Know What You’ve Done [Spell Saturday #27]

Sometimes, we just need people to stop and realize that they’re asshats. We need them to realize that they’re making other people upset. We need them to see their own lies and we need to cause them to be disillusioned.

This spell can do that for you.

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Pretty pink roses!

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What you’ll need:

  • String (any color), about 1 1/2 foot in length
  • Rose petals or rose water.
  • Eyebright
  • Hot water
  • Picture of target (optional)

First thing you’ll need to do is to boil some rose petals in hot water. If you have rose water on hand, then you can just use that but we’re making a sloppy version of rose water here.

If you’re making rose water, strain most of the water into a separate jar. Keep some water and the rose petals. Put the string in a bowl and pour the rose petals and remaining water over it. Let cool for at least 10-15 minutes. We’re not looking to dye the string, just infuse the string with rose.

Once cool, go ahead and pull the string free and set it aside to dry fully.

Now take the string and tie a knot for every single thing you’d like your target to realize. This should be their own behavior and you should word each thought as  “[blank] believes they are without flaw” or whatever. You’re not disillusioning them yet. You’re confirming their beliefs right now.

Once done, put it aside for a while. I usually leave it overnight but you don’t need to wait that long.

Boil hot water once again and add some eyebright. Let cool to warm bath temperature (you should be able to put your hand comfortably in the water). Now plunge the string in the water then pull it out and unknot one of the knots you made before, saying “[blank] now realizes they are flawed].

Repeat the process of plunging the string in the water, pulling it out, unknotting and declaring the reserve of whatever you said before until you’ve unknotted the entire string.

When done, leave the string in the water until the water has cooled entirely. I typically let it sit overnight.

Finally pull out the string and let dry. You have several options with the disposal. You can burn the string, tie it around a photo of the target, or bury it in their yard.


  • You don’t need to use very much eyebright or rose petals. A pinch is just fine.
  • If you have a picture of the target, you can put it under the bowl when you’re soaking the string.
  • The rose here stands for secrecy, hidden intentions, and ego.
  • Eyebright is to make the eyes clear.
  • You can add some clear quartz crystal to the eyebright bowl, if you like, but toss the water afterwards.
  • I like to use clear bowls for the eyebright part of the spell, mostly for “clear sight” sort of symbolism.
  • This spell is much faster if you have a water kettle to boil the water quickly.

Happy casting!

How to Deal with a Cursed Object

If you wind up with an object that’s cursed/hexed, things can turn ugly pretty quick. Not sure you’re cursed? Here’s a list of common things that happen when you’re cursed.

2016-03-29 22.09.35

How to handle a cursed object varies on culture and your specific practice but here’s some tips:

  • Don’t touch the object. Put gloves on, wrap something around the object, etc.
  • Remove the object from your space. I recommend taking it to a crossroad and finishing the hex breaking there but that might not be possible.
  • Don’t bring it inside. This is much like the above but if you catch the cursed object before bringing it indoors you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

How to break the curse on an object depends on what you’re willing to do with the object itself. Some will be appropriate and others not so much. Be sure to pick a technique that is best suited for your objects. Also keep in mind that there’s some tradition in setting up a failsafe in curses that trigger when the cursed object is broken without the hex being broken first. You’ll have to guess or divine which method is the best one for you.

  • Dip, wash, boil, or fry the object in cleansing water. Purified or water from a living source (river, ocean, etc) is ideal. You can also infuse cleansing herbs or stones in the water as well.
  • Fry, wash, boil, or dip in oil. Typically infusing the oil with herbs is ideal. Hot oil is good for destroying the object but be careful for burns.
  • Toss it in a fire
  • Toss it in a living body of water.
  • Abandon it at a crossroad
  • Give it to someone else
  • Urinate on it
  • Bury it
  • Pour salt on it
  • Circle the object three times in salt or pour salt into your hand and pass over the object three times. Toss the salt in a fire in either case.
  • Pour cleansing herbs on it
  • Let a stone absorb it’s curse and toss the stone away
  • Perform a hex breaking spell

As always, do what works best for you and your practice and be careful. There’s no need to do something illegal or hurt yourself trying to end a curse.

