5 More Ways to Bewitch Your Holiday Shopping

We’re back for round three of the Bewitch Holiday Shopping. Check out Bewitch Your Holiday Shopping and Bewitch Even More of You Holiday Shopping for more tips. Well, here’s some more.

01 Enchant Your Soles

If you aren’t already doing this, then this is the chance. Enchant the soles of your most comfortable shoes with a guiding spell. Ideally, the spell should lead you towards the things you’re looking for.

02 Clear Mind

Have you ever been shopping, with a list of things to get, and about halfway through you’ve completely lost your head? I do all the time. I’m easily distracted so I usually loose my head halfway through a shopping list unless I have few errands or a very strict list.

Get a glass or plastic bottle, or even a ziploc bag, and put a quartz crystal, rosemary, citrine, apple slices, coffee, and cinnamon. Eyebright, green tea, or gotu kola are good additives too. Carry this with you when you go out to keep yourself focused.

03 Money Savings

Want to save some extra cash? Carry some basil, clover, and mint in your wallet or purse. When you add them to your wallet or purse, envision putting money into your walet instead of herbs.

04 Make and Pack a Snack

Making granola bars is actually extremely easy. You just need the ingredients, a dish, a bowl, a spoon, a knife, cling wrap, and a fridge. The ingredients are usually peanut butter, oats, honey or agave, and additives, like diced chocolate or nuts. There’s TONS of recipes for granola bars so do a quick google search for a good recipe that you like. Once you have a recipe, you can start the magic.

As you stir the ingredients, say, sing, speak, think, or envision you having fun and getting your goals accomplished in your shopping trip. When you spread out the granola, pat it down and pack it in nicely. As you pat it down, think of you patting your full wallet at the end of the trip. Chill the granola for at least an hour before cutting. Store in a plastic bag and carry with you when you go out.

05 Protect Your Purchases

Theft of items from vehicles is really common during the holiday season. There’s so many expensive items being bought that are desired under the tree. So it’s really important to protect your purchases and vehicle. Place protection charms, amulets, and spells over your vehicle and purchases. THe best way to make sure that your stuff’s protected is to set up a spell ahead of time. Maybe the spell’s been cast and every time you relock the door, the spell gains strength. There’s a lot of things you can do and it’s definitely something to consider, depending on what you really want to use on a daily basis.

So what do you think? What witchy techniques do you use to make your holiday shopping easier?