Year Ahead Readings Available!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023!

Everyone wants to get the gist of what the new year may offer them. I’m offering two different reading to do exactly this.


Year Ahead Reading

A 12 card reading predicting the future year for you. Delivered via PDF email.


The Seasons in Mini

The Seasons in Mini

A 5 card reading, one standing for each season and the current season. Delivered via PDF email.


Patreons have a lot of other readings available to them right now, all at incredible discounted prices. Like the year ahead reading? They get it for $55 USD as well as exclusive posts, monthly readings, energy castings, moon rituals, and so on each and every month. Sign up at

Can’t dish out some money now? That’s okay, stick around and later this month I’ll share the 2023 Card of the Year. It’s a good one.

You can also try doing the Seasons in Mini reading yourself:

Hope you have a great year! Thank you so much for your support!


February’s readings are now available!

February will be dominated by love readings – for future lovers, for confessions, for loving yourself, or even healing heartache.

As with all monthly readings, at the end of February, this set of readings will be unavailable until next year. (Some spreads might appear again, but not this whole set). 

(My patreons got a week’s jump start, plus discounted price and an exclusive spread available just for them. That’s in addition to early access and exclusive posts, monthly readings and more. You can join for as little as $1 USD.)

To buy a reading, head over to the Oracle’s Shrine and take your pick!

Future Lovers Reading $48 

A 7 card reading divining your next lover. A PDF delivered by email.

Prince Charming Reading $35

A 5 card reading divining your dream lover and how to find them. This reading is not male specific – it can be used to predict a lover of any gender. A PDF delivered by email.

Love Letter Reading $22 

A 3 card reading recommending how to tell someone that you love them. A PDF delivered by email.

Loving Myself Reading $22 

A 3 card reading to offer insight on how to increase your self-love. A PDF delivered by email.

Heal Your Heartache $42 

A 6 card reading to heal your heartache and begin to move on. A PDF delivered by email.

Of course, you can grab a love spell to draw a lover to you over in the Ritual Chamber if you want a bit of a hand finding your next lover.


Last Call – 2022 Year Ahead Readings

January’s almost over and this is your final chance to grab a “year ahead” reading for 2022.

“Year ahead” readings are divinations that predict the year ahead of you by some means, usually cartomancy. Often these readings will be large and go month by month, but some will go by seasons or tackle specific questions.

I’ve two reading available this month, with limited spots. Each reading is delivered in PDF form via email.

The first is a 12 card Year Ahead reading going through the months step-by-step.

The second is a 5 card reading going through the seasons, plus covering the next season (so winter-to-winter).

You can grab your reading here!

These two readings will go away at the end of the month and will be adding new readings for February. If interested in a year ahead reading, don’t hesitate to grab one here.

2022 Readings & Spells now available!

Looking to get some insight or a bit of magical aid in the new year? I rarely offer readings anymore, but the last few years have been miserable and I want to offer something helpful and inspiring for the new year.

With the “Year Ahead” reading, you’ll get twelve cards outlining the year ahead, month by month, building off each month to give a full reading. It comes in PDF and delivered by email. I have 5 spots available for this reading. At the end of January, this reading goes away until next year.

“The Seasons” reading is five cards, covering each season including the season you’re currently in. It also comes in a PDF and is delivered by email. I have only 10 spots available for this reading and at the end of January, it goes away until next year.

The New Year Ritual is back!

A series of spells and rituals to give you the best step forward into the year year. You’ll get several items in the actual mail.

I have only 5 spots available for this and it’s only available for the month of January.

You can purchase it here (scroll a bit down the page).

All three of these are available until the end of January 2022. Snap up your spot as soon as possible! Of course, if you want something custom made , you’re welcome to contact me.

Shop Update: Oracular Readings & Spells Available!

I hope 2020 has been treating you well! If not, I hope it gets better and better. And if it has been treating you well, then I hope it gets even better.

Oracular Readings available!