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13 Ways to Break a Curse

Need to break a curse fast? Here’s 13 ways you can do it.

Not sure you’re cursed? Go here and check out the symptoms of being cursed. Have a cursed item? Here’s some tips to end that curse on an object. Want a list of herbs to help break a curse? Go right here.

2016-03-29 22.09.35

1 Smoke cleansing

The best method to use smoke cleansing to break a curse is a two step process. First, pick a non-toxic hex-breaking herb(s) and burn that, waving the smoke around the cursed person, object, or place. Then repeat with a cleansing herb selection. Incense made with or using the scent of hex-breaking herbs will also work.

2 Living Water

Water universally is used in witchcraft and magical practices. The key is to select living water such as a river, ocean, and so on to allow the curse to wash away.

Want a more ritualized version? Go to the ocean and stand in the water while the sun rises. Allow the waves to hit you as many times as you need to feel freed from the curse. Some say being hit seven times with a wave breaks bad luck.

3 Bath Water

Baths are not only relaxing but they can un-hex you too. Create a bath with non-toxic hex-breaking herbs. Soak in the bathwater and scrub your body. Drain the tub, run the bath again this time with relaxing and cleansing herbs. Soak in this water and let yourself drift off, hex-free.

4 Mop Water or Floor Wash

Infuse your cleaning water with hex-breaking herbs to really get in the nitty-gritty. A pinch of herbs for a bucket of water can go a long way and can be used on most surfaces. Don’t forget to wash doors, windows, walls, ceilings, and floors too. Test the water in small areas first in case of staining.

5 Drink it

Make a potion with non-toxic non-allergenic hex-breaking herbs. Drink this before bed. In the morning, make sure you urinate first thing when you wake up. Then shower and wash all your bedding.

6 Egg Method

Get an egg and roll it over your body. Get as much of your body as you can, especially the palms of your hands, your head, gentiles, torso, and the soles of your feet. Then take the egg to a crossroad away from your house and smash it on the ground. Leave in a different direction from which you came.

Candle Smoke

7 Pass It On

Pass the curse on to someone else. You can use a person, a poppet, or even a rock as your subject. You’ll have to have a pretty good idea what the curse is and you’ll probably need a pretty good idea on how to manipulate energy or spells in order to push the spell onto someone else but it’s definitely doable.

A lit candle can also be used to pass the curse on. Then simply blow the candle out and toss it in the trash to be done with it.

8 Reverse It

Reversing the curse or sending it back on the sender is a popular choice. Usually a mirror or reflective surface is used for this. Ideally, you’ll look at the mirror and pronounce that the spell once cast on you is now returned to sender. There are lots of spells of this nature out there so look for one, if you’re interested.

9 Pass Through a Graveyard

Someone could break bad luck by passing through a graveyard on a full moon. Ideally, the graveyard should have two entrances, allowing you to pass through one side and out the other. If that’s not possible, then walk the perimeter of the graveyard in a full circle and pass through the entrance once again. Make sure you can legally enter that graveyard after dark.

10 Destroy the Source

Curses often have some sort of physical component to it. Breaking the physical vessel of the spell may break the spell itself. “May” being the operative word here. Some casters are clever and set up security measures for this sort of thing.

Additionally, some spells are cast in the spiritual realms or use spirits to do the dirty work. A trip to the astral may be needed in order to break the spell, if that’s the case.

11 Blessing Upon You

A simple way to counter a curse is to seek out a blessing. Find a clergy member of any religion capable of giving a blessing and go through the steps needed to cleanse yourself and be blessed in the name of the appropriate entity.

Invoking the name of an entity or deity often works just as well as a full blessing.

spells and herbs

12 Through Fire

Take a fresh picture of yourself and print it out. On the back, write down the symptoms and bad crap that keeps happening to you. Cast this into a flame, let the picture burn completely, and dose the fire. You could say something like “as this fire burns, so does the one who curses me” or “as this fire dies, so does my curse.”

13 Spin around three times and spit

This is an old one but is so commonplace. Plus, it’s the easiest one by far.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to break curses and the above are just a select few. It’s best to arm yourself with a few techniques so you can handle any type of curse or negativity thrown your way.

