Messy Lives

Let me share a secret with you: life is always going to be messy. There will never be a moment where you suddenly have your life together. Everyone’s life is messy. Everyone has streaks of bad luck where terrible things happen to them and then streaks of good luck where great things happen to them. Things balance out, eventually. And if they don’t, well, that’s what magic is for, right?

But that’s my secret. Accepting that life is going to suck sometimes and everyone else is probably going to experience a great level of suck at some point soon too.

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Lilies and roses

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That’s probably not motivating to you. It is to me. It means that we all aren’t perfect and that when we struggle, there’s probably someone out there who is struggling too. We can help each other and reach our goals. It means that person that you admire has had a shitty time in their life too. It helps by reminding us we’re human, mistakes happen, and we can still get up and keep moving forward.

Want me to share another secret? Of course you do. You’re still reading. Okay, here it is: spirits’ lives are no cleaner than ours.

Their lives are messy too. Even more so in some ways because they tend to embrace a lawlessness we don’t normally experience. So a spirit guide you’ve worked with probably has gone through some shit too. Ask them about it. Ask them about their day and their experience. See what practical information they care share.

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Drying mint. Yum.

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I talk a lot about cleansing and cleaning. Some days my home could be a showroom (for about 30 seconds before I ruin it with a DIY project, herbs, or batch of cupcakes). You’d think, looking at my home, my life would be together but that’s so not true. My life is messy and often out of my full control so I control the one thing I can control – my personal spaces. I can embrace the messiness of my life and mind without worrying about a pile of dishes.

Embrace your messiness. Clean and cleanse what needs to be but don’t be afraid to say “I have no idea what’s going on.” Don’t be afraid to say “wow, I’m a hot mess right now”. Acknowledge these things, forgive yourself for them, and move on. See those messes as a challenge and a chance. A challenge to do better and a chance to be creative and inspired. Sometimes the best experiences in life come out of these messes.

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