How to Enchant a Scarf

Enchanting can be one of the easiest ways of adding magic to anything. It’s super low key, can be done in public in front of people, and only requires a few moments of sitting quietly or murmuring to yourself to make it work. My style of enchanting does lean heavily on energy manipulation. If you’re new to energy manipulation, you should be able to follow along with this fairly easily, but skilled manipulators will have an easier time with it.

How to Enchant a Scarf. A super simple way to add magic to your wardrobe. Read more at

This enchantment is for warmth and health. The same technique can be adapted to any kind of enchantment and this enchantment can be added to just about anything. It’s great on coats, socks, favorite hoodies, and bath towels. 

01 Clean and Cleanse

Whether you’ve dug your scarf out of the back of a drawer or you’ve purchased it new, you’ll need to wash the scarf and cleanse it. 

Make sure to look at the washing instructions of the scarf’s material. Some materials really shouldn’t be washed in a machine. If it needs spot cleaning, then VERY lightly mist it with some cleansing water or flick the water at it using your fingertips.

If you’re washing it in a machine, add a bit of cleansing ingredients such as a bit of salt or an herbal potion. Or you can enchant your laundry soap to cleanse. If you don’t have cleansing ingredients like that, you can use moon water as well. Why? Well, if it’s a new scarf or hasn’t been recently washed, it simply needs to be washed. That scarf probably has dust on it and scarfs tend to be by your mouth. Now-a-days with masks, this is less true, but it’s still something to be concerned about.

As for cleansing, I like to have things lightly cleansed while cleaning them and lightly cleansed while working in a new enchantment. It also helps shake up the stagnate energy in an old scarf and breaks up the energy from a store / warehouse and anyone who might have potentially been touching the scarf.

The aforementioned cleansing water works well, but you can also do smoke cleansing (which has the bonus of aroma), sounds such as bells, or even letting the scarf soak in a few hours of sunlight. 

02 Enchant it

Take the scarf in your hands. I like to lay it across my palms so my fingers can run across it, but whatever feels best for you. Feel free to move your hands around. You want to cover the whole length of the scarf.

Spend a few minutes centering yourself and gathering your energy. When it feels like you have excess energy in your core, push it towards your hands (or it may gather there naturally). Slowly drag or wave your hand over the scarf, letting the energy seep into the weave of the fabric or to coat the material, like liquid seeping into the fabric.

Now either speak, say, or think of how warm you’ll want to feel, how safe, how healthy. Envision the happiness you’ll feel when you wrap this warm scarf around your neck or a loved ones’ neck. 

When you think you’ve done enough, then you’re done! It really is that simple. When you hold it, it might not feel any warmer instantly, but the warmth should seep into your bones over time.

I like to go the extra step and repeat the warming thoughts when putting the scarf on.

Ideally, you should renew the enchantment every so often. At least every year, but you can do it as often as you like. The more you do it, the stronger the enchantment becomes.

Stay warm and safe everyone!