Star of the Apple’s Heart Faerie Love Spell [Spell Saturday #66]

Apples are one of the most ubiquitous fruits in magic and folklore. I mean, it’s an apple. I can say, with fair confidence, that apples can be used in just about any type of spell.

This one is a love spell, designed to ask for a lover to be brought to you by the faeries. I can literally hear some of you screaming “no!” at why this might be a bad idea. Typically and traditionally speaking, faeries aren’t likely to bring you anything but mischief and trouble. When they help, they take something in return. It’s extremely rare to run into a faerie story where the human is gifted something by the faeries for nothing.

However, if one is on good terms with faeries or if one is willing to take a risk, the love a faerie might bring you in exchange for your offering could be fantastic. You may meet a physical lover, a charming new neighbor or co-worker to fall in love with. You might have a passionate affair. Or, you may be offered a spirit lover, such as the faerie themselves or some other spirit.

Remember to read the notes at the end for more details.

What you’ll need:

  • Two fresh, sweet red apple, washed and shined
  • A great offering to the faeries (suggestions here)
  • A place where you can leave your offerings to the faeries
  • A knife to cut the an apple with

First, select your offerings. This step is the most important and requires the most prep. Pick natural containers to store your offerings. So if you’re pouring milk, pour it into a quickly compost-friendly bowl or cup. Or you can pour the liquid into the shell of a piece of fruit.

Next, secure the place where you’re going to cast the spell. As tempted as you might be to cast this spell at your altar or work space, it’s better to go to the faeries themselves. Find a place that feels most connected to the fae and ensure you won’t be disturbed for at least half an hour.

Now, set up your offering. You can leave the offering at the base of a tree or on a fallen log. Or you can leave it along the shore or on a rock. When you’re happy with the set up, put one of the apples in front of or in a prominent place in the offerings and say,

“Spirits of this place,

Faeries of this glen,

I bring to you an offering.

In return, I ask of you a boon,

Bring to me a lover new.

One who is fair, loyal, and kind.

One who will endeavor not to harm or hide.”

Pick up the second apple and say,

“With this apple, I cast a spell,

Using the boon of the faeries

And the blessing of the stars.

One half for me and the other for my love.”

Now cut the apple in half so the center is visible. Hold the apple halves up so the light of the stars or sun, respectively, can shine on it for a moment.

“I take this spell into myself and offer a gift,

Bring to me the one who will accept my kiss.”

Then kiss one half of the apple and bite into the other half. Leave the kissed half of the apple by the faerie offering and eat the other half of the apple. Then take your leave of that place for now. You should soon find yourself the center of romantic attention from someone, if you offering was accepted.

Accept the lover offered to you. The way this spell is designed is that you can mark out the type of behavior this lover demonstrates. Unlike other “describe your future lover” spells, this isn’t to bring you someone who fits a long list of ideals but rather the kind of behavior you will find acceptable and tolerable in your relationship. This lover probably won’t be someone that you would normally date or normally meet. If you reject the lover offered, then there’s no way of knowing how the faerie will respond. They may bring you a different choice or they may be offended that you rejected their offering.


  • I recommend overdoing the offering rather than try to match or undersell it.
  • To create a fruit skin to put your offerings in is simple. First, pick a large, thickly or solid skinned fruit. Cut the fruit in half and scoop out the flesh of the fruit. Wash the skin and set in the sun to dry if you’re not going to make your offering immediately but do make the offering in the next few days. Toss any skins that begin to become crumbly or soft. Mango and avocado skins are particularly good choices but similar fruits or vegetables can be used. You can also simply hollow out a large, dense fruit to make your offering in, like a potato, apple, or watermelon.
  • Change the wording as needed. If you’re working in a desert, you won’t say the word “glen” for example. If you’re looking for something specific in a lover, mention it in the spell. The spell does not have to rhyme. Keep your list of attributes short but make sure you mention the critical things most important to you. You don’t want to give the faerie wiggle room or loopholes on the things that matter. For example, if you want to date a man who will not abuse you in any capacity, make sure to outright say that. It may be something that’s seemingly obvious in other love spells but you want to cover all the bases here.