How to Tell If You’ve Been Cursed

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Being cursed is one of the the most fearful things for a practitioner or superstitious person. I’ll be honest with you: I’m pro-curse and I’ve been cursed in the past at least a dozen times. It’s a thing, it has a history, and people kind of need to get over hating on those people who do decide to curse.

I am passionate about education. And I feel that even if you’re not going to curse someone ever you still need to know how curses work so you can create effective protections. Knowing how you can be hurt is one of the best ways to prevent being hurt, after all.

Plus, even if you’re not going to curse someone that doesn’t mean someone else won’t curse you. It’s a two way street after all.

What is a curse?

A curse is a prayer, utterance, or spell with the intent to cause harm, trouble, or ill luck to befall another. The word hex has an Pennsylvania origin, from what I can tell, and it meant from meaning simply ‘witch’ or ‘to practice witchcraft’ to ‘to cast a spell on’ and now it has a darker meaning. That probably comes from the ill-reputation that magic workers had for a long time, if I had to hazard a guess. I personally define hex as a short-term spell meant to cause mischief and trouble. Like a casual curse or minor vengeance. But it is regional speech so you’re probably better off just using the word curse and calling it a day.

So what are the symptoms of a curse?

Curses can be really casual such as spilling coffee on yourself. An extreme example would be someone who spills coffee on themselves, has a car break down, has the tow truck driver drop the tow bar ON THE CAR crushing it, is late for work, finds out they’re being laid off, and has a lover break up with them on the same day.

Other things to look for:

  • Nightmares
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Loss of energy (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and so on)
  • Sudden legal troubles
  • Sudden relationship troubles
  • Sudden medical issues
  • Sudden financial issues
  • Random pain and aches
  • Scattered mind and unable to gather your thoughts, confusion, disorientation
  • Bad luck

Generally, it’s a culmination of several of these things at once. Please, please, please, check with doctors when you’re feeling aches, pain, or medical issues. Whether something medical is induce via a curse doesn’t mean that the curse breaking will actually REMOVE those issues. Same goes for any other issues that crop up. You’ll still have to deal with that shit. Removing the curse or hex means that nothing additional should crop up (beyond the normal “shit happens, that’s life” kind of deal)

How to tell if you’re cursed

The above symptoms should occur consistently and suddenly. They are persistent. You don’t ever catch a break. There are curses that last years and years but they are very rare. Most end up fading out over time. By and large, you can counter a curse simply by changing your lifestyle or behavior (but not always).

I’m going to be honest. There are some curses or hexes that won’t register because they’ve been designed to avoid detection. If you think this might be the case, simply move onto hex breaking and curse removal methods, followed by cleansing and protection.

However, there are some methods to determine if you’ve been cursed. Divination is the easiest way to go about it. Tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulums – you pick whatever method works best for you.

For a deity and/or spirit workers, I would ask for a sign of some kind within the next three days to confirm that there’s a curse. And then pray for help with the removal.

If you’re unsure still or want to be extra sure, just skip right onto the curse breaking and hex removing methods. Remember, don’t panic. You are your own worse enemy when you panic. (I know that’s nearly impossible for some folks with paranoia or anxiety but it’s something to keep in mind)

spells and herbs

How much do I have to worry about curses? Really?

You probably aren’t cursed. It’s just bad luck which happens to everyone. If you’re not a practitioner, then it’s even more likely that you’re not cursed. Sometimes bad shit just happens. But, when you deal with other practitioners, don’t be surprised to find that you’ve annoyed one of them and they fired back at you. I’m not saying that curses or hexes never happen, they absolutely do, but they’re not super common either.

But if you want to take some preventative measures, it can’t hurt either, right?


Adapted from my original post here.


Crown’s “Fuck All The Things!” Cleansing and Banishment [tumblr repost] (Spell Saturday #14)

Sometimes you just have to get mad.

There’s actually two versions of this spell split up but they really work best together. So here you go.

So you’ve some nasty creepers hanging around. A ghost is rattling their chain and banging on walls. What a rude fucker. What do you do?

