Tealight Coin Money Spell

Ready for the easiest money spell ever? Small but mighty, this spell is designed for even the most secretive witches or beginners can do it in fifteen minutes or less.


  • White tealight candle
  • A shiny penny or some other coin
  • A tray, burn plate, or fire-safe thing (see notes)

Lift your tealight candle out of the little tin or plastic cup it’s sitting in. You might need to pull it by the wick to get it out, but it should just slid out.

Take your coin and rub it between your hands, like you’re trying to warm your hands up with the coin in your palms. As you do this, say or think of the money you want to come into your life. Think something specific and attainable like “come on rent money” rather than “come on winning lottery numbers”. Put a lot of energy and emphasis on that wish.

(Why is rent money is more attainable than lotto numbers? Primarily for two reasons. Prayers, wishes, and other spells are often thought or said for over the lottery. That’s a lot of magic pulling on the same thing and luck factors in as well. Rent money is more attainable because someone might loan you the money or you get an extra shift at work or something. There’s more chances for that to happen. That being said, it won’t hurt to cast a spell for the lottery, just don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work.)

Now put the coin under the candle inside the tin or plastic candle holder and put the candle back on top of the coin. Light the candle and say or think,

“As you burn, my money will come.

When you die, my money has arrived.”

Carry the penny / coin with you. You can reuse that coin or keep it as a lucky coin, if the spell works. If the spell doesn’t work, give or spend the coin (or use it in a cursing spell). You might need to scrap the wax off to spend it, but don’t keep it.


  • When it comes to fire plate for this spell, it’s really more about catching spilling wax. So pick something, like a ceramic plate, to put under the candle. The coin probably gives the tealight candle just enough rise to make spilling wax a problem. If you’re doing this spell outside or you have some other sort of candle plate or whatever, then don’t worry about this.
  • Beginner practitioners of candle magic probably will sooner rather than later hit up your local dollar store or used goods store for a simple ceramic plate. It doesn’t need to be fancy. It’s just there to catch incense ash and candle wax, but that plate can be a lifesaver when it comes to clean up. Seriously. 1000% recommend.