Glimmering Moon Beauty Spell

This is a simple beauty spell, channeling the moon as your source of beauty inspiration. This spell requires a whole month of set-up and dedication, then repeats once a month for as long as you’d like to use the spell.

What you’ll need:

  • A small mirror, preferably round
  • A bowl large enough to fit the mirror into
  • Full moon water
  • A full moon’s cycle

Find a place where the moonlight directly hits that spot. This may take some doing, but keep at it until you find one where you can have some privacy.

On a full moon night, dress yourself in your favorite or best outfit. The one that makes you feel the best, most beautiful, handsome, attractive, sexy, etc. Go as extreme or as simple as you’d like.

Place the mirror in the bowl then pour the full moon water. Bend so you can see your face in the mirror and the full moon above you at the same time. Now say,

"Beautiful moon
My beauty becomes like you
Glowing, glittering, shining in the dark
As you fade, my flaws fade
As you grow, my beauty grows."

Wash your face with this water. This is a good time to also bring in your own affirmations or meditations.

Repeat this same spell every night as the moon wanes, focusing on the flaws fading part. At the new moon, make sure you’re dressed as you were on the full moon and repeat the spell again. As the moon waxes, repeat the spell and focus on the beauty growing. On the full moon, repeat your outfit and the spell. This sets the spell up. You can repeat the spell on each full moon to keep it up.


  • This spell requires a specific location that can be difficult to find.It may not be doable in your climate or location. The whole point is to channel the moon’s beauty, so try to find a good spot.
  • The spell requires the full moon cycle and an entire month’s worth of work. If this is difficult due to weather or simple time demands, then simply do the spell on the full moon, at least once during the waxing and waning, and the new moon. That should only be five times.
  • Pocket-sized mirrors and baking dish are perfect for this.
  • Save the full moon water, if possible. Make sure to check it out before casting the spell each time, in case it gets gross for some reason.
  • This spell is demanding on full moon water, so make sure that you’re stocking up on it too.