Oracular readings, as I’m defining them here, is when the diviner goes into a trance-like state and “speaks” to the entity in question. This can even involve mediumship or horsing-style possession. It’s very intense and can result in some powerful messages.

These readings are offered in an audio format with a PDF with notes and impressions as well.

I have only three spots available for this style reading. Contact me to see if an oracular reading is right for you.

I also am offering pendulum readings and crystal scrying readings right now. Spots are also limited.

All of these readings are available exclusively here on the website. They aren’t available on Etsy. To read more about the readings I offer, head on over here. To get your own reading, contact me.

Spells available!

I’ve always offered spell casting services here at This Crooked Crown. I’ve recently re-designed the Buy A Spell section to give folks a clearer picture of what to expect when they buy a spell or to simply buy a spell and know exactly what to expect from it.

I’m still doing custom spells too. I just wanted to give everyone a better range of choices!

To buy a spell for yourself, contact me.

Closing Storenvy at the end of February

I’m closing my Storenvy website. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, as it can be very difficult to operate many different storefronts scattered across different websites.

Storenvy will be closing by the end of February, once I clear out the orders I have there. If you’ve ordered a reading, I’ll send it to you soon. More about that in a bit.

Etsy on vacation

My etsy shop is also on vacation. I need to reduce my cartomancy workload and handle the orders I currently have. Cartomancy readings are, frankly speaking, FAR more time demanding than anything else I offer and they are often MORE energy demanding than even casting spells.

I want to offer those with current cartomancy orders the best divination I can offer, so for now, Etsy’s on hold.

Why the changes?

I know a lot of change is scary but there’s a very good reason I’m making these moves now.

Frankly speaking, my health since mid-December has been in a decline and earlier this month I was diagnosed with a short-term vertigo disorder. It makes it fairly impossible to do anything. Working on the computer, doing complicated work, and even walking is a daily struggle right now.

Don’t worry though! The condition isn’t serious and with time and treatment, it will go away. I’m being taken care of by medical professionals, so no worries!

But since I still need to do things like pay bills and buy spell components, I have to work, but I’m switching things up to make sure I have lots and lots of time to rest. So I’m focusing on stuff that’s less time and energy demanding for me. For me, casting spells and working with spirits is exactly that. (Weird, I know.)

What’s not changing:

Patreon’s not changing. The updates have been slow this month, but they’ll all there and I’m already working on March’s.

The website isn’t changing either. Except for that hiccup earlier this month when I was trying to figure out how to live in my new normal, posts will continue as they have been.

If you have questions or concerns, email is the best way to reach me.


Thank you everyone for your support over the years and for your continued support now!


Shop Update August ’19

August’s shop update brings a lot of stuff, including new custom made spells and oracular style readings, so let’s get started.

The readings

The Explorer, Seasons in Mini, The Journey, and What Do You Really Want readings are now back in stock.

I’ve also added to the divination page here on the site. You could always order a custom reading, but I’ve changed the menu and wording around to make it even easier to order.

New divination methods are now available. This includes scrying via salt, water, and crystal. Book divination (bibliomancy or stichomancy) can also be requested.

The King and Queen Divinations are This Crooked Crown exclusives. I created these divination methods. The King’s Divination is a lot or ‘throw the bones’ style reading using crystals. The Queen’s Divination takes the King’s stones and adds a spinning board to the mix. Or head over to Etsy for a reading.

Oracular style readings are also now available. This reading requires me to channel a spirit or deity and answer questions or offer whatever the entity wishes to say. It’s an intensive reading and only some entities will allow themselves to be invoked by me. I’m offering these as a trial right now, but I’d like to offer them full time. They’re also on sale right now for $50 for the trial period.

Poppets – Witchcraft tools

Rope poppets, hand-made by a witch from a single piece of rope are available. These poppets are unique and one of a kind, due to their nature.

They’re perfect for spell crafting. They’re made with organic materials so they can be buried in an environmentally sound way. They can also be easily burned.

