This is a nexus of various divination related topics. Sample readings, reviews, and how tos are located here. If you’re looking for a reading, please go to my Etsy or Storenvy.


Tarot and Oracle Decks – A list of tarot and oracle decks I own. Includes sample readings and reviews.

Divination Methods – A list of divination methods I use outside of cartomancy. Includes sample readings and reviews.

Divination Tool Reviews – A list of divination tool reviews, such as tarot and oracle decks.

Sample readings – A list of samples for readings you can buy.


– How To Read Tarot –

How To Find the Perfect Tarot Deck For You –  A handy guide of things to consider when you’re looking to buy a tarot deck.

The Myth of Buying Your First Tarot Cards – A breakdown on the myth and belief that you shouldn’t buy your own first tarot cards and why it probably doesn’t matter.

Privacy of Tarot Readings – A discussion on why tarot readings should be kept private by tarot readers.

Where to Buy A Tarot or Oracle Deck – A discussion on the various places you can buy a tarot or oracle deck.

Why You Might Want to Skip Reading For Yourself – Sometimes you can’t see the forest through the trees.


– Tarot Spreads – 

Heal Your Heartache – Break up? Had to let go of a dream? Disappointment and heartache can be so difficult to overcome. This spread can help.

Loving Myself – A short but sweet little spread centered at loving yourself more.

The Tower Spread – Has the worst situation already happened? Here’s how to handle it.


– How To Divine –

5 Love Divinations to Reveal Your Sweetheart – Five different techniques so you can see who is your next lover or soul mate.

Divination Correspondences

Knot Your Garter – A scholarly look at a historical love divination of knotting your garter and dreaming of your future lover.

Scrying Spell for Inspiration (Spell Saturday #32) – A spell for inspiration using a crystal scrying technique.

Water Divination – How to Fathom the Depths – A guide on how to do water divination.


– Blog Posts –

How to Determine Your Worth As A Witch or Reader – Tips for figuring out how much you’re really worth and how much to charge clients.

I Bought A Reading Online! Now What? – What do to when waiting for your online reading.

Ouija Boards 101 or “Are Ouija Boards Dangerous?” – A 101 rundown on what ouija boards are and if they’re dangerous.

So You Want a Reading? – Step-by-step guide on how buying a reading online works.