  1. Summon your courage. Buck the fuck up. Look, ghosts are just dead people. Spirits might not be human but they’re still people. They might be assholes or they might be sweethearts. Don’t lump all ghosts and spirits together. I’m not saying don’t be scared because, fuck that, there’s invisible people in your house. That’s nightmare fuel. But you can be scared and still be brave.
  2. Get pissed. No, really. Get fucking angry. This sort of behavior isn’t acceptable. Think of alllllllllll the reasons you want them gone. Channel your inner Hulk if you have to.
  3. Open ALL the doors and windows as much as you can. Make sure you can get to every single window and door in all the rooms plus the basement and attic if you have one. Even the closets, crawlspaces, cupboards, etc. ALL OF THEM. I’m not saying fling open the doors that don’t or can’t be opened or let Spot the Housecat get outside but even cracking it the tiniest bit will help. Clean the hallways and pathways as you’ll need to move as quickly as you can. Locking up said pets in their carriers, crate, cages, etc. during this is helpful too. You might want to chase out other people too. I find exorcising shit works best when I’m alone or with another woo~ person or two is helpful. You can get kids involved too, as I’ll explain in point 7.
  4. Give a warning. I tend to ask politely first and, if the behavior continues after I’ve requested it a few days later, I step up to the swearing and cursing. Tell those dead intruders to get the fuck out. Threaten their ass with an exorcism and banishing.
  5. Now get the chalk, salt, holy / blessed water, and rosemary herb stick. FYI, neither salt nor holy water works all the time but it works most of the time. For an herb stick get a bunch of rosemary and dry it together in a bundle. Ta-da. Pour some salt in your water to dissolve it. I find sticking the water in a squirt bottle or water gun works well. Figure out a system that works well so you can carry the herb stick, water, salt, and chalk. I find using a small salt pouch clipped to my pants by a carabiner works remarkably well.
  6. Prep your protection shit. Get that shit ready to go. I tend to use rosemary, salt water, salt, chalk, and bay. Whatever works for you. Put it all in the same room you start in if you can’t carry it with you.
  7. Chase it the fuck out. Yell and move as quickly as you can. Tell it to get the fuck out. It’s not welcome here and it needs to fucking go. Tell it all sorts of lies like if it comes back you’ll eat it or sic your familiars on it. Just be as scary as possible. Start in the lowest portion of the house and work your way up. As you go, toss a light coating of salt at the windows, doors, closets, cupboards, etc. Spritz water in the same place as you’re throwing salt but also include the corners of the rooms and mirrors too. Slam door, window, cupboard, etc. shut. Now mark it with an ‘X’ in chalk. You could put a protection or banishing symbol up too. I just find the X easier. It should be clearly visible. If it isn’t, go back over it with the water. Do that with each and every room all the way up to the highest point of the house. It’s easier with more people and kids will have fun yelling at ghosts and throwing salt, squirting water, and slamming the windows and doors. If you’re lucky and have a third person available, they can come along behind you and lay on the protection right afterwards.
  8. Make your home a fortress. Lock that shit up. Coat the glass, mirrors, faucets, etc with protection oil or water. Wash the floor in a protection floor was. Go ahead and wash the walls and doors too. As you clean and protect each room, feel free to wipe off any of those chalk ‘X’s you run across. Make sure you bolster those defenses every so often to keep shit out.

You want to be subtle about it? Fine. Steep rosemary in salt water for 10-15 minutes. Pour that in a drinking glass and open one single window or door. Now go from each room as subtly as you can in step seven. Skip the yelling but just dab or flick the water. Be sure to get all the windows, doors, mirrors, and corner.

Now this second part can be used along as a cleansing of the self or to get rid of the feel of someone that’s in your life or if you’re just feeling gross.

