Solar Ritual to Bring Hope

Everyone has moments where they are staggered and lose hope. It happens to everyone. Some people bounce back easier from such blows and others have more difficulty. This spell is designed to give you a sense of hope once again. To lighten the load spiritually, so to speak.

Since this ritual is based on the sunrise, you’ll have to get up rather early (or stay up), so make sure that you plan accordingly.

Solar Ritual to Bring Hope by This Crooked Crown

What you’ll need:

Clear bottle or glass of water

A drink of something you consider soothing and comforting

A jacket, shawl, shirt, or something that you love to wear and you feel comforted by, bonus if it has a hood.

A bell (optional)

Meditation, affirmations, prayers, or something that provides you strength and hope (optional)


First, google when the sunrise is on the day you want to cast the spell. I usually type “sunrise is at” and google provides the exact time of the sunrise for my location. Keep in mind this time is for the sunrise. The lightening of the sky and dawn itself lasts longer and starts earlier so set your alarm about fifteen or more minutes before so you can get up and watch the whole sunrise.

You’ll also need a location so you can watch the sunrise. A convenient parking lot, for example, a roof, beach, or a garden are good. A window that gets lots of sunlight will probably have a view of the sunrise (and possible even the sunset) as well. Make sure you can get to this space in time for the sunrise.

Once you’ve determined your location and time, you can prep the spell ahead of time so you don’t have to scramble in the morning.  You may need to prep your drink ahead of time or grab other essentials like a chair or shoes and set them out so you can go right away.

To cast the ritual, stand or sit in the pre-dawn light. Bow your head once to the sun as it rises. Now thank the sun for rising.

The sun is a constant source for us. We know that it will rise. We know this. That’s why people use the sun as a sense of renewal and hope. The sun is here, unimpressed by our turmoil. It rises, despite us cursing it for sunburns or being too bright on tired eyes. It’s time to pay respect for the sun’s existence and it’s strength.

Raise your water glass to the sun as it rises, trying to angle the growing light so it shines through the cup and water and finally onto you. Once you manage this angle, raise it higher to salute the sun and drink the glass.

Put the empty cup aside and bow your head once more to the sun, a subtle thanks for giving you her strength in a cup.

Now pray or petition the sun to give you strength, hope, guidance, or whatever else you may need. This is the time to pour out your heart to the sun. Once you feel empty or ready to move on, wrap yourself up in the jacket or whatever you brought with you for comfort. Drink your drink and take a moment to gather your internal strength. When ready, move onto the next part.

Stand up and/or straighten up as best you can and square your shoulders like you’re about to enter a room and own that space or prepare yourself for battle. Take a deep breath and release it, at your own pace. Bow your head to the sun again, in thanks for listening.

Now gather up any energy or magical strength you can currently muster. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you have a good grasp on it or you feel like you’re not getting anything at all. You’re aiming to remove any remaining traces of hopelessness at this time. Again, don’t worry if you don’t feel like you managed this or can sense this energy. Just going through the motions with this ritual is enough.

Place your hand on your heart and then fling your arm out, as if ripping something away from you.  Make a grabbing motion with that flung out hand, as if snatching something out of the air. Press the close fist to your heart. Ideally, this should be a smooth motion and done while saying something like the following,


I cast aside this hopelessness, this fear, this uselessness.

I am myself. I am enough. I will always be enough. 

I will take my power into my hands and conquer what I put myself to.


Now, you can go about your way if you feel like you’re ready to get shit done.

If you still  aren’t ready, that’s OK. Try out the rest of the ritual. Break out your meditation, affirmations, or prayers. Go through a session with these things to provide additional guidance. Take as long as you need. When you’re finally ready to start your day, clear the space by ringing the bell.

This ritual can be repeated as often as you like, with whatever personal variations you need to make so it feels right to you.



