would see that as a breach of trust personally.

It’s not uncommon for people to forget that their clients are people too. You see this startlingly often in the medical field where doctors and nurses forget their patient’s comfort because to them it’s just another case or just another flu or broken arm. They forget that to the patient, to you, this is a big deal. And that carries over with readers as well. To you this might be just another reading but to the client, it could be vitally important. To forget that and share the reading reduces them to just another person and makes their interactions with you less personal and important.

Not sharing readings means that you have more work on your hands to get your name and business out there however. People can’t see how you read and don’t know what environment they’re in. Testimonials and sample readings can help alleviate that burden as can social media promoting. Simply sending an email to someone and asking for their permission can give you a great response. If a client says yes they’ll probably be exceptionally pleased that you even thought to ask and that might even be a talking point for them when they recommend you. You can also say something like “hey, I had a few great client readings today now here’s one for myself!” And then show a reading you did for yourself or something similar. It still gets your services out there but it doesn’t share your client’s privacy.

I was pleased to see this discussed by Freya Ray in her book The Ethical Psychic (review to come at a later date). Her opinions strongly mirror mine and I know a few other readers who also hold their client’s readings as private first. I know it’s been discussed before but I haven’t seen it come up recently. I think this is a discussion the tarot community should be having as we live in a world of instant gratification and it’s so easy to snap a shot of a client’s reading while at a coffee shop and post it to six different social media sources at once.

I think asking a client if you can share their reading should at least be an industry courtesy if not an industry standard. What do you think?

So you want a reading?

Let’s say you want a reading. Be it tarot, divination, oracle or whatever and you’ve even found a diviner you want to use. But what do listing you choose? What’s the best choice for you? How do you word your questions? What can you expect?

Let’s first talk about what divination can do for you. Divination can do a lot of things but mainly it falls into two camps: telling the future and introspection. These two purposes often coincide (for example, you might get a reading about your career but also glean some advice on what to work on so you can be the best for said career). Some readers specialize in just telling the future and others will only use it for introspection and will go so far as to say telling the future is impossible. I’m of a mind that both are good and can be useful depending on the kind of question you have. My own readings tend to be a mix of both future insights and suggestions, advice, or warnings on what you can change to help yourself or change a future foretold that you didn’t like.

I know what you’re thinking. “Wait? Change a future?” Yup. I believe and operate that for the most part you have the power and ability to change your future. Channel your inner Merida and change what you don’t like. That being said, I also believe that some things are bound to happen give circumstances so unless you wildly deviate from course they’ll happen. xxxHOLIC and CLAMP fans might recognize a term called hitsuzen which is similar. The end result is the same: by and large, you can take advice given to you by the cards and use it to help alter things to your liking. The future is not set in stone.

I’ve already written on what to expect once you purchase a reading insofar as my specific process but you can help your chosen diviner by ensuring and understanding the following things:

  1. Be ready to hear what’s being said. The answer might not be good or what you’re hoping for so you have to be ready for that too. Listen to what the reader says. If you’re asking for a reading, there’s an expectation that you want to be told what’s being read. If you’re closed to the idea that nothing can change or be helped then the reading is probably going to be useless for you. Going to several readers isn’t going to change what’s been read unless you change it yourself. If you’re not ready to hear what has to be said, then don’t ask.
  2. Readings are usually only good for six months and specific dates are hard to pinpoint. While some readers can divine far into the future and narrow down futures to the an exacted time and date for something to happen, many readers prefer not to go that route so you won’t be disappointed when something doesn’t happen. Many readers will only read six months out at most and many times only a few weeks in advance. I tend to use three to six months as an average time frame and give suggestions of a couple of months when dating things.
  3. Accept that the reader may get things wrong. Most of the time the diviner doesn’t know the details of your life so they speak in non-specifics or try to get as specific as possible without knowing those details first hand. Many readers can get some amazing details but there’s going to be times where they’re just off. It happens.
  4. We are interpreters of the cards not advice givers. While many of us can and do serve in a mentor position and some readers are even counselors, we are by and large not advice givers. While some readers will make suggestions or give advice, many readers do not. We just read the cards. That’s what you’re paying us for.
  5. We are worth our rate. It’s just rude and insulting to try and bargain with us. Don’t do it. We work hard to learn the cards and spend many hours crafting spreads and learning how to read for others. Many of us study for years to be able to read professionally.
  6. Every reader is different. Some readers will focus on the metaphysical or pretty imagery. Others will work on empowering you towards your goal. More still want to help you help yourself. There’s lot of different reasons to read and divine and every single reader uses their own experiences, personal symbolism, and knowledge to read the cards or divination tool different. No two readers will read exactly the same way. It may take some time to find a reader that matches up with your style.
  7. Know your questions. Sometimes you don’t know what you want. That’s OK but having specific questions to be answered can help cut down wasted time for both you and the reader. You might even want to write the questions down in advance. Check with the reader to see if they’ll even read for those specific questions. Some readers won’t read for health related issues or for a third party.
  8. Ask questions. If you don’t understand what the reader is saying or what a card means, ask questions! Ask them to clarify what’s going on so you really understand.

