We’re coming up fast to the year anniversary of my Etsy shop This Crooked Crown’s Witchery & Curiosities. It’s literally at the end of this month and there’s going to be a whole new flux of products and lower prices on things people already purchase.

But what I want to know is this: What do you want in a witch shop? You’ll be doing me a huge favor by answering this poll. Also, if you could add in a comment on what specifically you’re interested in that’d be great (for example, you vote “apparel” and write in the comments “CLOAKS!!!!!!” then I’ll get the hint to make more cloaks.


3 thoughts on “Poll!

  1. teastainedcaptain says:

    Starter kits sound amazing! Would you consider including a little booklet with it with the hows and wheres and whyfores of why you’ve included the items you’ve included – your blog(s) are really accessible and easy-to-understand, I really respect all the hard work you’ve put into the research but so much other witchcraft/history stuff is so hard to understand, possibly due to my disability, possibly due to the fact I ain’t too bright either, and I’ve completely lost track of this sentence and what I was trying to say so yes: starter kits would be amazeballs, especially spirit ones.

  2. Allec says:

    Well, I am upset that someone ruined my chance to be pulled over to the astral from you… But I understand if that never gets put back into your shop or offered services.

    I would be interested in charms or amulets that are more portable. Like a necklace, key chain, etc.

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