2023 Card of the Year

“Help people. Give back. Do good shit for humanity.”

Can there even be a better card for a new year? Spark fire in yourself to help others and do what you can do to help others. Sometimes that’s just reblogging a post and other times it’s donating time or money to help others.

This year is stepping outside of yourself and into your community. This can be difficult, especially after so many of us had such monumental changes over the last few years.

This doesn’t mean you need to fork over your cash. Things are expensive right now everywhere, so don’t be afraid to hoard your coins like Smaug and instead focus on acts of compassion and love. 

Embrace helping and loving others. Teach a skill to someone. Hold the door for a stranger. Distract a crying baby so a stressed parent can breathe. Give your pet an extra cuddle. Give something homemade, such as cookies or even a card, to someone who needs a bit of cheer.

Make new friends. Join a club or just pick a new place to frequent, like the library, park, or a coffee shop. Find someone new to talk to.

This is also the year to find love. Being in love often softens people so they are willing to help others and give more. Giving love means you’re granted more love. It seems like nonsense at first, but it really does work. 

Bettering yourself also helps your community. Spend time focusing and loving yourself and you’ll find that you’re able to recognize more easily who is struggling and how you can help. By setting yourself up in a good place means that you’re more willing to give to others. Your cup isn’t empty, so you can offer some of your water to others.

So try to do more for others this year. We’ve been isolated and self-contained these last few years. Spend 2023 reaching out. Discover who and what reaches back. Open your heart.

Happy new year!

Featured decks: Rebel Deck (I drew several others, but this is the one that actually said “yes, me!”)