  • The bell does not have to be a physical bell. It can be a bell phone app, the ringing of a singing bowl, or some other ringing cleansing sound.
  • You don’t have to fill the glass of water completely. Just fill it enough so you can comfortably drink it in one go. If all you can manage is an ounce of water, than use that.
  • If you plan well ahead, you can even use solar water as the drinking water for a double charge of solar energy.

Protection During Storms [Spell Saturday #70]

This spell will not guarantee your safety but it should help provide opportunities to keep you safe. This spell is ideal for situations where you may be evacuated due to weather. Remember to heed safety and rescue instructions when you’re dealing with severe weather conditions. And please, be safe.

What you’ll need:

  • Nettle
  • Mugwort
  • Mullein
  • Thyme
  • Chalcedony
  • Coins
  • Red bag


Gather all the ingredients together. You only need a pinch of each of the herbs. They can be dried or fresh. This spell is best made up ahead of time, especially if you fear you may need to move quickly or be evacuated.

Once you have everything, lay it out in front of you and prepare the small bag you’ll need to store and carry these items with. Red is used to create energy, protect, and to help you be seen. Draw, cast, or place protective sigils and symbols on the bag. You can even wash the bag in protective or sacred water.

Focus on feeling safe, powerful, and capable. Hold each ingredient in front of you, in turn, and say the following,

Hold the mugwort in front of you, concentrating on it.

“Mugwort, I call upon you to lessen fatigue,

I carry you to protect me

From storms and enemies, at home or away.

Protect me while I travel,

Let me weather the storms around me.”

Place the mugwort in your bag. Pick up the nettle, place it in front of you and say,

“Nettle,  I call upon you to calm the storm,

I carry you to give me courage

From fear and pain, brought by others and myself.

Protect me from what will harm me,

Guide me to where I can weather this storm.”

Place the nettle in the bag. Pick up the mullein, hold it in front of you and say,

“Mullein, I call upon you to ease my weariness

I carry you to keep my lungs clear, 

From pain and cowardice, allowing my voice to be heard.

Protect me from what will ail me,

Guard my health and body as I weather this storm.”

Place the mullein in the bag. Pick up the thyme, holding it in front of you as you say,

“Thyme, I call upon you protect me

I carry you to strength me 

From the depths of my heart and soul, protecting and encouraging.

Protect me from all which will bring misery,

Bring me what I need to survive and thrive.”

Place the thyme in the bag.

Pick up the chalcedony and hold it to your heart. Concentrate on you and your loved ones being safe and healthy through the storms. Place it in the bag. Chalcedony is good for traveling and protecting yourself during political upheaval.

Gather the coins in your hands. Rub the coins between your hands, like you’re lathering soap. The coins are meant to figuratively allow you to pay your way past trouble and malicious spirits. Say or think as you rub your hands.

“These coins pay my way on the road ahead.”

Place the coins in the bag. When and if you feel like you’re being hunted by spirits or bad luck, take out a coin and leave it somewhere. After you place the coin, leave that place and don’t look back.

After everything’s in the bag, close the bag up and keep it on you until fair skies return.


  • If you’re in a pinch, items can be stored in a sock or envelope or even shoved into the pocket of a coat or bag.
  • Red is used to create energy, protect, and to help you be seen. Blue can be used to protect, if you prefer.

The Sun’s Invitation [Spell Saturday #67]

This is a very adaptable spell. It’s used to increase the things you want more of in your life. So if you want love, you’ll add that component. If you want money, you add that. It’s used for what you want. Unlike the full moon or sun variations of this spell, this one can be used to invite things you do not currently possess into your life.

That being said, this can be a tricky spell to pull off in some people’s home environments. You need complete darkness on a new moon night.


  • Items you want to increase in your life
  • Solar Water [see notes]

Collect together items that represents the things you want in your life. You might have a handful of cash, a picture of a college diploma, a love letter written to a dream lover, or anything else. Think creatively and simply. If you want to travel to Aruba, put in a picture of Aruba. Don’t make things hard for yourself by trying to collect the perfect representations. If you can’t get a visual, write or draw it.

