I bought an online reading. Now what?

Sit back and relax! Within a few days you’ll receive your reading via email or etsy conversation.

When a reading is purchased online, I review the request and schedule a time to do your reading. Sometimes this is immediate and other times it may be a day or two after the purchase is made. An average day for me will be described in a later post but essentially, my work is just like everyone else’s work. I sit down at my reading table with a cup of coffee or tea and set to work.

The first thing I do is consider your order’s requests and unique circumstances. You can also request a specific deck if you want (etsy even has the option to select the deck when you place the order) but if a deck isn’t selected I’ll pick one out. Sometimes a deck is chosen because of the nature of the reading or even the personality of the client. Other times I’ll use whatever deck “feels” enthusiastic for the specific reading. If you’re a repeat client, you may find a deck used numerous times with your readings. Some decks prefer certain clients and will produce better results because of this.

When I read for my clients, I think of the person who made the request. Sometimes I only have a name or pseudonym to go by and other times I have information such as birthdays or pictures. My readings don’t seem to lack with however much or little information is given so give however much information you’re conformable with. The more information simply allows me to put the cards in a more specific context. When I physically read, I take a second to clear my mind then I shuffle the cards thinking of you, your situation, and the specific questions to be answered. I shuffle until it feels right to stop and then lay the cards out.

I’ll look at the cards and make a perfunctory reading. This preliminary step usually includes any feelings I get or general keyword meanings the cards provide. Sometimes the cards speak easily and this first step goes into all the details that are included in the full reading. Other times the cards need to be parsed for specific details and connections. Think of this as taking notes. This is a “quick answer” and is the first impression I have with the cards drawn.

Usually I’ll take photos between the drawing the cards and finishing the reading. This is because when I read I tend to pick up the cards and study how they work together and how they speak to the situation being asked about. Putting them back is never as pretty as when the cards are first laid out so the pictures are taken before this step. For each reading, I tend to take three to four times as many photos as the amount you receive and pick through the best of them to send to you.

I’ll go through the reading, fleshing it out with the information the cards give me and any psychic impressions and tidbits I’ve gathered intuitively, completing the reading in depth. While you may recognize a common meaning of a card, each reader interprets that differently with every reading and situation, the information the reading gives you isn’t going to be quite “by the book”. This is a good thing! If a by-the-book answer is what you were looking for, then you wouldn’t need a reading! Then I go through to make sure I didn’t miss any details and fill out the “format” for my readings. (For example, writing the introduction greeting and salutation is done at the end.) The file is saved on a secured cloud server in a folder dedicated to you.

I’ll then go through and edit the photos of your reading. Editing the photos is usually a simple process. I crop the photos down, adjust the lighting and contrast to make the colors pop while staying true to the cards, and add in a watermark. Then I’ll pick my favorite ones and save the files as .jpgs in the cloud folder, labelling them accordingly.

Finally, I’ll send you a copy of the reading and the photos through etsy convo or email and mark the order complete. If you request the reading to be sent though email and you placed the order through etsy, you’ll receive a second copy of the reading through convo (unless requested otherwise). I can and sometimes do make the reading into a .PDF on request.

That’s it! Sometimes the process is switched up depending on the situation as each and every order is unique and different but that’s generally what happens. Seems like a simple process but it can take several hours depending on the size of the reading to complete. I highly prefer that my readings are done in one sitting so finding the time to properly sit down and read the cards may be challenging (who doesn’t have a busy life these days right!?) but worth it in the end. I hope to have sample readings up soon for everyone to explore.

When you receive your reading, keep an open mind while reading it as some of the information may be hard to face truths or advice. It is up to you to put the information in the reading to use and in context. Sometimes the reading involves seeing the future or future events that haven’t occurred yet. I’d recommend putting the reading away and going back to it at a later date then. Since we make our own choices and our lives aren’t written to any great extent, your future can change from what’s been foretold because of the choices you’ve made! Usually this affects the timing of when events will occur but sometimes it will render foretold events moot. If I see that this may happen, I’ll say as much. You may also find there are times where you aren’t asking the right questions or have a reading that doesn’t reveal much information. This is because you’re at a crossroads of a sort – a decision must be made to proceed. If I see this in your cards, I’ll say as much. I may be able to parse out the details or the right questions to be asking.

I’m perfectly happy to discuss my reading process so feel free to ask questions! I’ll be happy to answer if I can!