October Roundup

Happy Halloween! I’m so very excited for Halloween and the fun plans for the day (and night). I’m definitely one of those people who puts on their costume early in the morning and wears it throughout the day. No regrets.

If you aren’t already, check out my instagram to see fun photos throughout the day.

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Pumpkins! First pumpkins of the autumn.

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October is, sadly, coming to an end. In my neck of the woods, October is usually cool in the mornings and evenings but warm throughout the day. To me, that screams curl up in a knit blanket by a bonfire and tell stories. I’m sad to see it go.



Hydrangea Charm is one of a kind.

New products also made an appearance in the shop. Two of them are utterly unique, one of a kind spell bottle necklaces and are perfect for yuletide gifts. (It seems so weird to be talking about that already!) Check out Love Conquers All and Hydrangea Charm.

Bring Me the Money! aren’t one of a kind but each bottle is packed full of money drawing goodness.

Spell bottles are awesome little spells. They can be worn or left to hang near your bed or desk. I like to hang them in a pretty arrangement around my window to give that witchy aesthetic feel and have spell casting power.

Look for more witchy goodies for the upcoming holidays and winter season over the next few weeks.

This month featured a lot of spirit-related posts in honor of Halloween. They pretty much covered the gambit from how to talk to ghosts and how to live with with spirits but also what offerings to give a faerie. My post on spirit induced injuries made its yearly appearance as well as a spell to protect your home from spirits. Of course, just the other day there was the spirit summoning spell, just in time for Halloween.

We also had several posts on astral travel. The ever popular question how do you tell the difference between your imagination and astral travel was answered. The next installment of Spirit Destinations is also available, showcasing the location Valley of the Witch Seer.

October’s also a good time for healing oneself as by some calendars, the end of autumn marks the end of the year (rather than the middle of winter). We also get a lot of new folks interested in witchcraft or spiritual practices (hello newbies!) So techniques on how to get started on a new path and spell to begin again are popular.

Spell Saturdays this month didn’t really have a theme. It was kind of all over the place but it had a point! I was trying to clear out my overflowing tumblr inbox request! There’s a binding bad habits spell and a spell to hit the fresh button on your life and begin again.There was also the borderline curse Know What You’ve Done, a spell to protect your home from spirits, and one to summon spirits. Bonus points for those who noticed I messed up the numbering again before I corrected it. (Oops)

The review for the Halloween Oracle is (finally!) up. I adore this deck even if the review doesn’t exactly shine. I also posted a patron exclusive spell Strength Defeats. It’s a tarot spell to overcome yourself. Support This Crooked Crown over on Patreon for access in addition to monthly rewards!

For original writing, I published a new short story this month called Undead.

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This might be one of my favorites 😍

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I also visited the Roger William Park & Zoo’s Pumpkin Spectacular. This is one of those Halloween must-go events. I’ll have a post about that soon, I promise. But that’s it for this month! Thank you everyone so much for your support and see you in November!