Love’s Nostalgia Tarot Spell [Spell Saturday #61]


Ever have a lover haunt you? The memories of what could have been and what was just won’t leave you alone? Even if you’ve moved on, you can’t forget them. If you’re serious about moving on, consider this spell.

This spell can be used for relationships with friends, lovers, or even family. It can also be used to recover from missed opportunities or goals you’ve had to let go.

What you’ll need:

  • A Six of Cups tarot card that best represents your relationship with this person
  • An item from that time period, one that you’ll part with.
  • A candle (any color)


Find a Six of Cups tarot card that best represents how you feel about the memories of this relationship. Look carefully at the details and how that card makes you feel. You may wish to seek out the best representation among multiple decks, if applicable.

Pick out a candle for the spell. It can be any color you want. You’ll need to have the candle burn out entirely for the spell a tealight is the best way to go for this spell. Do not to reuse the candle after this spell.

Pick an item from the time period of your memories. It could be a gift from the person to you or it could be a picture of the time together. Or something you wore a lot during that time. It must be a disposable item.

Place the item you have near the candle and put the tarot card beside the candle. Light the candle and touch one hand to the target’s item and the other hand to the to the tarot card. Now concentrate and tell the candle the memories you want to let go of.

If the candle blows out from your breath or any other source during the spell, do not relight it. Once the candle burns out, take the wax remnants and item and bury it. This ceremonially and figuratively creates a burial of these memories.


  • This works best if the item is something both of you have touched
  • Remember not to burn yourself when doing this spell. If you get really emotional, push the candle back so you don’t burn yourself.