Apple Hex Breaker

There are thousands of ways to break a curse. But the other day I was thinking about curse breaking with ordinary items. The humble egg is the most common hex breaking tool in your average kitchen. But what about an apple?

Apples are great for love and healing spells. They’re used in binding spells too. And no one can forget the apple curse that trapped Snow White. But breaking a curse with an apple? Absolutely.

I can think of several ways to make this work, the most obvious being simply using the apple as a poppet – which is actually something of a traditional substitute. But we’re going to go a different way with a hex breaking spell today.

This spell is intended to break a hex or curse that you think has been placed on you. With an ingredient as common as an apple, you can easily do this unhexing even if you’re unsure that you’ve been hexed.


  • A firm sour apple or crab apple
  • An onion
  • A sharp, large knife
  • Heavy duty cutting board
  • Skewer or string

Get yourself either a crab apple or a firm, sour apple. Small green apples tend to be more sour, so aim for one of those. You might find the apples you need under “baking apples” rather than “eating apples”. Wash your apple well and dry it off.

Set your cutting board up and make sure your knife is sharp enough to go entirely through the apple with one slice.

Breathe across the apple and rub it over your heart. Take your time with this. As you breathe across the apple, concentrate on breathing out negativity and any spiritual gunk you have. The intent here is to connect yourself to the apple so the curse is passed to the apple.

Once you think you’re ready, cut the onion in half. Then, with the same knife on the same cutting board, chop or slice the apple in half in a single, powerful move.

Rub the onion’s cut side on the apple’s cut side. Then skewer or tie the onion to half of the apple. Essentially, you’re creating two half apple and half onion.

Take the apple-onions, touching only the onion sides, to a crossroads far away from your house, workplace, or anywhere you frequently visit. Leave or bury the apple-onions at the crossroads.


  • The onion here is serving as a binding agent and a purifying agent. If you can’t touch onions, garlic or similar noxious purifiers will work.
  • Black string is probably best for this, but a wooden skewer or even toothpicks will work.

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