January 2020 Round Up

Things that are still endlessly weird: Writing 2020. This month we kicked off with a post greeting 2020 into the world. It also covers this year's wishes and goals plus an introduction. It also also includes a self-dedication spell for your new year's resolutions at the bottom of the post. (Anyone fall off the wagon … Continue reading January 2020 Round Up

Class is in session! Essentia of Crown Witchcraft sign ups are now open!

Essentia of Crown Witchcraft, my 101 secular witchcraft online course, is now open for sign ups. Classes start March first and run until April 15th. This is a super cheap price for this course guys, no joke, so hop on it while you get the chance!     I can't even tell you how excited … Continue reading Class is in session! Essentia of Crown Witchcraft sign ups are now open!

Happy Solar Eclipse + Book Release!

Happy solar eclipse! I hope your day is full of lots of energy and magic. I know mine will be. Big news though, aside from the awesome celestial actions in the sky, my new book Spirit Walker is out! You can buy it for Kindle right now. Paperback version should be available later today. (Should be. … Continue reading Happy Solar Eclipse + Book Release!

Novel: Spirit Walker is available for pre-order!

My novel Spirit Walker will be available in print and e-book August 21st. Pre-order your kindle copy now. Want to know what it’s about? “Haleo Wyrick is storm chaser by choice and the founder of the psychic black ops program Valora by chance, she’s smart, ambitious, and brave. And she’s scared. As a spirit walker, she can pass … Continue reading Novel: Spirit Walker is available for pre-order!

NaNoWriMo Ideas for Magical Practitioners

As you've probably noticed, I've started posting small short stories here and over at my Patreon. I do a lot of originally writing and I'm a participant of National Novel Writing Month. It's a lot of fun but very time consuming and emotionally taxing. https://www.instagram.com/p/BAJPz5XhVom/   Normally, NaNoWriMo is for novel writing, as the title … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Ideas for Magical Practitioners

The River, an original short story

There was splashing in his river. He felt the disruption along the his spine of water's surface and the ripples clattered against the rocky shore. It was something large, something frantic but not drowning. Not yet anyway. He glided through the cool waters of his own self, the core of his essence and consciousness, moving forward and broke the … Continue reading The River, an original short story