  1. Open the windows and doors and clean the place up. Put shit back to where it’s suppose to be. Run laundry and do the dishes. It’ll take ten minutes top to clean the surfaces. Add some cleansing ingredients into the laundry if you feel it necessary. (I tossed in some salt and peppermint in a dark clothing load. Don’t put herbs in with your white or light color clothing. You’ll stain them. No, seriously, don’t.)
  2. Throw salt. No, I’m not kidding. Throw salt. At mirrors, at windows, at doors, at the floor, at the computers (watch those keyboards!), at the faucets, on the floor, and on the stripped bed.
  3. Incense the the place. This generally means you walk around with incense and let the smoke drift to all corners of the room. This step varies for me. Sometimes I’ll use incense, other times herbal sticks, or asperging. It all depends on what materials I have on hand. Make sure you get all the rooms and entrances (including faucets, mirrors, computers, windows, doors, archways, and corners).
  4. Wash the floors, doors, windows, and maybe even the walls. I use a mix of water + salt + lemon + whatever ingredients I think need to be use (for prosperity, I’ll do a floor wash with different things than I would for a floor wash for protection.)
  5. Pour a drink. Usually I drink vodka. Sometimes I have homemade lemonade. Depends on my mood. Whatever. Toss some delicious fucking food in a pan/oven/microwave. It could even be a sandwich. Make that food and drink and put it aside.
  6. Take that drink with you and hop in the bath and/or shower. Use those bath products you accumulate and forget to use. If you don’t have any “borrow” some from a housemate. Or don’t. Whatever the works for you. Pamper yourself. Put on music, drink your drink, and cleanse yourself. I tend to imagine the water taking all the shit and washing it down the drain.
  7. Eat that delicious food, sit your ass down and watch TV. Or read a book. Play a game. Take a nap. Pet the cat/dog/turtle/plushie. Surf the web (but avoid social media. You don’t need that shit right now. You really don’t.) Do something for just you for an hour or two. And ignore all the other shit for a while.

There. Congrats. You’ve cleansed yourself and you’ve given yourself the break you need.

(For those eyeing this and saying “but I don’t actually need to clean the place, do I?” Yeah, yeah you do. Unless your home is from the pages of a catalog, you need to clean off what catches the eye. Counters, a simple sweep, dishes, and obvious “that’s not suppose to be there” should be sorted. It helps hugely. It’s a physical manifestation of the shit you need to deal with and going around cleansing the place and yourself but not cleaning the house at least on the surface is useless. Really. If you don’t believe me try it yourself. One day cleanse the house/room and don’t clean. A few days later do it again but clean first this time. You’ll notice the difference. Promise.)

Now a lot of you will look at that and think “that’s not magic”. It CAN be magic – depends on the intent or spells you use during the process – but the simple act of doing mundane things and taking some time for the self can be immensely restorative. Having a clean home actually does calm the mind and helps you think. There’s less “ugh” feeling.

That’s it! Happy casting!

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A Spell for Revenge [tumblr repost] (Spell Saturday #13)

You’ve had enough. It’s time they’ve tasted their own medicine.

Revenge spells are popular and often complicated but I find that simple ones combined with deep emotions such as hate or disgust can do wonders.

What’s You’ll Need:

  • White candle, on the large side
  • Target’s name
  • A list of the things your target has done to you
  • Candle holder (on the side)
  • Fire-starting implement.

1. Get a large white candle and carve or write what kind of revenge you want to happen on it. On the bottom of the candle, write the target’s name. Don’t put it in the candle holder yet.

2. Write on a piece of paper what they’ve done to you. List everything from petty slights to big transgressions. Pour your heart out. It can be an open letter or a bullet-point list. Whatever works best for you.

3. Slam the candle on top of the paper (but not so hard it would break the candle). Quickly light it and say:

You’ve done enough.

No more will be allowed.

I curse you to receive all that you’ve done to me and more.”

4. Now let the candle burn out and toss everything in the trash when you’re done.

That’s it! Happy casting!

Originally posted on tumblr in part here.

Silence That Tongue (Spell Saturday #12)

Has someone gotten into the habit of running their mouth? Is everything out of their mouth repulsive? And you can’t get away. You just sit there, angry and frustrated, and can’t leave without them turning it around on you.

Silence their tongues.

This is an easy enchantment that you can do just about anywhere, even in front of your target. Be sure to check the notes for suggestions.

What you’ll need:

  • Their drinking glass, eating utensil, plate, or bowl. A toothbrush may also work. Food or drink may also be an excellent option.
  • Your anger and hatred
  • A picture of them or your target themselves
  1. Select your vessel to enchant. It must be something they will put in or to their mouth.
  2. Get your picture or be within sight of your target.
  3. Look straight at your target while holding the vessel or hold the vessel over a picture of them. Make an X with your finger on the vessel’s surface. While doing this, pour in your anger and frustration. Optionally, you may wish to mutter or say in your head something like this: “Your tongue wags too much. It grows thick and leaden and silence fills where your voice would have been.”
  4. Now give or leave the vessel to your target to use. Anytime the spell needs a boost, look at them and make an X in the air with a finger or foot.


