Protection During Storms [Spell Saturday #70]

This spell will not guarantee your safety but it should help provide opportunities to keep you safe. This spell is ideal for situations where you may be evacuated due to weather. Remember to heed safety and rescue instructions when you’re dealing with severe weather conditions. And please, be safe.

What you’ll need:

  • Nettle
  • Mugwort
  • Mullein
  • Thyme
  • Chalcedony
  • Coins
  • Red bag


Gather all the ingredients together. You only need a pinch of each of the herbs. They can be dried or fresh. This spell is best made up ahead of time, especially if you fear you may need to move quickly or be evacuated.

Once you have everything, lay it out in front of you and prepare the small bag you’ll need to store and carry these items with. Red is used to create energy, protect, and to help you be seen. Draw, cast, or place protective sigils and symbols on the bag. You can even wash the bag in protective or sacred water.

Focus on feeling safe, powerful, and capable. Hold each ingredient in front of you, in turn, and say the following,

Hold the mugwort in front of you, concentrating on it.

“Mugwort, I call upon you to lessen fatigue,

I carry you to protect me

From storms and enemies, at home or away.

Protect me while I travel,

Let me weather the storms around me.”

Place the mugwort in your bag. Pick up the nettle, place it in front of you and say,

“Nettle,  I call upon you to calm the storm,

I carry you to give me courage

From fear and pain, brought by others and myself.

Protect me from what will harm me,

Guide me to where I can weather this storm.”

Place the nettle in the bag. Pick up the mullein, hold it in front of you and say,

“Mullein, I call upon you to ease my weariness

I carry you to keep my lungs clear, 

From pain and cowardice, allowing my voice to be heard.

Protect me from what will ail me,

Guard my health and body as I weather this storm.”

Place the mullein in the bag. Pick up the thyme, holding it in front of you as you say,

“Thyme, I call upon you protect me

I carry you to strength me 

From the depths of my heart and soul, protecting and encouraging.

Protect me from all which will bring misery,

Bring me what I need to survive and thrive.”

Place the thyme in the bag.

Pick up the chalcedony and hold it to your heart. Concentrate on you and your loved ones being safe and healthy through the storms. Place it in the bag. Chalcedony is good for traveling and protecting yourself during political upheaval.

Gather the coins in your hands. Rub the coins between your hands, like you’re lathering soap. The coins are meant to figuratively allow you to pay your way past trouble and malicious spirits. Say or think as you rub your hands.

“These coins pay my way on the road ahead.”

Place the coins in the bag. When and if you feel like you’re being hunted by spirits or bad luck, take out a coin and leave it somewhere. After you place the coin, leave that place and don’t look back.

After everything’s in the bag, close the bag up and keep it on you until fair skies return.


  • If you’re in a pinch, items can be stored in a sock or envelope or even shoved into the pocket of a coat or bag.
  • Red is used to create energy, protect, and to help you be seen. Blue can be used to protect, if you prefer.