Poppet Healing Spell [Spell Saturday #63]

I was glancing through my healing spell section (which, I’ll admit, is lacking) and discovered I never posted a healing spell using a poppet. Which is super weird because healing poppets are my go-to for chronic illnesses and I like to think I specialize in poppet based magic. Plus, poppet healing spells are fairly universal worldwide and historic.

Let’s fix that today. Here’s a healing spell that can be used for any type of healing. Adapt the wording as you please to better accommodate your needs. You’ll need to make a poppet before using this spell so head over here for instructions to sew a poppet. Or you can check the notes for other poppet alternatives besides sewing.


What you’ll need:

  • A pre-made poppet with a healing focus
  • Two white candles
  • A glass of water


Place the two candles between and slightly above the poppet. Place the poppet in front of you and the glass of water below it, so that the water is closest to you. Take a moment to rest your mind, center yourself, and banish errant thoughts as much as possible.

Raise your energy, focusing on putting it into your hands. If energy manipulation isn’t your thing, raise power any way you can (chant, dance, meditation, etc).

Place your hand on the poppet and say,

“Poppet before me

I name you [target’s name]

What I do to you, I do to them

You are one in the same

Until this spell ends.”

Now this poppet can be used for any sort of spell on your target. You can keep this poppet so that you can cast healing or protection spells on the target several years down the line if you want to. Check out the notes for a way to end this spell.

It’s time to start the healing spell. Light the candles and gather the energy back into your hands, in case it’s waned. Place your hands over the afflicted area. If it’s not known, focus on the core of the body, especially the chest. Push the energy into the poppet, if you can. Focus on the person being healthy and happy. Envision this or speak your intent in your mind or aloud.

When you’ve established a clear image (whether mentally or verbally) of what you want, say the following

“I cleanse the sickness from [target’s name]

I gather it all and pull it free

Trendrils of illness and lingering pain, 

I remove it from [target’s name]’s veins

I pull all sickness and pull it free.”

Put at least one finger into the water, keeping your other hand on or above the poppet. Finish the spell by saying the following,

“I pass it all,

All the pain and sickness

Into this water that helped birth us all.

Absorb and cleanse the sickness [target’s name]

And disperse as soon as this water touches the earth.”

Continue to hold you want in this manner until you’re too tired to continue or you feel like the spell’s done. Then, immediate carry the water outside and dump in a patch of soil. Blow out the candles, cleanse the glass (or get rid of it), and put the doll somewhere for safekeeping.



  • Poppet alternatives can be anything. You can use any humanoid shaped object (paper, a video game character like from The Sims, candle, carved from a root, etc) or you can pick something that’s representative like an animal figure or an object that is a good representation of them.
  • Healing focus refers to what the poppet’s stuff with. Healing herbs are an obvious choice. Select healing or light colors for the material. You can also stuff it with stuff that reminds the target of good, healthy times or photos of when they were in great health.
  • Regular water from your tap is fine here. You can also use purified water or enchanted or bless water. Caster’s choice but I recommend tap water or collected water from a lake, pond, river, stream, or ocean.
  • Use a cup or glass that can be washed and cleansed or otherwise disposed of.
  • Tealight candles are really good for a single use spell. If you’re going to use this spell over a long length of time, upgrade your candles to votives, tapers, or pillars so you can use the same candles for each repetition of the spell.
  • Use fire safety!
  • To end the connection of the poppet to your target, place your hand over the poppet and say, “Your job is done, thank you for all you’ve done. I end this spell. I un-name you now. And I bury you. Thank you for all you’ve done.” Then bury the poppet.