Selecting your vessel will depend on your target and what you can get your hands on that they will also be assuredly putting to their mouth.

  • A drinking glass would be very easy but a fork, spoon, or knife is also optional.
  • A bowl or plate may be trickier because there’s little guarantee their mouths will make direct contact and instead the spell would have to pass from the plate/bowl to the eating utensil and then mouth.
  • A toothbrush is a fine choice as well and has a bonus of being taken with them. This also means that the spell can be done quickly when taking a moment in the bathroom.
  • Food and drink will also be a truly excellent choice (and would allow for herbal additions) but be wary of food/drink being ignore, shared, or enchanting more than your target. Plus, allergies are a thing you need to keep in mind.

Happy casting! Be safe this holiday season!

An original spell by This Crooked Crown

A Rambling About Curses

As a witch who is (somewhat) active in the community, I’m always prepared to deal with being hexed or cursed. It’s inevitable that I say something that someone somewhere doesn’t like or just my mere existence annoys them.

By and large, curses do nothing to me. I set up active protections against them with various fail safes and often the curses don’t even touch me.

But sometimes I let them.

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Burn baby burn

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Why the hell would I do that? That’s easy. I want to see what they’ll do. I want to see how far someone is actually going to go. I want to see how my protections alter, break, or mutilate the curse from it’s original form to what it actually does. I want to test my skills and meet somewhat head-on the person who wants to ruin my life.

The most honest answer is because they usually aren’t worth my time. Why would I go out of my way to answer what is, essentially, a minor inconvenience? Annoying, sure, but not worth me devoting time and energy to. There are always assholes in the world and most of them aren’t worth the time they think they’re worth.

If a curse slips through one of the openings I leave then I usually notice in a day or two that the effects have started. The effects are usually very minimal – shit breaking randomly, inability to get anything done despite attempts otherwise, and so on. It’s the kind of day where you say fuck it and go back to bed. It’s the magical equivalent of having to drive someone to the airport on short notice. You’re not mad about having to drive said person but you’d rather stay in your sweats and watch the last three episodes of your Netflix marathon.

I do have lines that I don’t allow to be crossed. For example, a curse might be more insidious than expected – often because the caster is a malicious piece of shit rather than doing something they feel is right or just. If a curse begins to act in a more serious manner or begins to hurt other people in my family rather than simply mildly inconveniencing me, then I destroy them. Just bouncing the spells back at them isn’t enough. I might actually break out the cursing materials and give them a taste of their own spells. And my curses rarely miss.

Keep in mind this: I actually would do considerable mundane harm to an enemy if there weren’t legal restrictions otherwise. I’m not afraid to say that. So when the debate “you shouldn’t cast a spell to do something you wouldn’t do without magic” I can actually answer, “but I actually would.” I am aware of that less-attractive side of myself. I acknowledge it and use it as needed.

It’s something to consider though. Why are you being cursed and how would you deal with those curses without your protections? How would you deal with that person if they decided to use non-magical means to hurt you? Don’t you want to see what they attempted to do? Sure, you can use divination but curses can be written to not be divined.

Curses are most often weakest after they’ve taken effect. People don’t think to protect the curse from being dismantled. They assume the curse will cause enough damage without taking that step. It’s like sending out heavy artillery without having ground troops to protect it – foolish and once destroyed, you’re fucked because you’ve pulled out the big guns and lost.

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My payment for services rendered today. Iron and brass.

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Maybe I’m just not a nice person or maybe I’m more combat-willing than other practitioners. I’m willing to use my magic to harm as much as I am to heal. I know that goes against many people’s practices but I think it’s certainly an option and point of view people should be aware of. We’re not all nice here. And we need to protect ourselves with that in mind.

Lirenne’s Hex (tumblr repost) (Spell Saturday #6)

This one is firmly planted in the realm of pop culture magic, specifically the Dragon Age universe. Taken from Dragon Age: The Masked Empire. So if you haven’t read the book and/or don’t want to be spoiled, skip this post (although, this spoiler is so out place you don’t really know the context without reading it). If you’re not into practicing pop culture magic or paganism, just past this one by.