They are NOT enchanted. You must enchant them yourself. I can enchant them to your general purpose, for an additional fee. Additional poppets can be made.

Buy them here.

Magic Cords

Simple magic cords are knot spells. They can be worn as a bracelet, tucked in a pocket, tied to your keys or bag, or hidden among your sheets.

This month’s magic cord is Serene Lake. Washed in midnight Full Moon Water gathered by a lake, this cord was created on a sunny full moon morning, right as the moon became full.

It’s meant to help reduce anxiety and focuses on calmness and peace.

Buy the cord here.

The spells – spell casting services

I’ve always offered spell casting. Etsy changed their policies a few years back requiring me to move the service off their website, but I’ve offered it still. I recently revamped the “buy a spell” section of the website.

Right now, knot spells and specific candle spells are available, but I’m open to casting most spells. All requests will be considered, but I hold the right to refuse service.

Request a spell here.

General updates

In other news, I’ve update several pages and the menu to the website. Hopefully, it’s a bit easier to navigate, especially on mobile.

I’ve got a few other things in the works too, which you’ve seen bits of through social media and my patreon.

That’s it for now folks!

May Shop Update

Hi folks! Happy May! We’ve got some new shinies up for you to grab, plus some of your old spread favorites are back in the shop.

Some of you probably noticed that the shop has been looking a little empty lately. I’ve decided to change up how I offer readings online. I often get swamped with readings and that makes it difficult to deliver quality in a timely manner. Plus, my energy gets super tapped and then I have nothing to give to anything else (like the blog or answering questions).

So we’re going on a rotation. I’ll be offering certain spreads and readings at different times. The selection will change monthly.

No worries! You can always get a non-spread specific reading or custom request a specific reading. I’ll be updating the shop here with my spreads and readings so you know what to look forward to or request.

Some eagle-eyed folks probably noticed a change in some of the menu links. The links should open to post tags rather than an individual page with a long list of links. Hopefully, that means you’ll be able to find more of what you’re looking for. Let me know what you think.

Anyway, onto this month’s updates.

Charm Bottles are back! These little charm bottles always fly off the shelf whenever I make them. Each one is one-of-a-kind, with hand braided enchanted cotton cords, wax sealed glass bottles stuffed with a magic herbal blend.

These ones are for protection. Head over to the shop to read up on the details and snap one up for yourself.

Charm bags are also back. These two felt sachets are stuffed with herbal goodness, but they’re designs are simple. The pink one is even irregularly shaped. I use to make these babies all the time, but fell out of practice. It felt good to get back into the swing of things, but the designs of these two weren’t super good. Therefore, they are marked accordingly. (That means they’re super cheap).

The pink one’s for love and friendship, the blue one’s for protection. Made from felt and cotton thread, they’re simple, but easily concealed in a bag pocket or drawer.

Ardent Mugwort is also back. These made to order beauties are gentler flying ointments than what’s usually on the market, using mugwort as the activating herb. Handcrafted and enchanted for astral travel, meditation, trance work, and spirit shenanigans.

There are five readings up in the shop beyond the usual.

Cleansing Energy – Learn where to cleanse and clean up your life!

Loving Myself. Self-care, self-love, & self-improvement.

Future Lovers! See your next potential relationship.

The Secret Moon – Discover your shadow self and the deceptions you hide behind. 

The Journey – See what lies ahead of you in the next phase of your life.

This items are one of a kind, so it’s first come, first serve! Happy shopping!

79 Tips, Tricks, & Spells for Halloween 2017 + Sale!

Bonfire by This Crooked Crown

Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain!

I hope you have some amazing plans this Halloween! I don’t personally celebrate Samhain but Halloween is my household’s favorite holiday, hands down. We have as much stuff to decorate for Halloween as we do Yule and it’s not enough.

I’m having a pretty low-key holiday myself. A fabulous witchy dress and hat, of course, but otherwise it’ll be filled with baking, some woo stuff, and passing out candy. It’s sort of a relief to have a quiet holiday. It’s been a crazy couple months and I just got back from a work vacation this weekend. I’m actually super happy to simply have electricity as many people nearby don’t.