Once you have together your items, take them and place them on a table next to a window where there is sunlight all day long. If your space is secure, put it outside on a balcony or in your yard. Or take it to the park or beach with you. You want as much light as possible to sit on these items.

Be smart about this. Don’t leave a wad of cash on your windowsill and expect it to not get stolen if you live on the ground floor and leave the window open. Be as discreet as possible with your items but don’t cover them up. If something will become faded by the sun and you still want to keep it, take a picture of it and use that instead.

Place a drop of solar water on each item then leave them there all day long. You can leave the items untouched for a full 24 hour period or you can take the items away immediately. You may wish to avoid spending any money used in this spell until after the full moon.

You can repeat this spell as often as you like.


  • Solar water recipe is to gather water on a bright sunny day from a sunny location. A good example would be to collect water from a river on a sunny day. A more reasonable alternative is to pour tap or filtered water into a jar and leave that in the sun for a full day (sunrise to sunset).
  • If you’re charging water, crystals, or anything else by the moon’s light, do this in a separate location than this spell.
  • If something is water sensitive, you can just dab the water on your finger and run it along the least sensitive surface and wipe it off. Or dampen a cloth with the solar water and wash the item that way.
  • We avoid putting the items in a bag or container so the lack of sunlight can touch them. A good middle ground is a big glass mason jar.

Happy casting!

Treat Me Better Spell [Spell Saturday #64]

We’ve all had people treat us like shit sometimes. Maybe you have a friend that doesn’t understand that sometimes they go too far with the jokes or they use you as a doormat. Maybe they always go on and on about their problems but aren’t they for you all the time. They’re not bad people and they’re not necessarily a bad friend, they just don’t think of how they’re treating you.

This spell is designed to encourage them to treat you better. This isn’t going to make them see the error of their ways though. It’s not designed as an “eye opener” spell but rather just a spell to make someone treat you nicer.

What you’ll need:

  • Sugar for sweetness
  • Hydrangea petals to ego boosting and sweetness
  • Meadowsweet for happiness
  • Apple blossom for happiness
  • Calendula for happiness
  • Gardenia for friendship
  • Rue to work against jealousy
  • Snapdragons to work against lies and deception
  • Heliotrope for friendly words
  • Clover for luck
  • Bottle or bag to carry with you

Gather all of your herbal ingredients and place them in a bowl in direct sunlight for about an hour. Then take the herbs inside and pour the sugar on top of the herbs. You don’t need to cover the herbs but you should be able to see the sugar throughout.

Place your hand lightly on top of the herbs and say,

“Sweetness you’ll become

When in the presence of this mixture

If there’s someone specific you want to make treat you better, say the following (or something like it). If you’re just trying to make people in general around you treat you better, skip the ahead.

“Treat me as I desire

I encourage you to try

To be better and kind. 

Treat me better,

Treat me kind,

By this spell and power mine.”

No matter which version of the spell you’re doing, place the herbs and sugar in a bag or bottle and carry it with you.


  • Use substitutes for the above herbs as needed. I gave the reasons I selected those herbs so feel free to swap them out as needed.
  • Remember to change up the wording as it suits your needs
  • You can absolutely use a plastic container or ziploc bag for spells. Plastic will not hurt your spells, as far as I’ve experienced. A tic-tac container or similarly shaped bottle works well.

Captured Wind Energy Spell [Spell Saturday #62]

Ever just need a boost of spiritual coffee? Like you’re just looking at your remote control three inches away and it would take a monumental effort to actually reach over and grab it? You’re not really tired physically or mentally but you’re just “ugh”?

Doldrums is a state of listlessness, despondency, slump, or stagnation. It’s also a word used in maritime to refer to a low pressure area near the Equator where the ocean become calm – there are no prevailing or sail-worthy winds. In both usages of the word, there is an implied danger. If you’re too listless, nothing will get done and things pile up (like laundry). If you’re sailing and there’s no winds, you’ll die.

Being the sea-oriented witch, I created a spell that can break doldrums of all kinds.


