Witchcraft Checklist for 2017

2017 is nearly upon us. Are you ready yet? 2016 had been a tough year and I’m betting some of you aren’t enthusiastic for 2017 either. And some of you are so ready for it.

Whatever you’re feeling about the upcoming new year, here’s a list of witchcraft related chores and spells to get you on the right foot in the new year.




01 Cleanse & cleanse your home

This, really, should be the first thing on your to-do list come the new year.

January’s a great time to take part in a big household cleaning. You’ll get rid of all the junk you’ve held onto this long, you can re-home items you no longer want in your life (or holiday gifts you didn’t like), and starts the new year in a clean place. It also makes it far easier to keep up as the year goes on.

If you aren’t combining your cleansing and cleaning spells, you might want to do some. Check out Cleansing & Cleaning 101 for ideas and a how to or this ritual for cleansing.



02 Check your protection spells

Protection spells periodically should be checked, cleansed, and restored. Sometimes spells get worn and don’t protect as well as they should. Now’s a good time to go through your protection spells and cast them again.

It’s also a good time to set up new protection spells. Maybe you missed something in a previous protection spell or maybe circumstances have changed and your spells need to adapt. January’s a good time to do all of that.


03 Toss out expired ingredients

Herbs do expire. If you’re only using your herbs symbolically, then maybe the expiration doesn’t matter but if you also use them herbally or your consume them, you’re going to need to check over your herbs, spices, and other ingredients. Some of them might have become pale, lost flavor, or became moldy.

Many companies will have an expiration date listed on the packaging. Otherwise you might need a google search to give you a hand.

Toss or compost the expired ingredients and buy new ones. Did you discover a jar of herb that you rarely or never touched? Maybe skip buying that until you really need it.

This is also a good time to check any herbs you’ve had left out to dry and process them into a more handy size and bottle them. Remember to sanitize your bottles /jars and let them dry completely before use.


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04 Stock up on candles & incense

Sort through your candles, incense, and related goodies. Put aside broken candles for melting down into new candles and make a list of what you’re out of or running low of so you can buy them next time they’re on sale. Remember to check scents, sizes, and colors for this.

Double check your candle holders and see if you have enough holders. Clean out any candle holders that are full of wax. A crappy knife and some oil make getting wax out a bit easier.

You’ll also want to consider putting aside anything you didn’t like using. Maybe a candle never burned properly or the scent of a certain incense was horrible to you. Put them aside and re-home them with another practitioner or friend. Remember to ask online. A lot of people are willing to pay shipping to get an item free and you’ll know it goes to a home that really wants it.

Stock up on lighters, matches, and non-flame candles too. LED lights might not burn stuff but they can be really handy in a pinch with some spells.


05 Check spell jars

Spell jars are some of the easiest forms of magic. Just throw a bunch of ingredients in a jar, seal it up, and call it a day. But, spell jars are also some of the easiest to screw up with.

Spell jars can get moldy if they were wet when the dry components were put in it. Or the wet components molded the jar. Or the ingredients became so noxious you risk yourself if it becomes broken.

Check the spell jars you’ve made. If they’re good, then put them back (or remake them). If they’re no longer needed or have become gross, dismantle them carefully! Use gloves if you have to. Toss the ingredients in the garbage and put the garbage outside. Wash the jar and sanitize it. If you don’t want to keep the jar, recycle it.



06 Check other spells

You might have a dream pillow that’s gone flat or an herbal sachet that no longer smells of anything but you. Time to get rid of them or remake those items.

Considering dismantling and burying all cursing poppets, spells, etc. It’s a new year and maybe it’s time to let that grudge die? If not, renew the curse.


07 Check magical concoctions

If you’re an intermediate or advanced practitioner, you’ve probably got a whole shelf of magical oils or waters you use or make.

Double check them all. They probably need a good shaking and to be topped off. You’ll also want to see if they’ve gone rancid, cloudy, or moldy. Toss what ones are no longer salvagable and re-bottle as needed.


08 Check up on your houseplants and garden

Check your plants. Which ones need re-potting or new soil? What plants need a little help?  Which ones died? This serves as a good reminder to care for your plants and consider how to better care for them in the future. Try not to re-pot anything until the thaw comes around. You’ll risk shocking the plant to death.

Make a list of what you’ll need for the upcoming spring. New soil? Bigger pots? A different type of basil? PH monitor? Making this list will allow you to get a jump on the spring sales when they come around.

This is also around the time that plant catalogs start coming out so planning your garden’s a good idea too.


09 Examine your altar set up

Check over your altar dishes and see if they need to be replaced. Maybe the rim of your glass chalice is chipped or cracked. You might need to save up for a new one so knowing ahead of time before sales pop up is a good thing.

Give your altar statuary a nice bath and/or dust them. Clean the glass and frames of hanging pictures and clear off the altar itself to wipe it down. When you set it up again, maybe place some fresh flowers on it to signal the new year in addition to a slightly larger than average offering.


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10 Buy a new broom

Remember to enchant your household broom to cleanse and bring prosperity. Clean out the vacuum cleaner and do the same sorts of spells.