Protection from Spirits Spell (Spell Saturday #29)

There’s plenty of protection spells out there. Most are general. They protect from everything but it’s a good idea to have protection spells for specific reasons. Protection spells of this nature not only allow you to tailor the spell to specific desires (like a fire protection spell when you regularly run the fireplace or a fire pit) but it also allows you to remove that protection as needed. Like if you want to invite spirits into your home on Samhain but you don’t want to deal with them on your average Tuesday.

This spell is designed to work for a most spirits. It doesn’t work as well against the fae or spirits with a gift for illusion and glamour. It hampers them but doesn’t work as well against them. Still, the spell’s great for most entities and worth having.

What you’ll need:

  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Salt or sea salt
  • Rue (not Syrian rue)
  • Large nails or spikes (see notes)
  • Sun water (see notes)

Take your sun water and wash the large nails/spikes in it. Let dry in direct sunlight. Avoid letting night or big shadows touch them. (Putting them outside is a good idea but setting them in a window works well too.) Keep them wrapped until you’re ready for the next step.

Powder the herbs and salt together. Set aside until you’re ready.

On a sunny day, step outside. Sprinkle the powder over your nails/spikes. Go to each door, ground level window, and gate, touching the nails to them and sprinkling the powder in a line across the ground or windowsill. You’re creating a line that can’t be crossed. Take the nail or spike and drive them into the ground at the edge of your property. This should all be done before the sun sets.



  • To get large nails or spikes, check either a hardware store or online. Railroad spikes are the best option but I’ve gone to a hardware store and picked up a foot and a half long aluminium-steel nail for less than $1 so do what works best for you. This works no matter what kind of nail or spike you use.
  • Sun water is water that’s been left in the sunlight. It can also refer to rain water collected on a sunny day (when it rains while it’s still sunny).
  • You can drive the nails as deep as you like into the ground. I’ve put them underground before and I’ve left them sticking halfway out of the ground. Remember that you’ll probably need to mow the lawn or walk near that space so keep that in mind with your placement. Replacing lawn mowers can be very expensive and tripping over your own protection spell is embarrassing.

Happy casting!