Sand Healing Spell [Spell Saturday #51]

This is healing spell designed specifically for chronic or long-term illnesses. Will it heal you and solve your illness? Probably not. Will it alleviate those troublesome symptoms so you can actual feel like yourself again. Hopefully.

Sand Healing Spell by This Crooked Crown

What you’ll need: 

  • A open bowl or jar (no lid)
  • Safe place to put your jar near your bed (the floor totally counts)
  • Sand
  • Healing crystals (optional)

Find yourself a jar, bowl, or other clear container without a lid. Clean and cleanse it on a day where you have lots of good energy. Let it dry completely.

Fill it full of sand. Where this sand comes from is up to you. You can buy it at a craft store or pick it up off a beach. Up to you.

Add in crystals and stones devoted to healing. You should completely connect to the stones you’re putting in the jar. Don’t pick something that feels weird to you but is suppose to be good for your illness. Put only good things in this jar.

Stand over the jar and say the following:

“Precious sand, you are like time,

Alone you are small like seconds, 

But together you are great and are eternity.

Do not allow my time to be wasted,

Take my pain, my fear, my exhaustion.

Bind it to a single piece of you,

And sink it to the bottom.

Take it away and lift me up,

Let me rise.”

Keep the jar next to your bed or where you hang out the most when feeling ill. If you need a boost, touch the sand. If the sand starts feeling gross, just bury it outside or toss it in a water. Clean and cleanse the jar and repeat the spell. Remember to give yourself time to deal with your illness and recover!

Happy casting!