OK. Now you know what to look forward to, now to pick a divination style. There are hundreds of thousands of ways to tell the future. I’m not kidding there. I personally use a couple of dozen and have actively tried at least fifty or more. There’s so many different and awesome choices out there to pick from! Cards are a classic so when in doubt, it’s probably your best choice. Tarot is the best known system but oracle and lenormand cards can work just as well. Pendulum readings are excellent for yes or no questions. Scrying techniques, like crystal ball reading, water gazing, and so on give the diviner mental and/or psychic images and information. This can be very informative or very vague, depending on the reader and the question. If you’re a book lover and want some general fun advice, a stitchomancy/bibliomancy reading using a favorite book might be a good way to go. Lots are divination systems where the diviner tossings or randomly selects from a collection of objects and uses the correlations, associations, locations to one another and possibly even a metaphysical map layout to divine the future. These are usually highly individualized but that can lead to some pretty amazing results. (And yup, I do all of the above and more).

Now to determine how long or how many cards are needed. Traditionally, a reader has a timer set and you pay for their time (often by every fifteen minutes or an hour). There’s another method out there that I actually prefer: card number. You pay for the amount of cards drawn. I generally recommend selecting between five to seven cards for a reading. If a particularly complicated question, go up to ten. For me, a five to seven card reading is equivalent to fifteen or twenty minutes. Ten for me is about half an hour (therefore 20 cards is around a hour’s time). Too few cards and you don’t get enough information to do anything with and too many cards can become overwhelming or begin to repeat the information already said. It’s a careful balance and sometimes it’s better just to ask.

Some readers even let you pick out what deck of cards or divination tool to use. They might let you shuffle or touch the cards and others won’t. It depends on the reader or the sometimes even the tool itself. Ask first before touching. When picking a deck or tool to use the best advice is to pick the one you’re drawn to the most. Maybe the deck has some specific energy or the art style really appeals to you. Maybe you like dragons or the color purple. Whatever you decide know that while the tool chosen might have some influence on how the information is relayed (a gentler voice versus a brash voice with cards, for example), it’s probably not going to change what information is given.

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Testing a new spread with the Magical Menagerie oracle.

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So now you’ve set up a time or purchased a reading and now it comes to the part where you ask your questions. As mentioned above, be sure to check with the reader to see if there’s any questions they won’t answer. (I’m liberal when it comes to the questions asked of me whereas some others aren’t). The best way to word a question is to be clear and concise but to focus on what you can do. Here’s some examples:

“Am I going to die?” Well, yeah. We all do. This is a pretty rough question for a diviner to get and many won’t even attempt to answer it. A better way to word it is “I’m seriously worried about my health. What can I do to reduce my chances of serious illness or death?”

“Is Avery going to ask me to prom?” Yes/no questions can be difficult to divine. It may depend on the tool chosen or the reader themselves. A better way to ask this question is “What can I do to encourage or raise my chances of Avery asking me to prom?” This gives you information that you can do something with.

