2022 Readings & Spells now available!

Looking to get some insight or a bit of magical aid in the new year? I rarely offer readings anymore, but the last few years have been miserable and I want to offer something helpful and inspiring for the new year.

With the “Year Ahead” reading, you’ll get twelve cards outlining the year ahead, month by month, building off each month to give a full reading. It comes in PDF and delivered by email. I have 5 spots available for this reading. At the end of January, this reading goes away until next year.

“The Seasons” reading is five cards, covering each season including the season you’re currently in. It also comes in a PDF and is delivered by email. I have only 10 spots available for this reading and at the end of January, it goes away until next year.

The New Year Ritual is back!

A series of spells and rituals to give you the best step forward into the year year. You’ll get several items in the actual mail.

I have only 5 spots available for this and it’s only available for the month of January.

You can purchase it here (scroll a bit down the page).

All three of these are available until the end of January 2022. Snap up your spot as soon as possible! Of course, if you want something custom made , you’re welcome to contact me.

Witchcraft 101 – The 5 Things A New Witch Really Needs to Get Started

You know those lists of stuff you have that so-and-so blogger says are a must have or whats-their-face author swears you need? Yeah, skip it. At least at first.

If you’re getting into witchcraft I recommend just five things:

  1. White tealight candles + lighter and/or LED candle
  2. A stoneware cereal bowl (plain black, plain white, or clear preferred)
  3. A glass jar with tight closing lid (jam jars are great)
  4. Thread or ribbon (your color preference)
  5. Plain paper + smooth rolling pen

With all of that, you can do just about any spell. Seriously.

Here’s the break down the whys.

Tealight candles

Tealights are the perfect candle. They’re small enough that you can sit in a park, light the candle, sprinkle some powdered herbs into it, let it burn itself out, and be on your way by the time your podcast episode is over.

Tealight candles burn fast so you don’t have to wait around forever for a candle to burn out. This is super important because there are times where a spell will say “and let it burn out”. If you’re using a votive candle, that can take upwards 6+ hours. Anything larger and you’ll be there for days.

Minced or powdered herbs can be added too. You don’t want these ingredients to be too large or you’ll drown the flame, but a bit premixed from your kitchen ingredients and stored in a tic-tac container or mini shaker is perfect.

You can write on the metal tin to dress the candle, if you don’t feel like pulling the candle apart to write on the wax. Getting a tealight out of the metal tin can take some practice for some candles, but for others, it’s easy. Depends on your candle.

You don’t need a candle holder or a candle plate. You can get a tealight candle holder (there’s so many you could choose from), but you don’t need one.

They’re cheap. You can usually get a pack of tealights at the dollar store. At my local IKEA (Stoughton, MA), I can get 100 unscented tealight candles for $3.99 plus tax. If I want to go fancy, I could grab 30 color and scented tealights for $2.99.

I recommend candles over LED because you can burn stuff. If you have no intention of burning stuff and want it merely for light or symbolic reasons, use LED candle. At my local IKEA I can get a 6 pack of tealights for $5.99, but I can usually get a 2 tealight pack at my local dollar store.

Stoneware bowl

A stoneware bowl sounds weird, but you’re essentially looking for a heavy ceramic cereal or soup bowl. Why stoneware? Glass and metal bowls can be too hot to handle when heated. Plastic melts.

The ideal stoneware bowl will have a heavy bottom, a bottom ridge, or even feet at the bottom. Your coffee cup may have a bottom like this. You want the base to be thick so heat doesn’t spread easily from it and so it doesn’t break easily.

The inside should be nice and smooth so it’s easy to clean. Stoneware almost always it this way, unless it was made to be porous in some fashion.

You want it to have a thick or heavy bottom so it doesn’t break easily or burns the surface under it. It should be smooth on the inside, so it’s easy to clean. Black, white, or clear allows you to use it as a scrying divination bowl by pouring water in it or can be used for tea leaf reading.

While a bowl is ideal in size, a coffee cup or baking casserole dish could also be used.

