Oracle’s Shrine

Fates read, advice given, fortunes told.

Professional witch and intuitive reading with over twenty years experience.

Readings Available:


3 Card Cartomancy Reading

PDF email. One question or topic per reading. Or you may ask for a general reading. Include question, topic, or desire for a general reading in the purchase notes.

20.00 $

Pendulum Reading

PDF email. Three questions per reading. Include your questions in the purchase notes.

5.00 $

Crystal Scrying Reading

PDF email. One question per reading. Include your question in the purchase notes.

5.00 $

Oracular Reading

PDF + Audio email. Make sure to include what spirit or entity, if any, you’d like to contact in the purchase notes.

85.00 $

Last updated: October 1st, 2020. Next session: November 1st, 2020.

Requirements for Purchasing a Reading | Divination Methods I Use | Tarot and Oracle Decks I Own

Requirements for Purchasing a Reading

What I’ll need:
  • Your chosen name. For example, you may prefer to be called Ally rather than Allison, Ash rather than Ashley, or Will rather than William. Code names or alternative names can also be used, such as Rose instead of your real name of Riley or Thyme instead of Timothy.
  • You pronoun preference, if you’re comfortable with sharing. If not gender-neutral pronouns (they/their/them) will be used for all parties.
  • Your question or topic of the reading. Or, you can ask for a general reading on a specific area of your life or life in general. Need help formulating your question? Just contact me and I’ll be happy to lend a hand.
  • Active email address to send the reading to.
What you’ll get:
  • Readings are provided in a beautiful PDF, delivered by email, unless otherwise noted. In most cases, a photograph of your reading is included. Readings are provided in English at this time.

To discuss your reading query, contact me:

Diviner’s Style & Divination Usage

Divination isn’t just for divining the future. It can also give insight to current situations and struggles. It can reveal information you’re not able to see for yourself and offer information. It can guide you to make better decisions for yourself.

Each reader has their own style and method of interpreting the cards. Even tarot card readers will offer give different results for the same cards laid out the same way. As an intuitive reader, I go by what I feel first, then by the known meanings of the cards.

Readings are offered at various times of the year, sometimes determined by the sacred days, planetary alignment, or high levels of energy. Check back often and watch social media for an announcement.