“I hate my co-worker. Will they get fired soon?” While worded appropriately, a better question would be “What can I do to get along better with my co-workers?” Again, this put you in a position to change things rather than just information that might not help in the long run.

“[Insert paragraphs of life story here] So what can I do?” Cut down on the background information. Often times having some information is useful so the reader can get specifics but many times too much information is just confusing and you may not get the question answers at all. I tend to reword long stories like that into useable questions for the reading.

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Tarot spinner ring. Spin the bands to get a reading.

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Now that you’ve done all of that you just have to sit back and wait for the reading. As mentioned above, I’ve already described in an earlier post what my reading process is like. If in person, give the reader a second to really look at the cards and understand what’s going on. Ask questions but let them speak too. You might want to bring a notepad and pen or break out a note-taking app on your phone to jot down some information as it’s relayed to you. Online reading are by far easier for you. Simply wait until the reader sends the reading your way. Often times it’s sent through email with photos attached or in an assembled .PDF file. If you have questions, email the reader but be sure to check their policies. They may only allow a certain number of questions or clarification cards drawn before a new reading is required.

And that’s it! That’s how you prepare for a reading! Not too hard is it? So go out there and learn your future!

I bought an online reading. Now what?

Sit back and relax! Within a few days you’ll receive your reading via email or etsy conversation.

When a reading is purchased online, I review the request and schedule a time to do your reading. Sometimes this is immediate and other times it may be a day or two after the purchase is made. An average day for me will be described in a later post but essentially, my work is just like everyone else’s work. I sit down at my reading table with a cup of coffee or tea and set to work.

The first thing I do is consider your order’s requests and unique circumstances. You can also request a specific deck if you want (etsy even has the option to select the deck when you place the order) but if a deck isn’t selected I’ll pick one out. Sometimes a deck is chosen because of the nature of the reading or even the personality of the client. Other times I’ll use whatever deck “feels” enthusiastic for the specific reading. If you’re a repeat client, you may find a deck used numerous times with your readings. Some decks prefer certain clients and will produce better results because of this.

When I read for my clients, I think of the person who made the request. Sometimes I only have a name or pseudonym to go by and other times I have information such as birthdays or pictures. My readings don’t seem to lack with however much or little information is given so give however much information you’re conformable with. The more information simply allows me to put the cards in a more specific context. When I physically read, I take a second to clear my mind then I shuffle the cards thinking of you, your situation, and the specific questions to be answered. I shuffle until it feels right to stop and then lay the cards out.

I’ll look at the cards and make a perfunctory reading. This preliminary step usually includes any feelings I get or general keyword meanings the cards provide. Sometimes the cards speak easily and this first step goes into all the details that are included in the full reading. Other times the cards need to be parsed for specific details and connections. Think of this as taking notes. This is a “quick answer” and is the first impression I have with the cards drawn.

Usually I’ll take photos between the drawing the cards and finishing the reading. This is because when I read I tend to pick up the cards and study how they work together and how they speak to the situation being asked about. Putting them back is never as pretty as when the cards are first laid out so the pictures are taken before this step. For each reading, I tend to take three to four times as many photos as the amount you receive and pick through the best of them to send to you.

I’ll go through the reading, fleshing it out with the information the cards give me and any psychic impressions and tidbits I’ve gathered intuitively, completing the reading in depth. While you may recognize a common meaning of a card, each reader interprets that differently with every reading and situation, the information the reading gives you isn’t going to be quite “by the book”. This is a good thing! If a by-the-book answer is what you were looking for, then you wouldn’t need a reading! Then I go through to make sure I didn’t miss any details and fill out the “format” for my readings. (For example, writing the introduction greeting and salutation is done at the end.) The file is saved on a secured cloud server in a folder dedicated to you.

I’ll then go through and edit the photos of your reading. Editing the photos is usually a simple process. I crop the photos down, adjust the lighting and contrast to make the colors pop while staying true to the cards, and add in a watermark. Then I’ll pick my favorite ones and save the files as .jpgs in the cloud folder, labelling them accordingly.

