How to Write A Money Candle Spell

Money spells, in my opinion, are the best spells for beginners. Why? Because you’re going to notice if you suddenly have more money, aren’t you? And they can be as easy or as complex of a spell as you’d like.


Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to follow.

  1. Determine how much money you’ll need and why (although the why isn’t actually necessary). If you’re not fond of speaking out loud while doing spells or you feel like this would be more effective, write down the amount of money you need and why. Be specific. Pro tip: Start small. Need ten bucks? Ask for ten bucks. Need three thousand? Maybe it’s best to break it up into smaller amounts.
  2. Get yourself a candle. Any color will do but white, gold, silver, green, or whatever color your money is will do. A votive is probably the best and most common size but I actually recommend a little tea light. They’re cheaper and much faster to burn out.
  3. Get a magnet. Don’t look at me like that. You can buy packets of magnets in craft stores or craft departments of department stores or you can just select your least favorite magnet off the fridge and cut a bit of it off and use that. You place this in the hollowed out bottom of a candle or under the candle in the candle holder you intend to use.
  4. Get some herbs or ingredients. Never fear! You almost certainly have at least one of these on hand or can easily “borrow” some from the nearest coffee shop. These herbs should be luck drawing, money drawing, and prosperity drawing. Here’s my list of money drawing herbs and ingredients. You’ll need to at least have the herbs kind of finely chopped or powdered if you’re working with a small candle. Any non-herb ingredients can be placed in the hollowed bottom of a candle or under the candle on a candle plate. Your candle should be ready to go now.
  5. Light your candle and visualize. Some folks don’t do this but if you do, visualize you getting the money and spending it as you need it.
  6. (Optional) Chant a money spell. This chant can be anything you want from “bring me money, bring me X amount, bring me money, bring me X amount now.” to “Money comes but it does not go, bring the money, let it grow”. Or whatever you like. You can just say “I want X money”. Or nothing at all.
  7. Burn your things. While chanting (if that’s something you’re doing) burn the paper with the amount of money and purpose of money on it (if that’s something you’re doing), sprinkle the herbs into the lit candle slowly. When you feel done, then you’re done.
  8. Let the candle burn out. Keep whatever’s left of the candle somewhere until the spell’s been fulfilled. Congratulations!




How to hollow out a candle: You can do this by flipping the candle over, and twisting a hole into the wax with a knife.

How to dress a candle: Rub the candle in money drawing oil then roll it in herbs. You can chant over the candle if you want and infuse it with your energy.


That’s it! It really is that easy. It’ll take some practice but once you get going you can create all sorts of new spells with this as a base. Have fun and happy casting!

Originally posted over on my tumblr.