What you’ll need:

  • A windy day when you have good energy
  • A cord such as a piece of ribbon, string, rope, etc.
  • A mood boosting drink like coffee, tea or an energy drink


Select your cord. It can be as long or as short as you’d like but you’ll nee to be able to make three to five knots in it. The number of knots can depend on whatever number feels best. Three’s traditional for a wind knot spell like this but five’s a good number for creating energy and movement. Use whatever number feels best for you.

Take your drink and wash the cord in it. Let the cord dry in the sun.

On a windy, sunny day where you have a lot of energy, take the cord somewhere with a lot of wind and tie knots, “capturing” the powering of the wind in the knots.

As you tie the knots say something like:

My power and might

I capture along with the wind

Be kept still and quiet

Until you’re needed again

Keep the cord safe and stowed away until you need it. When the doldrums hit, untie a knot. You should be able to gain a boost of energy.



  • Creating a cord by weaving, braiding, or tying materials together works well to give this spell more power.
  • Wash the cord in whatever energy boosting liquid you like. Coffee’s a good example but it’s entirely personal preference. Wash it in a favorite soda, tea, or whatever else if you prefer.


Fire’s Vessel [Spell Saturday #60]

This is a spell and ritual to invite the energy of fire into yourself, at the cost of pushing down your connection to other elements. This can be used temporarily or repeated for a more long-term effect.

You might cast this spell as part of a summer solstice or fire-based festival. Or you might do it to gain motivation and keep procrastination at bay. Or you might cast it to gain confidence, courage, and a bit of recklessness. Why you’d do this is up to you.

What happens to the other elements? They’re suppressed a bit so other aspects of your personality and magic might not be as strong during the duration of the spell. This is why the spell has a time duration built in, to avoid long-term or weird side effects.

Fire's Vessel by This Crooked Crown

What you’ll need:

  • A live flame from a candle, fireplace, bonfire, etc.
  • Representation of wind/air
  • Representation of water
  • Representation of Earth


At sunrise, light your fire. Set up the element representations around you in a circle. You should be sitting or standing in front of the fire.

Meditation or simply sit quietly thinking about the elements and how you interact with them. Once you think you’re ready or you find your thoughts drifting away entirely or you have nothing else to think about, get ready to begin.

Take a deep breath and say,

“As the sun rises, I become the vessel of fire

I am fire

Free, brave, and wild

I am fire

Bold, strong, and true.”

Now push aside the elemental representations of air, water, and earth.

“Beneath my skin, air, water, and earth will live

But my blood will be fire

Until the sun sets in the my sky.”

Pass your hand from east to west.

“As the moon rises, my fire will bank

My elements will reset.”

You can now blow out the candle and put it aside for solar worship, fire element representation, or to repeat the spell.


  • While this spell is written for the classical four element believe, it is completely adaptable to whatever element system you use (assuming you use fire and need the spell at all).
  • Use whatever representations for the elements that you like. Air might be a feather or an empty glass. Water might be a glass of water or collected tears. Earth may be garden soil or stones. You get the idea.

Study Buddy [Spell Saturday #58]

Want to find a study group or study buddy for your classes? Need to cram for an exam and want someone to help? Just need a pal to commiserate with? This spell’s for you.


Study Buddy Spell by This Crooked Crown


What you’ll need:

  • rosemary
  • water


Bring about a cup of water to a boil. Add about a teaspoon of rosemary and leave for twenty or more minutes. Strain the rosemary from the water, keeping the water.

Dab the rosemary infused water on the cover of your books, backpack, clothing, or skin before heading to class or study hall. You can say something like:


“Study buddy, come to me

We’ll share what we know

To pass our classes/exams successfully”


Each batch should only be kept for up to 48 hours for health and safety reasons (don’t put moldy water on yourself, please) so be ready to make a new batch as needed.

You can also adjust the spell to work on specific people. A good choice for this is to use a candle, your textbooks, or class facebook group as a summoning focus. Sprinkle a drop or two of the water over the candle, book, or screen and cast the spell the same.



