Stalker Cards – What to Do When You Keep Pulling the Same Cards Again and Again

Ever pull the same card again and again? No matter what deck you use, that card finds you and haunts you. It shows up unannounced, unwanted, and uninvited. It ruins the party and sometimes even other people's readings. It is the worst. Mine stalker card has been the Eight of Wands. It's been the Eight … Continue reading Stalker Cards – What to Do When You Keep Pulling the Same Cards Again and Again

Heal Your Heartache Spread Heal Your Heartache is a reading that focusing on helping you heal from heartbreak. Whether your hurt comes from a break up, crushed dreams, trauma, or simply being soul tired, Heal Your Heartache focuses on helping you heal and move on. It's a really great kind of reading that allows you to identify just … Continue reading Heal Your Heartache Spread

The King’s Divination Sample Reading

Here's a sample of what a reading using my personal divination method known as the King's Divination looks like. Note, all photos for your readings are personal and never shared on social media.   The King's Divination reveals that your most immediate concern should be getting organized. You'll want to review your schedule and … Continue reading The King’s Divination Sample Reading

Privacy of Tarot Readings

When you get a tarot reading you're asking someone else to sit down and read your most intimate parts of yourself. The reader might not know all the nitty gritty details, but they're still involved with something personal, something private. This is why I hold my client's tarot readings (and purchases in general) as … Continue reading Privacy of Tarot Readings

So you want a reading?

Let's say you want a reading. Be it tarot, divination, oracle or whatever and you've even found a diviner you want to use. But what do listing you choose? What's the best choice for you? How do you word your questions? What can you expect? Let's first talk about what divination can do for … Continue reading So you want a reading?

I bought an online reading. Now what?

Sit back and relax! Within a few days you'll receive your reading via email or etsy conversation. When a reading is purchased online, I review the request and schedule a time to do your reading. Sometimes this is immediate and other times it may be a day or two after the purchase is made. An … Continue reading I bought an online reading. Now what?

How to Determine Your Worth as a Witch or Reader

One of the most frequent questions I get as a witch and reader is how to determine what to charge. I see hundreds of readers or witches great under charge their worth for fear of not getting sales or that they are overcharging. Chances are, you're not and I'm here to tell you why. reading How to Determine Your Worth as a Witch or Reader