Charmed Meeting Attention Spell

This spell is intended to introduce you to someone or at least meet someone new. It can be used when you want to make a good impression or it can be used just so you meet someone during the day. It’s not a love spell, exactly, more of a “hey, pay attention to me” kind of spell.

The results may lead to a date or future friendship, but it may also mean that you have an uplifting conversation with a co-worker or you meet someone inspiring at the coffee shop. It may mean someone talks to you on the bus or your neighbor says that you look cute today. The results vary and what you get may not be what you’re looking for. Still, it’s useful if you’re feeling a bit lonely or need help breaking out of your shell.

What you’ll need:

  • Full Moon Water
  • Sunshine Water
  • Mirror
  • Scented infused waters (optional) (see notes!)

Pour the sunshine and full moon water together in a bowl. Add the scented liquid, if you’re using one.

With your pointer finger, make an infinity sign (sideways 8), stirring the water. Envision or speak your intentions of meeting someone and making a great impression. Channel your favorite flirting style or picture that movie-perfect chance meeting.

As you do this, smile and look at yourself in the mirror. Touch the water to your lips and say,

My smile charms those who see it
My voice draws them closer to me
My words entice them to my side
Like the sun and moon shine
So will I.

Now dab the water behind your ears, on your eyelids, middle of your forehead, underside of your jaw, and anywhere else you might like someone to look at. An example would be along your collarbone, joints of your wrist, or anywhere else. Repeat the above verse as you go.

The spell works passively, but when you wish to invoke the spell specifically, catch your reflection in something and smile. You might be just smiling to yourself, but the spell should be working double time now.


  • Sunshine water is simple water left to sit in pure sunlight for a while, just like full moon water is water left to soak in full moonlight.
  • Infused scented water can be a difficult thing. Rose water or lavender water are ideal here, but they can be strong. You can make your own, if you prefer.
  • You can also use essential oils (but make sure you’re using a carrier oil too!) Perfume or cologne could also be subbed in, but make sure that you don’t get these things in your mouth.