  • Be sure that you’re not allergic or sensitive to rosemary before use if you use it on your body. You may also want to check if rosemary clashes with any medications you’re taking.
  • You can add sugar or honey to the infused mixture to “sweeten and draw people to you” but you risk increased insect activity.
  • You can also add coffee to the infused mixture to add speed to the spell.

Stone Energy Spell [Spell Saturday #57]

A spell to program a stone to give you extra energy on low days.


Stone Energy Spell by This Crooked Crown


What you’ll need:

  • Dried coffee grounds or yerba mate leaves
  • Sugar
  • Ginger, ginseng, or dandelion roots
  • Dried orange zest/peel
  • Tiger’s eye stone, sunstone, selenite, amber, ruby, and/or quartz crystal
  • A bowl
  • A bright, sunny day and cloudless, moonlit night where you have a lot of energy

Select your stone knowing that this is, in part, a dedication spell. While the stone can be part of jewelry or another object, it needs to be use only for this purpose.

On your chosen day, gentle wash or wipe clean the chosen stone and set aside.

Mix together half a teaspoon of your coffee or yerba leaves with half a teaspoon of ginger, ginseng, or dandelion roots. Sprinkle sugar an orange zest until it’s mixed throughout and spotted through. (You’ll probably only need a pinch at most)

Place the stone in the herbal mixture and set time to meditate with the bowl in your hands. This meditation should not be tiring but rather energy boosting and uplifting. If meditation doesn’t do this for you, you can pass energy into the stone or simply tell the stone what you want it to do.

When ready, raise up your herbal mixture to your heart and gather your energy around you then breath out over the herbs. Touch the stone and think happy, loving thoughts.

Place your stone in the herbs and leave the herbs and stone in a sunny window for a full day and night. The next morning remove the stone and dispose of the herbal mixture by compost, fire, burying, or any other means you deem worthy.

Carry or hold the stone when you’re in need of a boost. If the stone feels tired, allow it to sit in sunlight or moonlight for a while to cleanse and restore it’s powers.


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Contrary to popular belief, not everyone handles caffeine the same way. If you’re one of the people who don’t do well with caffeine, then try another energy booster than isn’t caffeine based. Same goes with the sugar.

The stones were selected because they have physical energy boosting properties. If you can think of or own another stone that does the same, use that as well or instead. If you don’t have access to any of these stones, quartz is always a fine alternative.

The best way to adapt this spell is to think about stones or herbs that give you energy without draining you. They’re going to make you feel good, not tired in a few hours. If you have access to an herb or stone that offers this, then use it instead.

Some stones do not do well in sunlight. Double check before attempting this spell. If you want to use a stone that doesn’t like sunlight, you can bury it in the herbal mixture instead.


Alarm Spell [Spell Saturday #53]

I am not a morning person. When I have a deadline to reach or an appointment to get to, I will need all the alarms in the world in order to get me out of bed. It’s a Thing.

This spell will probably not help with that.

But this spell can be used to let you know when something’s going down. It can protect your room from trespassers or let you know someone’s poking around where they shouldn’t be.


Alarm Spell by This Crooked Crown


What you’ll need:

  • A trigger item such as a ring
  • The place or thing you want to guard or be alerted to
  • Mugwort-rose infused oil (optional)


First, create a infuse mugwort and rose infused oil. This is an optional step but it can be a useful one. If you can’t or don’t want to do this, just skip to the next step. To create the oil, steep mugwort and crumbled rose petals in a light oil like sunflower oil for about a week. You can steep them for longer if you like. When the oil is ready, dress you trigger object with the oil. You can also use water instead of oil, steeped and boiled like a tisane tea if oil will damage your trigger item.

Go to the place that you want to protect. Sit comfortably with the object or place you want to protect. Allow your energy to flow out and encompass the space or wrap around the object in question, such as a diary. Focus on creating positive thoughts and creating a warm, safe, and secure place.