Side story: I thank the dead for the fact that I usually have power when my neighborhood doesn’t. My house is, for some reason, on the same power grid as the funeral home across the street and no one else is? So while our power flickered, we didn’t lose it despite the massive storm that took out power for a good portion of our city.

Anyway, what I love about blogging around this time is EVERYONE is posting about spirits. It’s great. I can pick up all sorts of new tips and folklore that way. It’s also prime time for magical rituals and spells. This roundup guide offers tips, tricks, and links on what you can do to to make your night a little more magical.


Halloween 2017 Pin

Before you start

Before you get started with your spooky or woo related shenanigans, there’s probably some steps you need to take. My top seven tips and tricks for making contact or dealing with serious spell casting follow.

  1. Make a snack or meal to consume after your working. Carb-y food or sugar-y food is ideal. I typically grab a thick slice of hearty bread or some pasta when I need carbs and a big bowl of fruit and chocolate bits when I need sugar. Make both ahead of time.
  2. Drink water on hand. Getting thirsty during a working is the worst, especially if you’re chanting. Be well-hydrated before you start and make sure you hydrate afterwards. If you’re using alcohol to induce a trance, make sure you have water on hand after your session to hydrate.
  3. If it gets weird, get out. If you’re ghost hunting, contacting a spirit, or any other activity, you can probably leave right away. Thank any spirits for their attention and get out. If you’re in the middle of a spell, quickly but thoroughly finish it and leave the area immediately. Drink some water, take a bath, cleanse yourself, then go do something totally and completely mundane.
  4. Trance safely. Before you use any entheogens, psychedelics, or other trancing method, make sure that you write down what you’re taking and how much. Write down why you’re taking it. Leave a small sample of the consumable along with these notes. This allows emergency medical services to treat you quickly and accordingly if something goes wrong. It also allows you to recreate the circumstances again if you have a good experience that you want to replicate.
  5. Don’t go alone. If you’re doing an outside ritual, traveling, or ghost hunting, go with someone else. Bring a friend who can chill while you do your thing nearby if they’re not willing to lend a hand. Solitude more of your thing? Then make sure to text a friend where you’re going or when you’ve left. There’s a lot of people out there on Halloween and accidents are very common. Be safe.
  6. Practice fire safety. Candle magic is incredibly popular and common. However, practitioners can get carried away. Make sure that you’re practicing fire safety. If you have more than 5-7 candles going at once, keep a fire extinguisher or similar items on hand.
  7. Keep pets indoors. This is more of a Halloween-centric tip than a general one but with so many people out and about on Halloween, it’s a really good idea to keep your pets indoors during this time. I recommend keeping pets inside during outdoor rituals anyway – a dog barking during your chant can really break the mood.

Following those tips can help you out immensely, especially if things get weird and/or powerful. Another good idea is to go armed with lots of information. Here’s a bunch of posts that can help. I’ve also added some posts geared towards “new year” because for some people, they start or end their magical year on Samhain.



Hearth by This Crooked Crown

Constant vigilance!

Protecting yourself from dangers while cast spells or contacting spirits is important – but it can also be a hindrance. If you’re protected from spirits, then spirits will have a more difficult time communicating with you.

I do recommend protection spells but it’s not a requirement. I don’t use them on myself personally 99% of the time and never when I’m working with spirits or casting spells unless I feel like I’m in danger from something. But, uh, I’m reckless so it’s probably best to not be me and to cast some protection spells before you go out and about with your shenanigans tonight.

Candle Smoke

Getting in touch with a spirit

Getting in touch with spirits can be difficult, especially if you’re not use to it. Samhain often is said to be a thinning of the veil between the spirit realms and the physical world. While the veil between the worlds happens multiple times a year, this one’s pretty consistent.

