May Shop Update

Hi folks! Happy May! We’ve got some new shinies up for you to grab, plus some of your old spread favorites are back in the shop.

Some of you probably noticed that the shop has been looking a little empty lately. I’ve decided to change up how I offer readings online. I often get swamped with readings and that makes it difficult to deliver quality in a timely manner. Plus, my energy gets super tapped and then I have nothing to give to anything else (like the blog or answering questions).

So we’re going on a rotation. I’ll be offering certain spreads and readings at different times. The selection will change monthly.

No worries! You can always get a non-spread specific reading or custom request a specific reading. I’ll be updating the shop here with my spreads and readings so you know what to look forward to or request.

Some eagle-eyed folks probably noticed a change in some of the menu links. The links should open to post tags rather than an individual page with a long list of links. Hopefully, that means you’ll be able to find more of what you’re looking for. Let me know what you think.

Anyway, onto this month’s updates.

Charm Bottles are back! These little charm bottles always fly off the shelf whenever I make them. Each one is one-of-a-kind, with hand braided enchanted cotton cords, wax sealed glass bottles stuffed with a magic herbal blend.

These ones are for protection. Head over to the shop to read up on the details and snap one up for yourself.

Charm bags are also back. These two felt sachets are stuffed with herbal goodness, but they’re designs are simple. The pink one is even irregularly shaped. I use to make these babies all the time, but fell out of practice. It felt good to get back into the swing of things, but the designs of these two weren’t super good. Therefore, they are marked accordingly. (That means they’re super cheap).

The pink one’s for love and friendship, the blue one’s for protection. Made from felt and cotton thread, they’re simple, but easily concealed in a bag pocket or drawer.

Ardent Mugwort is also back. These made to order beauties are gentler flying ointments than what’s usually on the market, using mugwort as the activating herb. Handcrafted and enchanted for astral travel, meditation, trance work, and spirit shenanigans.

There are five readings up in the shop beyond the usual.

Cleansing Energy – Learn where to cleanse and clean up your life!

Loving Myself. Self-care, self-love, & self-improvement.

Future Lovers! See your next potential relationship.

The Secret Moon – Discover your shadow self and the deceptions you hide behind. 

The Journey – See what lies ahead of you in the next phase of your life.

This items are one of a kind, so it’s first come, first serve! Happy shopping!