Glass jar with tight lid

A glass jar with a tight lid, such as a jam jar or mason jar is great for mixing herbs, gathering water, making and keeping oils, etc. You can hold stuff in it, make stuff, keep stuff and so on. Sanitize your jars by boiling them with water and make sure they’re completely dry before using them for anything. Skip using jars like pickle jars or mustard jars, as the smell can be hard to get rid of.

If the lid is metal, you can use a piece of parchment or wax paper between the lid and jar to help protect the jar from rusting.


A cotton ball of thread can be bought in most places – check the hardware or cooking area. You can use twine, but it they often shed. Embroidery thread can be bought in any craft store or the craft section of a store. Same thing with ribbon. You can even use shoelaces, but it might not be cost effective. This can be used for any knot spell, to tie stuff up, or even make simple poppets.

Paper + Pen

With paper and a pen that moves nicely across the paper, you can write spells, take notes, try automatic writing, make sigils, and hundreds of other things.

Printer paper or a cheap sketchbook are perfect choices. Chalkboard or white boards are also excellent choices, especially because you can erase them and save time and money that way.

You can keep your notes and so on in a binder or folder, making a grimoire (book of spells/shadows/etc).

Alternatively, some people get by just fine without pen and paper, but I recommend it to start.

Bonus Tips

  • Start with the herbs in your kitchen rather than buying a special herb. Many times, you can substitute an herb in a spell.
  • Use the colors of your clothing for color symbolism rather than candle colors. It’s far cheaper than buying and storing special candles and you’ll be able to sense and remember the color meanings more easily.

That’s it an all. With those items, you can start just about anywhere with any kind of spells and you’re not going to need a lot of space to store it. They’re ordinary enough to hide in plain sight. And they’re cheap. The bowl’s probably the most expensive thing and that’s only if you can’t find what you’re looking for at the dollar store.

7 Spells to Cast When Protesting

What words can I say that haven’t already been said? Black lives matter. If you’re more outraged about property damage than human lives, then you have your priorities wrong and you’re a shitty person. People do not need to “get over” the egregious murder of another person, especially at the hands of authority figures. Authority figures are suppose to be there to protect and promote peace – so why are they armed as they are? These are simple, basic human rights. It shouldn’t even need to be said – it should be implicitly understood and accepted, not debated.

Right now, I’m spending my time listening. I’m protesting and addressing racism within my family and friends and reminding people to be compassionate. People need to put aside their own uncomfortable or defensive feelings to empathize and listen to what black people are saying. But most of all, I’m supporting and listening the best way I can.

Remember to donate! George Floyd Memorial Fund. Black Visions Collective. Reclaim the Block. Bail funds for protesters.

Here’s some spells that require nothing. They can be cast on the fly, in a moment’s notice. They don’t require a specific words to be said or anything like that. They’re subtle, which is exactly what you need when you’re trying to save yourself and others. I’ve tested them myself, so I hope they work well for everyone else.

Invisibility glamour

This spell is simple. Essentially, you’re reducing your visibility to whoever is looking. They’ll see you, but not notice you. It’s like when you’re looking for your keys and they’re right next to your cup of coffee. It’s probably not going to stop someone from looking for you if you just punched them in the head, but it will keep people from focusing or staring too hard at you.

To cast the glamour, you need to pick the best way to cast it. Either you need to stand very still or move at a consistent, steady pace. So sit in a chair, stand in a corner or along a wall, hide behind a car, etc. Or you can walk at a steady pace matching the people walking around you in a crowd.

Now take a deep breath and think or whisper “You do not see me. No one sees me. I’m not here. Keep moving. You do not see me.” The phrasing doesn’t have to be exact. Say whatever feels right.

As you do this, pull your energy around you, like pulling a blanket closer to you and then over your head. Hold onto that as you move steadily and quietly to attend to you business.

This spell is best used when you need to get out a situation where you’re not being directly confronted, but feel unsafe. It’s also useful when you just want to go for a walk and don’t want people to bother you.

I’ve explained this spell in more detail here.