The following posts should give you some tips to make contact to a wide variety of spirits and beings. They’ll also help you have a good experience and offer some pretty good advice too.


Spell and Herb Candle by This Crooked Crown

Spells to cast

You can cast any spell you want any time you want, according to my practice. Here’s a good long list of spells you can give a try.


For All Sorts of Money Powder by This Crooked Crown

Cleansing time!

Cleansing yourself after powerful magic or spirit contact is recommended but, again, not a requirement. I often recommend it especially if you’re dealing with multiple energies, like doing group tarot card readings or going to a haunted place with many spirits. It’s also just a good idea in general.

A Cleansing Ritual For House & Home (Spell Saturday #35) – A walking cleansing ritual for your house and physical spaces.

The Curse & Blessing of the Sun (Spell Saturday #49) – A spell that can be used as a curse or as a blessing, using the power of the sun.


Cleansing & Cleaning 101 – Because cleaning is a form of cleansing too!

Cleansing Yourself – Post on various methods to cleanse yourself from baneful energy, static energy, or other unwanted things.

Crown’s “Fuck All the Things!” Cleansing and Banishment [tumblr repost] (Spell Saturday #14) – Two spell variations used for cleansing and banishing both spirits and humans.

Simple Water Glass Cleansing for the Witch on the Run – A very simple but effective way to calm and cleanse the self with just a glass of water.

Uncrossing Oneself – Sometimes we repeat baneful or static patterns that are harmful to ourselves. Uncrossing is breaking that cycle.


Wheel of the Year wikipedia

Whew! That was a lot of links. I should be back to regular blogging in November. My burn out has abated so I’m back to writing, full-steam ahead. Which is good because NaNoWriMo is less than 24 hours away.

Speaking of writing, if you haven’t, go pick up my novel Spirit Walker. It’s about astral travel and revenge.

One last thing before I let you get back to your candy and binge-watching Hocus PocusThis Crooked Crown is having a 10% off flash sale. Today (10/31) only. All readings and items in the shop are on sale, including the new reading Taming Your Inner Demons.

Happy Halloween & Samhain!





Money Powders

Money powders are an often under utilized magical tool that is so easy to create and use. I use money powders quite often in my money spells and in general day-to-day money handling.

For All Sorts of Money Powder by This Crooked Crown

First, let’s cover what a money powder is. Simply put: it is ground magical ingredients enchanted to bring money or financial boons to where-ever it’s placed. So if you sprinkle money powder on a spell candle, that spell will be affected. If you sprinkle money powder on the floor or in your laundry, then your home and laundry will be affected. Simple, right?

Money powders have endless combinations and composition. Pretty much any ingredient under the sun can be used in money related spells in some way or another. Deciding what to put in a money powder and how many ingredients to put into it will entirely come down to preference.

Want to know my secret for money powders? Here it is: You need to believe it. Not necessarily that the magic will work or the spell is working. Or even in the powder itself. Here, belief is more about knowledge. You have to “know” the ingredients are good for money magic.



For example, roses aren’t super well-known for money magic but I do sometimes use roses in a money spell, especially when I want to increase money for an art-related thing or for personal beauty. But I wouldn’t use it in a money related spell for gambling. I’d probably pick cinquefoil and clover.

There’s also a difference what kind of money you need. If you start looking at herbal folklore texts, people didn’t always use the same ingredients for personal wealth versus business wealth. This may come down to how that piece of folklore is written down and shared but in a comparison of seventeen herbs pulled from three different sources only mint and cinquefoil was on both lists. Also, spells to find employment only share ingredients about half the time, I’ve found.

By the way, those seventeen herbs are as follows: For increasing money Scott Cunningham in Magical Herbalism suggests almond, basil, hyssop, mint, bryony, ciquefoil, High John the Conqueror, honeysuckle but for business pursuits he recommends mint, peony, cinnamon, benzoin, and cinquefoil. suggests sage for increasing business and Miranda Seymour in her delightful little book A Brief History of Thyme and Other Herbs also suggest sage but adds valerian and dill to the business increasing list.


