Gifting Apple Spell for New Beginnings

Apples are often a traditional gift. Fresh fruit was, and still is, considered a good gift because your average person, historically, didn’t have regular access to fresh fruit often. And apples travel well and last much longer than most fresh fruit.

There’s a tradition of gifting (or bobbing for) apples on Halloween night to grant luck to each member of a house. Halloween is sometimes used as a the end of the year, so this spell sort of falls into a similar category, but isn’t really the same thing.

This spell can use any fruit you want. I’ve chosen apples because it’s a common gifting fruit, but oranges are popular too in some regions of the world. I tend to choose the fruit depending on the person I’m gifting it to. You can also gift many fruits at the same time with this spell. Just repeat the spell on each piece of fruit.

You can also do this spell outside of the calendar New Year. It’s intended for new beginnings, so it can be for any time – someone buying a house, moving in together, a baby, etc. I’ve used it for college students too, who could probably use a bit of fresh fruit in between the usual coffee-pizza-beer diet. It’s also a lovely way of marking your calendar year when it doesn’t match up with the standard Gregorian calendar year.

Of course, one should remember that you are gifting enchanted food – so make sure the party you’re gifting it to will appreciate it for what it is and knows what to expect. And don’t forget to check the notes after the spell!

What you’ll need:

  • Apples or fruit
  • Sun water
  • Moon water
  • Purified, clean drinking water (see notes)
  • Cloth or towel to dry the apple with

First, pick the best apples for your gift. This is purely personal choice, but you may wish to take into account the flavor of the apple, texture variations in the varieties of apples, and the apple color.

Make sure to wash the apple’s skin, prepping it for eating. You can use the purified drinking water for this step, if you like, but tap water is fine too.

Pour sun water over the fruit, saying “I douse this apple in the sun’s warmth, so it brings joy, abundance, and light to the one who eats it.”

Pour moon water over the apple and say, “I douse this apple in the moon’s light, so it brings power, strength, and courage to the one who eats it.”

Wash the apple with the purified drinking water and say, “I clean this apple in pure water, to bring health and clarity to the one who eats it.”

Dry the apple off with your cloth and say, “The one who eats this apple is gifted all the opportunities they want and need to take advantage of this new beginning.”

Then simply gift the apples to your intended recipient.


  • As said above, any fruit can be used, but fruit with skin like apples or oranges fair better than softer fruits that may be damaged by so much water.
  • Sun water is simply water that is has been infused by pure, bright sunlight.
  • Moon water here refers to full moon water, water that is infused under the light of a full moon
  • The purified drinking water here serves as an important step. Not only does it bring health as an additive to the spell, but it also cleans off the sun and moon water, which may be stagnate and not the healthiest water to drink/eat.


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