When you feel like you’ve done this, swoop your hand to circle the room, feeling the energy you’ve created. Once you’ve come full circle, touch that hand to the trigger object.

Say or think the following with your hand still touching the trigger object:


When you sound, I will know

Chime, ring, echo, call, tremble, or bellow

Make whatever sound you can in haste

To let me know someone trespasses in this space.

Allow your energy to dissipate and carry on with your day.

When the spell is activated, you should “hear” a sound. it might be an actual sound, like a ring clacking on a counter more loudly than it should or it might be something telling you in your heart that something’s wrong, like something tugging at your attention. You may also suddenly notice that trigger object when it shouldn’t really be the center of attention. (Example, if the trigger object is a bracelet and you wear several bracelets but suddenly all eyes are on that singular bracelet.)

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  • The trigger object can be anything you like but is most commonly a piece of jewelry of some kind.
  • The trigger object can even be a piece of skin or your own body. You can use a finger as a trigger object and if that finger suddenly hurts or itches, then the spell’s been activated.

Happy casting!



Forged Through Fire Spell [Spell Saturday #50]

This is a spell to change aspects a specific aspect of your life. It’s not meant to be a gentle, guiding spell but a rather a boot in the ass kind of spell. It’s meant for you to cut the shit and actually change an aspect of your life. It’s for when you need to say to yourself “Quit the procrastination and just go do the thing already”.

Forged in Fire by This Crooked Crown


What you need:

  • Two pieces of paper
  • A red double ended candle or a single red candle
  • Fire safe smooth dish
  • Fire safe bowl (if not using a double ended candle)
  • Your honesty
  • Herbs, oils, and candle-dressing materials (optional)


Write down exactly what you want to happen. You want to go to the gym three times a week and get totally serious on your health? Write that down in explicit detail. You want to stop procrastinating on finding a new job and just go find one that you actually like? Write that down. Want to start that project (or finish it?) Write that down. You need to be completely honest with yourself.

If you’ve been procrastinating because you’re lazy or want to watch reruns of Supernatural instead write that down. Be completely and totally honest with yourself. This isn’t about the legit reasons why you might not do something. If you weren’t able to work because of illness or obligations, then this spell isn’t for you. This spell is to combat procrastination rather than just giving you a boost.

Once you’ve written down what you want to happen and what the problem is, get your candle and dress it for power and energy.

Place the paper for how you currently are on your non-dominate side (so if you’re left handed or your left hand is your power hand, put the paper on the right side). Place the paper for how you want to be on the opposite side. The candle and fire-proof bowl should be between the two. Light the candle.


spells and herbs


If you’re using a  double ended candle, light the candle on the side with the paper with your current state or being/ the problem. Burn that paper and let is go completely to ash. When the paper is completely gone, blow out that end of the candle and declare that how you were is over. Light the other end of the candle and burn the paper with your intentions in it, affirming to yourself that this is how you’re going to be.

If you’re using not using a double ended candle, then burn the paper with how you use to be in the fire proof bowl. When the paper is ash and you have nothing but embers left, declare that how you were is over. Light the candle and burn the paper with your intentions on it, affirming to yourself this is how you’re going to be.

In either case, as the intentions paper burns,  let the wax from the candle with your intentions drip onto a smooth, fire proof dish. Let it cool so it’s cool enough to handle but so not cool that it isn’t malleable. roll the wax between your fingers to form a small ball and carry that wax ball with you each and every time you try and do the thing.

Once the intentions paper has burned, you can blow out the candle. Keep and use whenever you want to reaffirm yourself to you intentions.

Red Candle by This Crooked Crown


  • The candle can be scented or dressed in any of the following oils, scents, or herbs: Allspice, apple, carnations, cinnamon, hyssop, vanilla, rosemary, cinquefoil, dragon’s blood, lemon verbena, marigolds or calendula, thistle, and thyme. If you use any of these scents/oils/herbs you should definitely use them to remind yourself in the future to go do the thing. So if you used apples, then an apple colored gym bag or aromatherapy oil should be motivating.