Captured Wind Energy Spell [Spell Saturday #62]

Ever just need a boost of spiritual coffee? Like you’re just looking at your remote control three inches away and it would take a monumental effort to actually reach over and grab it? You’re not really tired physically or mentally but you’re just “ugh”?

Doldrums is a state of listlessness, despondency, slump, or stagnation. It’s also a word used in maritime to refer to a low pressure area near the Equator where the ocean become calm – there are no prevailing or sail-worthy winds. In both usages of the word, there is an implied danger. If you’re too listless, nothing will get done and things pile up (like laundry). If you’re sailing and there’s no winds, you’ll die.

Being the sea-oriented witch, I created a spell that can break doldrums of all kinds.


What you’ll need:

  • A windy day when you have good energy
  • A cord such as a piece of ribbon, string, rope, etc.
  • A mood boosting drink like coffee, tea or an energy drink


Select your cord. It can be as long or as short as you’d like but you’ll nee to be able to make three to five knots in it. The number of knots can depend on whatever number feels best. Three’s traditional for a wind knot spell like this but five’s a good number for creating energy and movement. Use whatever number feels best for you.

Take your drink and wash the cord in it. Let the cord dry in the sun.

On a windy, sunny day where you have a lot of energy, take the cord somewhere with a lot of wind and tie knots, “capturing” the powering of the wind in the knots.

As you tie the knots say something like:

My power and might

I capture along with the wind

Be kept still and quiet

Until you’re needed again

Keep the cord safe and stowed away until you need it. When the doldrums hit, untie a knot. You should be able to gain a boost of energy.



  • Creating a cord by weaving, braiding, or tying materials together works well to give this spell more power.
  • Wash the cord in whatever energy boosting liquid you like. Coffee’s a good example but it’s entirely personal preference. Wash it in a favorite soda, tea, or whatever else if you prefer.