Finally, I’ll send you a copy of the reading and the photos through etsy convo or email and mark the order complete. If you request the reading to be sent though email and you placed the order through etsy, you’ll receive a second copy of the reading through convo (unless requested otherwise). I can and sometimes do make the reading into a .PDF on request.

That’s it! Sometimes the process is switched up depending on the situation as each and every order is unique and different but that’s generally what happens. Seems like a simple process but it can take several hours depending on the size of the reading to complete. I highly prefer that my readings are done in one sitting so finding the time to properly sit down and read the cards may be challenging (who doesn’t have a busy life these days right!?) but worth it in the end. I hope to have sample readings up soon for everyone to explore.

When you receive your reading, keep an open mind while reading it as some of the information may be hard to face truths or advice. It is up to you to put the information in the reading to use and in context. Sometimes the reading involves seeing the future or future events that haven’t occurred yet. I’d recommend putting the reading away and going back to it at a later date then. Since we make our own choices and our lives aren’t written to any great extent, your future can change from what’s been foretold because of the choices you’ve made! Usually this affects the timing of when events will occur but sometimes it will render foretold events moot. If I see that this may happen, I’ll say as much. You may also find there are times where you aren’t asking the right questions or have a reading that doesn’t reveal much information. This is because you’re at a crossroads of a sort – a decision must be made to proceed. If I see this in your cards, I’ll say as much. I may be able to parse out the details or the right questions to be asking.

I’m perfectly happy to discuss my reading process so feel free to ask questions! I’ll be happy to answer if I can!

How to Determine Your Worth as a Witch or Reader

One of the most frequent questions I get as a witch and reader is how to determine what to charge. I see hundreds of readers or witches great under charge their worth for fear of not getting sales or that they are overcharging. Chances are, you’re not and I’m here to tell you why.

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Might need to touch up the sign a bit, hm?

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First off, let’s conquer this idea that witches and/or readers shouldn’t charge. It’s absolute bullshit to say that these services should be available for free. I mean literally the most absolute bullshit in the highest scale imaginable and when I’m told this I literally stare at the speaker as if they were on fire. Because in my mind I’m probably lighting them on fire. By saying that readers and witches should offer their services for free, you’re doing five things:

  1. Pushing your opinions, ideas, and values on others and in many cases using your religious, spiritual, or personal morality and ideology to silence others and force them to conform to your beliefs on this topic. That’s a horribly shitty thing to do and it needs to stop. Now.
  2. You’re saying that their services and skills are worth nothing. Please go out in the street and flag down the nearest electrician. Now tell them they should spend hours rewiring your house and, while you do that, tell them that their skills aren’t worth shit and they’re overcharging. Tell them there’s dozens of other electricians who charge less, many amateurs who aren’t trained or licensed who would do it for free, and clearly they should just not charge you. Then go to your therapist or doctor and tell them the same thing. When you say that there’s lots of readers out there and thus someone’s overcharging and/or they aren’t worth what they’re charging and/or they should just give these services away, that’s exactly what you’re saying. You’re saying that religious and spiritual services are not worth paying for. You’re saying that they, as people, are doing something worthless. You’re demeaning them, their practice, and their faith. Essentially, you’re being a piece of shit.
  3. You are ignoring the INCREDIBLY long history of these services being paid for. Village healers were paid for their services in kind or with money. History guarantees this. Why do I say this? Because there are just as many tombs of valued priestesses and healers as there are rulers and warriors.  I can literally walk into a museum and see the crown of a priestess next to the crown of a fucking king. You can bet your ass those priestesses didn’t go dig up the gold and smith it themselves. So when you say shit like “no TRUE [whatever] would charge for this” you are LITERALLY shitting on every single one of those practitioners before you that makes up those traditions you so viciously defend and adapt to your practice.
  4. You are saying that working in an religious or spiritual field is a waste of time and not a profession. You’re saying religious and spiritual organizations shouldn’t make money. And that is clearly false as shit. I present to you: the Christian Church, one of the richest organization in the history of the world. You’re welcome to have this belief but you don’t get to force it on others (see #1).
  5. “It doesn’t work!” I can’t prove that faith works either but tithing is still a thing. And if you’re using THAT as your fucking basis of an argument, then you’re once again committing #1 and forcing your beliefs on others. And for fuck’s sake, so long as the client’s fucking happy, who gives a flying fucking shit? Additionally, it’s basic fucking science that there’s no way to prove something doesn’t exist. Just saying, the possibility is absolutely out there.

