New Year’s Resolutions and You: Witchcraft version

Every New Year’s Day there’s about a million posts online that tell you how to make good resolutions and/or keep them. The most popular are saving money, read more, quit something (smoking, drinking, a hated job, etc), learn something new, and exercise/eat healthier1. However the most common ones are also the easiest to break2. However, magic practitioners have a leg up on every else.

How? How don’t you?

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The following will inform you just how very easy it can be to keep that New Year’s resolution – or at least have a better chance at keeping it.

  • Knot spells – Trying to quit a bad habit? Get an elastic band and braid over the elastic with thread or ribbon. As you braid, make your confirmations that this is what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. Pro-tip: use elastic made for clothing makers or crafters and tie or tape it together. The elastic will last far longer than any other. Put it on your wrist and every time you go to do that habit, snap it.
  • Cast a spell – Write and cast a spell for your purpose. Want to lose weight? Print out a picture of yourself, now draw the shape you want to me. On the waning moon (yeah, that’s right, moon phases, I don’t use them for anything but this sort of stuff) cast a spell to encourage your body to change. Don’t forget to actually exercise and adjust your diet as needed to achieve the weight loss in a healthy way.
  • Money jar – This is great for just about every resolution. Get a nice clear jar with a lid. Write (or tape on a note) your resolution on it. If you’re making a few resolutions, just write “resolutions”. Now every time you do whatever your resolution is, put money in the jar. I tend to put pocket change in mine so it might be a few pennies one day and a handful of coins the next. Keep that money to help fund next year’s New Year’s Eve drinking or to help pay for Christmas presents or whatever. But how is this witchy? Enchant that money jar to WANT money. Every time you pass that money jar, you’re going to want to put money in it. And to put money in it, you need to do one of your resolutions. (So, read a book, exercise for fifteen minutes, Google up a new craft to learn, whatever)
  • Reminders! Use your phone and computer for reminders. I log everything into my Google calender. I’d be lost without it. Schedule your workout or time to read or whatever. That’s not really witchy but it can be! Color code each of your resolutions with a color that will make you want to do it. Now print out that color and use that as a spell to encourage you to do whatever it is you need to do.

Why are New Year’s resolutions helpful for witchcraft? They totally can be. I know some folks who make resolutions like “I want to do 30 spells this year.” “I want to divine more.” “I want to start worshiping a god”. With resolutions like that, how could they not be witchy? And yes, creating object that want or encourage you to do your resolution helps.

Other reasons why to keep your resolutions may vary, and all of them can be useful in your witchcraft, spiritual, or religious practices. Let’s take the top ten resolutions according to Digital Spy from 2013 3:

  1. Read more books – Hey, why not read books on topics you want to study? Kindle is free to download on the computer and smart phones and there are lots of free books on just about every subject. Many libraries also have online e-book libraries as well to borrow from. If you spend a lot of time reading blogs, try to keep track of how many pages you read and count that towards a book.
  2. Save more money – Copy bills and put them in your freezer to stop them from increasing. Do every money spell you can get your hands on and, if spending is an issue, enchant a jar or savings book to WANT that money and enchant your debit card and wallet to be less attractive for you. Want to reward yourself at the end of the year for saving so much? Buy yourself an expensive book or tool for your practice.
  3. Lose weight – I’ve described above how to do this but another good reason is some people feel more in tuned with their energy and have more energy after they’ve exercise. I know that when I actually keep my exercise regiment, I feel much healthier, sleep better, and slip more easily into trances. Spirit work and astral travel also seems easier, but that’s my personal experiences. Yours may very well vary.
  4. Redecorate – This is the perfect opportunity to witchcraft your house and put up new protection spells! If you’re painting, don’t be afraid to write on the old paint spells, symbols, sigils, etc to protect you house and paint over them. Buying curtains? Draw or stitch sigils or symbols onto them to protect. You don’t have to just protect! You can also stuff or buy pillows for your couch or bed to help heal or sleep better.
  5. Take better photos – Photography seems odd but actually can be really interesting. You can protect your photography by putting an invisible sigil watermark on them. Want to use your photography in your witchcraft? If you’re working on a witchy garden, use photographs to document it. If you’re doing spirit work with local spirits attached to a tree, photograph the tree each week or month to see the growth and changes as you’ve built a relationship. It can be very affirming.
  6. Go traveling – Travel doesn’t have to be far or overseas! Look around to see if there’s any Pagan Pride Days nearby or if someone’s hosting an event or workshop you want to attend. Do money spells to earn up the cash to go and spells to encourage travel.
  7. Sell old unwanted stuff on eBayIf you can sell them, look to trade. Think of all the new shiny witchy stuff you could have it you do sell it! Use money spells to encourage sales.
  8. Buy a tablet – Money spells are your friend here.
  9. Organize photos – While organizing your photos, keep a photograph of each person you want to do a spell for. Want to heal your aunt? Help your brother get a job? Want to curse that ex of yours? Organizing your photos is the perfect excuse to find the best photos for spellwork.
  10. Do something for charity – This can be used as a sacrifice for your gods, depending on which deities you serve.

So you see, there’s a lot of reasons beyond the regular or obvious ones why you should want to keep your New Year’s resolutions.

My New Year’s resolutions for 2014 will be the following:

  • Exercise for at least 10 minutes once a day to improve flexibility, energy, and strengthened previously injured limbs – can be stretches, heavy house cleaning, going for a walk, or full workouts. Pro goal: 30 minutes at night and 10 in the morning.
  • Write more – at least non-blog related 1500 words a day. Pro goal: finish a book and be published.
  • List one new item a week in the shop. Pro goal: 5+ items a month

I intend to accomplish this by implementing the above tips. A money jar has been selected and constructed and will be used for all three resolutions. I have a yoga mat I will be enchanting to encourage me to use it more often and I’m putting a glamour on the fridge and cupboards to seem less attractive – no more snacking just because it’s there. Writing’s a bit trickier as I use my computer for it but I’m going to enchant my rug next to my bed (which serves as my desk) so that every time I step on it I will want to write. And for the shop, I’m going to hang a “siren’s call” type charm bag in my workshop to encourage me to work.

There’s a lot of ways to witchify your New Year’s resolutions even if the resolutions themselves aren’t terribly witchy. I find that thinking of ways to make your not-witchy stuff work better through witchcraft makes doing that stuff a little more special and fun.


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    Reblogging this as a set forth intent to carry through into manifestation the nebulous forms of my resolutions for this year drawn into shape to make for manifesting.

    Some really good ideas in here. I’ve made some notes on how I could use some them but haven’t implemented anything of it yet.

    A reminder now. And a stepping stone outwards.

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