Protection barrier

This is a magic circle, so if you’re familiar with those, then you’ve already got this down pat. For those of you who aren’t great at magic circles, then it’s time to put those video game skills and TV watching hours to use.

Imagine yourself (and others) in a circle of energy. Fire is a common usage, but so it bright light. I tend to do light, wind, or water because those resonate well with me. You can swath yourself in darkness or whatever works best for you. Lean on your elemental associations and magical strengths here. If you do a lot of herbal work, picture plants or trees in front of you. Test out which methods work best for you.

If you’re not great at this sort of thing, then just pick something from a video game or TV show. Channel someone from The Last Avatar or pick your favorite protection spell from a video game and use it.

When you do your imagining, push your energy out from you to form a circle, bubble, or shield around you and whatever you’re protecting. This is energy manipulation, so brush up on that if it’s not something you’re great at.

This will not stop bullets, but I’ve seen people pause, hesitate, or stagger when crossing a barrier. That might give you enough time to run away. Mostly, it should be used when you’re already marching or in a stationary position, like at a protest.

Throwing Sigils

So this is kind of advanced, but it’s one of the number one ways I use spells in the field.

First you need to know how to make sigils. For this spell, create a sigil that keeps people away. Now simplify that sigil if you need to. It has to be easy to remember.

Now gather your energy into one hand and trace the sigil in the air. You can also trace the sigil with your foot, if that’s better for you. As you do this, speak or think your intent clearly.

With your energy still in your hand, push your sigil forward towards your target.

You can also use traditional symbols for this spell, such as a banishing pentagram. This can be done with any kind of spell or sigil, you just have to be able to remember and write the symbol or sigil clearly.

Energy healing

Healing spells are never meant to replace medical assistance, but it won’t hurt to cast a healing spell while you’re waiting for a medic to look at the injured person.

Place your hand over the injury, if possible. If that isn’t possible, put a hand on their back, belly, or head. You can technically touch them anywhere, but their core and head works best. Remember to ask their consent to be touched!

Push your energy into them gently. Focus on being calm and soothing the injury. Let the energy flow steadily and calmly, like the running of a creek.

If they’re bleeding, focus the energy towards the open wound and staunching that blood flow, like the energy forms an invisible barrier between the skin and the exterior of the body.

You can also temper the energy with cooling agents, if the person feels hot or feverish. Or heat up that energy when someone is cold.

If you’re working to flush out contamination, like pepper spray, focus on cooling energy and make sure you’re providing lots of clear water to wash their eyes and skin without getting contaminated yourself (and make sure you remove contaminated clothing).

Meet Up Spell

Lost your crew and phone is dead? Had to do a runner while protesting and not sure if it’s safe to text the others? This spell can help.

Get yourself to a safe location and send up an energy flare into the sky. To do this, sit for a moment and think of the people you want to meet up with. Use their names, if possible, but if not, think of their faces. Then push your energy up into the sky with a concentrated intention of “I am here” and “come find me”.

You can also enchant chalk or spray paint with the same idea. Push the energy into the chalk or paint rather than up into the sky and use it to mark the location or direction you went in. Use an agreed upon code or location to help yourself even more.

I’m staying here!

To make sure that no one moves you from your spot, take a strong stance and press into all the corners of your feet. Push your energy down, like planting roots.

You can double-down on this spell by also using your favorite grounding technique or mountain meditation, really focusing on becoming hard and difficult to move.

Binding hex

Point at the target then draw an X across their body and point down to the ground. Focus to keep them in one place and unable to do anything.

You can use a sigil instead of an X for this exact purpose, if you’d like.

Practical tips: Know your rights. Remember to wear good shoes, have an exit strategy, and wear a mask (which you should be doing anyway, because coronavirus is still a thing.) Charge your phone and maybe take a moment to look up what lawyers are offering to represent protesters then write that down somewhere that is not your phone (in case it’s lost or broken). Bringing some medical supplies and water is also a great idea. Just… prepare yourself for things to go poorly.

Please stay safe out there! Protect yourself and protect others. Stand for what’s right.