Now that we’ve covered that, moving onto the business side of things.

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Behind the scenes: Witch at work.

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I recently posted this comment “if you’re going to run a business then run a damn business.” I completely stand by that. And the tips I included are really simple:

“Get a business spreadsheet for prices, put in the materials, how much time you spend doing the thing, how much base pay you want, taxes if applicable, shipping if applicable, what kind of profit margin (if any) you have and presto! Instant price. Pop that into the “how much box” and call it a damn day.”

This is absolutely true and has saved me so much trouble and heartache. If left to my own devices not only would have (and have I) undercharged my services, but I still struggle with this today. (Actually, I struggled with it less than an hour ago before I said fuck it, typed in what the numbers said, saved it all, and starting writing this.)

Why do this? It takes out the emotion of it. It’s entirely and completely clinical and that makes it far easier to sell the item and to actually charge what the item is worth and make money off of it.

“Be honest with how long it takes you and round up, not down. It shouldn’t matter whether it’s for tarot readings or if it’s for selling homemade candles, break that shit down and work it out.”

This is sometimes the hardest thing but absolutely, positively the MOST IMPORTANT. You need to be charging an hourly wage, especially if you need to make a certain amount each month or this is your only occupation. For example, I charge $25 an hour for my services as of this writing. Right off the fucking top. That price was determined by how my bills and expenses and what kind of savings I wanted to make. To be honest, it’s not enough to do what I want to do (like actually repair my car) and I’m thinking of raising my hourly wage to reflect that. Am I worth that? Fuck yes. For what I do and in my area I can charge $75 a hour or more. I don’t because I like my services to be accessible to all. And yes, I do mean all. Charging what I’m worth allows me to donate to charities and organizations. I offer free readings to inmates and spells for the homeless upon request. I have the time and materials to do that because I charge what I’m worth. It means I’m less stressed and can cater to my clients properly. Plus I can pay my bills which is really kind of cool.

“You shouldn’t have to feel guilty asking your worth.”

This is arguably the hardest part of it all. We have been told time and again that our services and this field isn’t real, is a waste of time, and we should feel obligated to not sully out gifts this way (please tell Beyonce she shouldn’t charge for her shows or albums because she’s a gifted singer. Go on and tell her. I fucking dare you.) You are worth something. Your time is worth something. So charge for it. You have literally no idea how happy I was once I said “fuck it” and stop letting others determine what I was worth (which, BTW, is about what a living wage should be). Is that possible for everyone? Fuck no, but that’s literally the debate on minimum wage. I wish this was possible for everyone. I really fucking do.

So that’s all well and good but HOW???

Spreadsheets. I downloaded and looked at dozens of hourly wage and pricing spreadsheets, combined them at will to best suit my needs, and moved the fuck on. I plug in the numbers and go. Don’t know how to use spreadsheet? Tutorials are your friend. Look at the help page and just copy and paste the formula at will. Save and make numerous copies of both untouched and touched spreadsheets in case you fuck up royally. Cry a bit in frustration when something doesn’t work and ask for help as needed.

