2022 Readings & Spells now available!

Looking to get some insight or a bit of magical aid in the new year? I rarely offer readings anymore, but the last few years have been miserable and I want to offer something helpful and inspiring for the new year.

With the “Year Ahead” reading, you’ll get twelve cards outlining the year ahead, month by month, building off each month to give a full reading. It comes in PDF and delivered by email. I have 5 spots available for this reading. At the end of January, this reading goes away until next year.

“The Seasons” reading is five cards, covering each season including the season you’re currently in. It also comes in a PDF and is delivered by email. I have only 10 spots available for this reading and at the end of January, it goes away until next year.

The New Year Ritual is back!

A series of spells and rituals to give you the best step forward into the year year. You’ll get several items in the actual mail.

I have only 5 spots available for this and it’s only available for the month of January.

You can purchase it here (scroll a bit down the page).

All three of these are available until the end of January 2022. Snap up your spot as soon as possible! Of course, if you want something custom made , you’re welcome to contact me.