Stalker Cards – What to Do When You Keep Pulling the Same Cards Again and Again

Ever pull the same card again and again? No matter what deck you use, that card finds you and haunts you. It shows up unannounced, unwanted, and uninvited. It ruins the party and sometimes even other people’s readings. It is the worst.

Mine stalker card has been the Eight of Wands. It’s been the Eight of Wands for years. Why? Well, I’ve got a few ideas, but largely because I’m not doing what the card wants me to do. Because I don’t want to do what it wants me to do and I don’t take orders from fancy paper.

OK, maybe that’s a bit aggressive, but the facts are this: sometimes you’re being told in a reading to do something that you have no interest in doing. You get to say “yes, well, that’s nice, but no thanks.” That’s one of the nice parts of divination. You don’t have to heed the advice given.

But let’s talk about stalker cards and what they really mean.

The general message when this happens is that you need to pay attention to this stalker card. There’s a particular message it’s trying to convey that needs your attention.

Whenever a stalker card appears, you need to figure out what it means and how to do what it says to do (and make it go away). There’s a couple of ways you can do this.

Check lots of different interpretations of that card. Check the card’s symbology. Just research alternative meanings to that card to see if it creates a revelation on what it means.

You can also meditate with the card and see if there’s some message the card need to express that you need to know that comes to you through intuition and meditation.

Use a stalker card spread like this one. Or you can use the one I made up for you below!

Is that still not working? Then you’ve two options:

  1. Draw the card and then a clarifying card. You probably already do this and you’ll have to keep doing it until the message become clear. A nuisance, perhaps, but you do what you have to do.
  2. Draw the card and then ignore it. Use whatever cards you draw next for the rest of the reading. Is this the best policy? Not really, because you might be missing a different meaning for that card, especially if you’re reading for someone else.

Why does this happen?

Generally, it happens because we need to hear the message and we aren’t doing what the message says to do.

But what if it’s suppose to be part of the message?

Then include it. Does it make sense to the rest of the reading? Include it. When this happens for me, I include it in the reading but as an extra card (like a jump card). I don’t count it as a part of the spread I’m using.

Stalker cards are a pain in the butt. Sometimes, they can stalk you for YEARS because you don’t move fast enough for them or because you still haven’t got the message (even though you probably DID get the message, but can’t do anything with the message yet). You can try to resolve the card, but sometimes, you just have to sigh, give the card a good glare, and move on with your day.

Hope that helps folks!