As a character, I both like and dislike Lirenne. I might have liked her more if I knew more about her but she’s kind of archetype more than a fully fleshed out character which saddens me. She’s also a mid-book entrance character, an apostate mage that specializes in entropy with a bit of creation on the side. Despite this working against uneven characterization, she does have a fantastic hex on page 338 which she uses against a varterral.

For those who don’t know or don’t remember, the varterral is a guardian of elven ruins. You fight one in DA2 and read about one in DA: The Masked Empire. It looks similar to a praying mantis, but blind, venomous, and bound by magic. In The Masked Empire, the varterral “feels our movements through the ground, like a snake, and it tastes the guilt of those who dishonor this place.” (Felassan, page 332) This should bring back memories for DA2 players and readers of The Masked Empire alike.

Onto the spell. First, to quote the book:

Lirenne smiled, even as the varterral turned to Gaspard. “Spirit born of wood and stone and air, you were created to protect those now dead. You have failed in your duty.” She raised her hand, and her staff flared with pale light. “Fail again.” (page 338)

Now, how can we recreate this fantastic little hex in real life?

To defeat an enemy that is more powerful than you, especially someone in a position of authority, this spell would be perfect. This spell would be even better if followed up with a secondary curse. Here’s what you’ll need to complete this hex:

  • A substitute for your enemy. Poppet, picture, piece of hair/skin/nail/object they own.
  • What they’ve done against you or what they do
  • String of some kind

Get your substitute and center yourself. Rage is probably the emotion you’re feeling right now but it doesn’t have to be to rock this spell. Just be absolutely dead set on destroying them.

Pointing or death glaring at the substitute, really focus on the idea that your target will stumble, that for a moment their world will pause, shift, and in that moment, you will strike (that strike could be a second curse or a more mundane method of deposing them.) If you use visualization and/or energy manipulation, visualize the moment where your target will slip up and push your energy out in a sharp flash to cut at the knees, so to speak. (If they rely on their car for example, their knees might be their car’s health).

Now say,

“Creature of spite, ignorance, and hate, you were (trained/taught/granted/born,etc) to (what they’re suppose to be doing). You have failed at this.”

Wrap the substitute with the string, binding it. Focus on the legs but don’t forget the torso. You can also cross out/sew shut the face, eyes, mouth.

Finish up by saying “Now fail again.” Really push that idea of what you want to happen. Take the substitute and bury it at a graveyard or crossroads.

Want some examples? Here you go:

Here’s one for a cop on administrative leave after being a racist dick:

“Creature born of spite, ignorance, and hate, you were trained to protect. You have failed in your duty. Now fail again.”

Another one for a teacher who goes out of their way to harass girls who do not comply to the misogynist school dress code.

“Creature born of spite, ignorance, and hate, you were suppose to educate. You have failed in your duty. Now fail again.”

A third one for an ex-friend who fucked someone over.

“Creature born of spite, ignorance, and hate, you were suppose to stay loyal at my side. You have failed. Now fail again.”

And so on. Really, the uses for this simple spell are endless, to be honest, especially if you pair it up with a curse.
Happy hexing! See the original tumblr post here.

How to Make a Poppet

Now, I’m going to be upfront:

  • This post was written during the process of making a poppet for cursing. While this post can be used for ANY poppet for ANY purpose.
  • Is image heavy; many of the photos are shaky. This is common when I photograph my spell work. I don’t know why but I have my suspicions.
  • Features photographs of charged ingredients, sigils, and spells.
  • Talks about curses
  • Features a mini how-to break glass safely.
  • This is an attempt to be traditionally neutral. I do things different than others and thus my own methods bleed through. Remember to work within and adapt to your own cultural background, paradigm, and practice.
  • Trigger warnings: blood, glass, curses, Gov. Rick Perry, poppets, sigils, spells, energy, charged items, etc. I’m sure there are others I’m missing but there you go.

This is a follow along using simple ingredients. It starts with how to make the poppet, talks about filling it, making the face and personalizing it, and then finishing it up. Away we go.

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