What Is Horsing?

On my other blog I was asked "What exactly is horsing?" Here's my answer: Horsing is a type of possession used by practitioners, pagans, witches, and other religions. It’s consensual possession, in a manner of speaking. It’s allowing your body to become a vessel, usually temporarily, for another being. Usually it’s a god or deity … Continue reading What Is Horsing?


Castle of Sea Glass and Sand

I live in a castle sculpted of sea glass and sand. Soft, it is not. The walls bite into your skin when you fall against it, the wet sand around the internal waterfalls works as quicksand, taking invaders into the depths and under workings of the castle. Beautiful it can be, breathtakingly so in fact, … Continue reading Castle of Sea Glass and Sand

Trance Pre and After Care

I see a ton of people talk about trancing and ways to do it but I don't think I've never seen someone talk about aftercare after trancing. This is an incredibly important step, not only to keep things safe but to assure the experience ends on a good note. https://www.instagram.com/p/BFKZsgChVl4/ Ensure you have the proper … Continue reading Trance Pre and After Care

Spirit Kings

Spirit Kings [UPG Alert! My opinions and UPG] The other side has a hierarchy. Some places has courts as elaborate as you can imagine. Others are more territories where a being rules over their territory as they like. Quick terminology is this: when I say king, I’m drawing up mental images for you. I use the … Continue reading Spirit Kings

Practical Applications of Astral Projection on This Plane

So I've been working on an original fictional story that involves the Traveling and practical applications thereof. Yes, really. But first, before I get into anything, a little personal definition time. I personally use the terms "astral projection" as projecting yourself out of your body but remaining in this plane of existence. You are here but … Continue reading Practical Applications of Astral Projection on This Plane

And his eyes fell upon me….

I'm godbothered. I don't speak about it much because I'm really very serious when I say I do not work with gods or spirits. I sometimes work for them and they sometimes work for me. But being godbothered means that I am literally bothered by a god. I can say no (and do, often) but … Continue reading And his eyes fell upon me….