Wishing Stone [Spell Saturday #40]

This is a super simple spell that works great any time of the year but is particularly effective during life changes, the new year, or newly gained resolves. Pretty much any time you want to start some new goals, this spell is great. It takes time to set up but it’s worth it.


What you’ll need: 

  • A stone (see notes)

Get your stone and cleanse it. Then place it in under or directly next to your bed. Sleep beside it for a week. During this time you can meditate with it to align your energy and the stone’s together.

When the week has passed, hold the stone to your heart or lips and tell it your goals, dreams, and wishes. Now let the stone sit in the sunlight for a full day and moonlight for a full night and then one more night in or next to your bed.

Carry the stone with you everywhere to help achieve your goals, dreams, and wishes. Do not let anyone else touch this stone.


  • The choice for a stone is up to you. I prefer quartz crystal for this sort of spell but if you have a necklace, bracelet, or other piece of jewelry with a stone, you can use that. the stone can be any size or any type so feel free to  make a personal decision with what stone feel best for you.
  • Be careful with your stone choice and sunlight. Some stones are affected by sunlight. In these cases, indirect sunlight is a better option. If that cannot be done, try simply placing the stone on a white cloth in a sunny room but out of the sunlight entirely.
  • Keeping people from touching the stone may be very difficult. This is easier if you keep the stone in a coat pocket or handbag. If you’re wearing it, picking a stone that is not the centerpiece of the jewelry might be a good idea. If not, consider placing a protection spell against unwanted energy around the stone.

Happy casting!