Starter Plants for a Witchy Garden

Starting a witchy garden? Or maybe you're just trying to add more magic to your cooking with fresh herbs? It can be so hard to know which plants to start with and which herbs to keep on hand.   This "must haves" for your practice is going to vary wildly. It's even going to vary … Continue reading Starter Plants for a Witchy Garden

Yule Candle (Spell Saturday #38)

This is called a Yule Candle. It's a strictly holiday based spell. Traditionally, it's lit during dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day but this is kind of one of those traditions that's not based in any particular religion so you an easily adopt it to your own traditions.  So this can be lit during … Continue reading Yule Candle (Spell Saturday #38)

WTF Do I Put in A Money Spell?

Or, Herbs, Spices, Ingredients, and Additives You Can Put In A Money Spell   I disregard most of the magical herb recommendations. Why? Because most of the time these books don’t tell you why they’re recommending it. And I think that’s pretty important stuff to know. Don’t get me wrong; I own at least three different … Continue reading WTF Do I Put in A Money Spell?

Blessing & Ensorcelling Your Plants

Earth day is here. Some practitioners will even have rituals to renew the environment, praise mother nature, or volunteer to help clean up pollution. Others will spend their day adding or tending their garden or houseplants. And then there's some who don't care or have "oh shit!" moments ten minutes to midnight and light a … Continue reading Blessing & Ensorcelling Your Plants

Basil, King of Herbs, Continuous Money Spell (Spell Saturday #4)

This is an original spell of my own creation. I don't know where I first heard basil is the king of herbs but it's an incredibly common plant used in money spells. Some of the ideas you'll see in this spell do appear in other works. They're scattered like rambling thoughts throughout European spells. Just … Continue reading Basil, King of Herbs, Continuous Money Spell (Spell Saturday #4)

Herbs, Plants, and Why They Have Their Associations (tumblr repost)

Anonymous: Hi! I love your blog! Thanks for being so willing to answer questions! I was wondering if you knew why it is that certain herbs work better for certain purposes more than others? Is there any reason other than "Just because they've always worked like that"? (And at the same time, I know there … Continue reading Herbs, Plants, and Why They Have Their Associations (tumblr repost)