Foundation Stone Spell

This is a spell designed to help protect them home in an active manner. When done, this spell will automatically absorb negative energy without you having to touch a thing. There is some spell maintenance, but otherwise, this spell will work on its own.

The idea behind this spell is the concept of cornerstones within the foundation of a house. Historically, these stones were carefully chosen and often had folkloric or even magical implications. You’ll probably need to dive a bit into gem and crystal lore to find the right stone or stones for you.

There’s two ways to do this spell and both are outlined below. The spell works the nearly the same for both, so pick whichever fits your style best.

Method One – One Stone


  • A stone selected from your property
  • A quiet yet obvious place to put it
  • Purified or blessed water (see notes)

First, select your stone. This should be a fairly large size stone (fist sized) and dug up from your property. You can also use a loose brick or hunk of cement that comes from your house itself.

Wash the stone with purified water and make sure as you do, you think soft, loving thoughts. You can think of how safe you want your home to be, how protected, how prosperous, or how full of love. But the energy you put into that stone should be soft and loving. So instead of thinking “I want to be debt-free” instead focus on “my home is full of abundance”. It may be a good idea to write down these softer thoughts ahead of time, if you aren’t good at thinking on your feet.

Once the stone is washed, carry it throughout the house, like you would a guest you’re showing your home to. Take it to each room and space, announce what that room is, and move on. Go to every space, even the ones you wouldn’t show a guest, like a boiler room, the attic, or garage. Remember to keep those thoughts and energy soft and loving. This stone is a close friend you’re happy to show your home so keep that in mind as you move.

If the stone isn’t dry by the time you finish your tour, let it dry somewhere prominent in your home. The kitchen counter or table is a good choice, but you can select wherever. It should be a relatively busy area, where people in your home pass through the space and live their lives.

After the stone is dry, go ahead and find a nice place for the stone to live. Ideally, this should be a bookshelf or somewhere similar. You can put it somewhere quieter, but I find that if you pass the stone more often and see it, the spell’s maintenance stays on track. It tends to get forgotten otherwise.

To maintain the spell, make sure to dust and wash the stone regularly in purified water. If you do any remodeling or changes in the house (such as changing the purpose of a room or repainting it) take the stone through the walk-through tour again.

Method Two – Many Stones


  • Four stones of grounding
  • As many stones of protection as you have doors and windows (see notes)
  • As many stones of healing and health as members of your household (include pets)
  • As many stones of love as members of your household (including pets), plus one
  • A stone for prosperity and/or abundance
  • A stone for wealth
  • A stone for peace and harmony
  • Any other stones for purposes you’d like to have in your home

This is going to entirely depend on what stones you’d like best. Folklore for stones, gems, and crystals can vary greatly, so you might not select something that someone else would. Doubling up meanings of your stone selections is also a good idea, so the stones work together harmoniously.

The nice part about this method is that you can add new stones as needed. However, these stones have to work in concert to get the same power as the singular stone method – and it can be a little noisy or confusing when you’re trying to work with all the stones at once.

My tip here is to pick small stones. In fact, I’d recommend getting a small glass vase or something similar and filling the container with the stones. The stones would all be safe in one space, working together, plus they can look rather beautiful in this fashion.

For this spell, I might choose salt, obsidian, or black tourmaline for grounding. Banded agate, malachite, or quartz crystal for protection. I’d probably pick bloodstone, amethyst, and jade for health and healing. For love I might pick rose quartz, moonstone, or pink and/or watermelon. tourmaline. For prosperity and wealth, I’d select peridot, topaz, and aventurine. Aquamarine, sardonyx, selenite for peace and harmony. Other stones might be onyx for defensive reasons or carnelian for courage. Those are just examples. You’ll probably have other choices for your own needs.

Once you’ve collected your stones, purify your stones with water. Here you have to be careful, because some of the stones you have may not react well with water, especially if the water is infused in some way. Spend a little time googling to see what may damage your stones.

Once you’ve cleaned and purified the stones, follow the steps outlined in method one. Here the spell remains the same, just keep all the stones together and work slowly to make sure the energies in the stones get along. Not unlike how you might manage a group of friends at a get-together, really. Once you’ve done your tour with the stones, put them in the same place together.

Spell maintenance is also the same. Clean and dust them as needed, making sure to not forget about the stones themselves.


  • Here purified or blessed water is whatever kind of water that feels purified or blessed to you. It can be tap water you’ve dedicated to a deity or it can be water you’ve sought out at a sparkling spring and filtered yourself. It can be moon water or holy water. This is where your particular brand of magic can come into play, so adapt at will.
  • When it comes to selecting the number of protection stones, what you’re doing is selecting stones to protect against particular doorways, pathways, and so on. You can just protect the doorways and skip the windows, you can protect against doors, windows, drains, chimneys, and mirrors. How many or how few you select to protect is up to you. Your house may have two doors and twelve windows, so you might have fourteen stones. If that seems like a lot (and it is) then consider dropping the amount of pathways you’re protecting.

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