2016 Yule Survival Guide

The Yule season is, officially, upon us. And, like many of you, I am SO not ready. 2016 has been a tumultuous year but hopefully this survival guide will lend a hand in making it through the holidays safe and sound.


Money, Money, Money

Many winter holidays have gift exchange in the center of it. For gift-buying, you’ll need money, right? Here’s some spells for some extra cash.

Cleansing & Cleaning Your Home &  Altar

So you’ve got the gifts but now you’ve got to get your home ready to receive guests. Decorating and cleaning can be such a chore, right? And you’ll want some spells on hand for cleaning up after those guests leave.

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Our holiday tree with the hint of the Necromancer. Woo.

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Gossips, nastiness, and the elephant in the room

We all have unpleasant relatives, neighbors, and co-workers. And some of us are definitely not looking forward to sitting down with the family. This will help you deal with them and make things better for you.

Restorative Spells Because You’ll Need ‘Em

Man, oh, man. The holidays can be exhausting. Not just physically but spiritually and emotionally. Sometimes all that rushing about can ruin the holidays. Here’s a few spells to help you get back on your feet and restore your holiday cheer. Also, grab a cup of something tasty. You’ve earned it.


This collection of spells should magically help get you through the holiday season with minimal fuss. Here’s hoping, right? Good luck everyone and have happy holidays!