Here’s some areas to consider for your spreadsheets:

  • Materials. Put in each material you used, down to the tiniest screw. Determine how much that screw cost you. If you bought 50 screws for $4.00 that means each screw costs you 8 cents. You divide the the price (include that tax!) into the number of items and call it a day. 4/50. Use a calculator, the spreadsheet formula, or just type the math into Google.
  • Overhead. This is what you spent each month. You can also pro-rate things. For example, I recently bought a sewing machine for the shop. I include that in my overhead. My rent, bills, food, gas, any tools I use (screwdrivers, for example), fees I pay out for services, business cards/advertising, and so on all get plugged in. Then that number gets divided by the number of items I produce each year. Here, I’ll perfectly admit I’ll fiddle with the numbers. I divide it by the number of items I could produce a year. This is primarily because I make things to order. I have a set number I use as a base and I alter it if I go over the set number in sales. (Example, my set number of items sold might be 300 but if I sell 500 readings, I’ll use 500 instead which will reduce my overhead cost.) This does mean I am potentially, yet again, undercharging for my items.
  • Labor. Break it down. How long does the reading take you? Divide that by your hourly wage and call it a day. Making a candle? How long to buy the ingredients? To melt the beeswax? If you’re going to do a batch, divide those numbers by the amount of items you produce. And the spreadsheet do all the math so long as you put he right numbers in.
  • Adding all the above will give you the price of the item that you should be charging. However, there’s one additional item to consider. Profit margin. Some folks use this, others don’t. Usually it’s a percentage. This is going to be absolutely pure profit, extra money for the item. Use this wisely and at your own desire.

No, but seriously, HOW????

How do I decide how much something is worth? I do it. I make whatever item I’m going to make and time myself on how long it took me. Then I multiple that by however much I want to make hourly and call it a day.

Look and talk to fellow practitioners of the same craft of you in the area. How much are they charging? You should match them relatively in price. Don’t go by online prices. Go out on the street and get the prices there. Why do I say this? Because there are so many people charging less than they should online and it’s a fucking tragedy. If you’re an artist, go up to street artists and ask how much they’re charging. If you’re a reader, ask other tarot readers how much per a reading and what that reading entails.

Make your product different and unique. This can be really hard if it’s the same kind of service. Flaunt your experiences, skill, and personality. Offer fantastic customer service or free gifts. (I like my gifts to be a surprise because it’s really cool and I love it when I discover I got something extra whereas when I’m told I’ll get a free gift I expect it and eventually start to think of that item included in the price of whatever I’m buying. Having a cohesive aesthetic and running with it helps. Most of all, make your products unique and then see what clients say about your prices. Do they think they’re getting a great deal? Then you can probably charge more. Have they not mentioned the price at all? Then you’re probably in a good place price-wise. If they mention that you’re overcharging or it’s price-y (and it’s consistent on a single item for example), check around for what others are charging, change your target audience, and/or look for ways to reduce cost.

This is a lot of math.


Yes it is. But you can do it. I swear to all your gods and mine that if I can do it, you can too.

Why do I say this? Why am I so certain? I am absolutely math stupid. My six year old brother can add and subtract better than me. I am absolutely fucking serious. It’s a game by brothers play to throw numbers at me. I don’t get angry, I literally stop. I stop functioning because I simply do not get numbers. I stop while my brain tries to figure out numbers, even simple addition like thirteen plus five. (It’s called Dyscalculia and it’s occasionally the bane of my existence. I wish to everything that is holy I was diagnosed as a kid because maybe I wouldn’t have ended each homework session crying into my multiplication tables. )

ANYWAY, remember that intelligence doesn’t negate learning or cognitive disabilities so you can absolutely fucking do this.

This is a lot of business jargon.

Look, my hatred of math made me avoid all math and, in turn, business. As soon as I could, I dumped math off my to-do list forever and never looked back until recently. What I know of business I learned from reading books and articles, asking questions, trying stuff and seeing if it worked or failed. I started my business up because I was broke as fuck and with my chronic sleeping disorder I can’t hold down a nine-to-five (At all. I fell asleep on a TV once. I’m not kidding.) I learned so much and I love my business. Love it now. It makes me want to actively seek out business stuff. I don’t understand most of it without breaking it down (and calling friends who get numbers to ask them to explain things to me) but it’s a journey I don’t regret in the slightest. I might not have a head for business but I have a love of my business so I will do what I have to do to make it thrive.

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Final words are this: Just because we work in a spiritual and religious field doesn’t mean we can’t make a living off of it and still remain accurate, authentic, and true to ourselves and our beliefs. Best of luck everyone!