A Plant’s Curse [Spell Saturday #46]

Plants are usually seen as healers or helpers in magic. It’s not rare to run into a plant that can also be used for cursing. Added to that, most plants used in cursing are used dry and only a bit of it. This spell is not one of those.

This is a spell that only grows in strength. As the plant grows stronger, your target’s success and life begins to fall apart. It’s a serious business curse. It’s not the kind you use when someone’s a jackass but when someone truly deserves to have their life ruined.

What makes a person deserve such treatment? I leave that up to you to decide.


A Plant's Curse by This Crooked Crown


What you’ll need:

  • A plant you can keep alive
  • A picture of your target
  • The name of your target
  • A piece of your target’s hair (optional)
  • A pot for the plant
  • Soil for the plant
  • Rocks for drainage for the plant (optional)
  • Chalk or sharpie

First thing you’ll need to do is to get a plant you can keep alive. The easiest choice for this spell is a cactus with spines. Poisonous plants are a fairly obvious choice as well. The second choices could be any number of poisonous plants. I think roses would be a great choice if you were cursing an ex-lover. Cuttings from your target’s yard or re-potting a plant that was a gift from them would also be good. Or you can just pick something that you know you can keep alive. The only real requirement is that the plant must be grown in soil. Do not pick an air plant or a plant that grows primarily in water.

Once you have your plant picked out, pick an appropriately sized potted plant, soil appropriate for the plant, and rocks for water drainage if necessary. Do yourself a favor and spend ten minutes googling your plant’s requirements for soil, water, light, and drainage before you buy it. I’ve spent twenty minutes standing in the middle of a greenhouse staring at my phone to make sure I had everything I needed for a plant’s survival. Since the plant’s life is immediately tied to this spell, it behooves you to make sure you can keep the plant alive to the best of your ability.



Next gather the items related to your target. Print out a picture of your target and make sure you have their full name. If you can, get some of their hair. Be careful with how much hair you grab. Roses, for example, love calcium so a hank of your target’s hair is absolutely perfect for a potted rosebush. They’ll love you for it. But some plants want different soil requirements so if you add calcium to the soil, you’ll change the pH levels and risk killing the plant. A few strands of hair won’t hurt your plant but double check your plant’s requirement before dropping a handful in there.

Write on the interior bottom of the pot your target’s full name. Use chalk or a sharpie. Place a few rocks at the very bottom for drainage, if needed. If not, put a thin layer of soil there instead.

Next, rip up the photograph into as small of pieces as you possibly can get. Sprinkle them into the pot. Now place the rest of your rocks for drainage on top of the paper and layer a very thin layer of soil on top of the paper until there’s none showing.

Wet the soil and rocks a little and gently pick up the plant, massaging the roots (without breaking them!) as much as possible and say,

“Little plant

You’ll grow so strong

And all you’ve got to do

Is to take from [target’s name]

Take your strength from their success

The weaker they grow, the stronger you’ll grow

Ruin their life so you can thrive.”

Finish potting the plant, watering it as needed, and place it in the best place for the plant to grow. Ideally, the plant will grow big and strong while your target’s life will slowly fall to ruin. If your plant needs re-potting, simply repeat the spell with new soil, target’s name, picture, and hair.

Make sure to take care of the plant really well. If the plant dies, so does your curse.


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If you want to cancel this curse, you have two choices. And neither are guaranteed to work. The whole curse is based on the plant growing and so does the curse. Canceling that is going to be tricky.

The first choice is to uproot the plant. Either let it dry out in the sun or burn it. Scatter the soil from the plant at a crossroads and cast the stones used for drainage into living water. The picture and hair, if any traces of it remain, should be burned in a different fire than you used to burn the plant. The pot should be smashed or otherwise destroyed.

The second option relies entirely on your confidence to cleanse things. If you’re very competent at cleansing, then take the plant out of the pot it’s currently in and place it on the ground or on a plate temporarily. Cleanse the plant. Reach deep and make sure the plant understands that it no longer derives strength from your target. Give it another source to derive power from, like water, fertilizer, or the sun. You can reuse the pot and drainage rocks but scatter the soil at a crossroads. Re-pot the plant in a new batch of soil. Once again, remind the plant of its new magical source of energy as you re-pot it.


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  • If you need to scatter the soil during re-potting, feel free to use as many crossroads as possible. No one’s going to want to see a mound of dirt in an intersection so you’re better off taking a walk or drive and tossing dirt here and there along the way.
  • The stronger the connection you have to the plant, the stronger the curse will be – and the more likely that the plant will be able to cancel it at a later date using the second method.
  • Using hair is the best option here. Skip fingernails as they take longer to break down. Blood could also be used but that’s far less sanitary. Avoid urine or other bodily fluids and they could kill the plant.
  • Plastic’s way cheaper and lighter than a terracotta or ceramic pot but they can be harder to break. Consider this ahead of time.
  • If you’re particularly malicious feeling, you can give your cursing plant to your target as a gift. Only do this if you know they’re going to take care of it.

Happy cursing!