Common Money Spell Ingredients by This Crooked Crown


That being said, sometimes you might just need money from any source and you don’t care where that money comes from. For situations like that, an all-purpose money powder is your go-to. For our purposes, a business related spell or money powder is directly you selling goods or services for money. it may cause your job to get a big new client or for you to get a raise. Personal wealth spells may cause any of those business related things to happen but it’s also likely to have you find twenty bucks in a forgotten pocket or have someone pay you back for lunch from five years ago out of the blue.

My favorite way to use money powders is to sprinkle them across the threshold of my work-space or even on my desk overnight. In the morning, I simply sweep them up and toss them in the compost. I keep a jar of all purpose money powder at the ready for candle spells and throw a pinch of non-dying powder in my laundry for events.


For All Sorts of Money Powder by This Crooked Crown


Ready for a recipe? Straight from my own recipe book, here’s two. All you need to do is to ground the ingredients together in a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle. Or take the smart route and buy the ingredients pre-powdered such as ginger powder or almond flour.


For All Sorts of Money (All-Purpose Money Powder)

  • Basil
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Sugar
  • Mint
  • Clover
  • Cinquefoil


For Personal Wealth (Non-Business Money Powder)

  • Basil
  • Sugar
  • Mint
  • Cinquefoil
  • Cinnamon
  • Almond flour
  • Ginger


For Increasing Business (Non-Personal Wealth)

  • Basil
  • Salt
  • Mint
  • Cinquefoil
  • Cinnamon
  • Sage
  • Coffee


For All Sorts of Money Powder by This Crooked Crown


Of course, if you’re not into the mixing and grinding, you can always pop over to my shop and buy an ounce for yourself.

Remember that the recipes above are just a place to start. You get to have fun and personalize your recipe according to your own preferences and practice. Experiment with what you can create and see what kind of magic can happen!

5 Tips to Loving Yourself + Tarot Spread

Quick post and then I’ll let you get back to your evening. There’s a ton of tips floating around about how to love and care for yourself. I’m not going to rehash all of that info because I’m sure you’ve run into it before. Here’s some of my favorite ideas.

Keep reading because there’s a tarot/oracle/divination spread at the bottom you might enjoy!


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Walk along the water with me?

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01 Focus on what you love

I pick one thing that I really like about myself and buy or create something nice for it. For example, I’m really fond of my hair so when I’m feeling down in the dumps, I’ll buy a new hat, make a new hair accessory, or try a new hair style.

It helps reinforce that there’s stuff I like about myself and that I’m still super cute even in sweats and a baggie tee while procrastinating today’s workout.


02 Forgive yourself

Life’s tough and sometimes it sucks. And when you suddenly remember that mistake you made when you were five, it’s like the world is crashing down for about fifteen seconds.

Forgiving yourself isn’t easy. How do you come to terms with something you’re still ashamed about or still embarrassed about? For me, I sit and and say, “yeah, that thing happened and it sucked. I’m sorry it happened but I can’t change it now. I know not to do that thing again.” And that little mental convo helps ease the regret that clings to that memory and it can ease out of the forefront of my mind. It doesn’t instantly forget that memory but it makes it easier to go on with my life.



03 Making time for yourself

I’m not really a meditation girl. I spend about five minutes on meditation, total, a day. I’m far too restless to sit otherwise. And half of that five minutes is actually me telling myself today’s to do list.

But all those thoughts running around in your head can be addressed when you’re not busy doing a thousand and one other things. Taking a moment to stop, think, and know that you’ve got eight more things to do before lunch is important. Know what else is important? Acknowledging how much of that to do list is actually for you.

If your to-do list is entirely for someone else or work, then you need to carve out time for yourself. And if you can’t find time, make time by dropping or rescheduling something that isn’t important.



04 Treat yourself

Typically when I’m treating myself,  I buy myself flowers or a book. Usually I mix up something super tasty while I’m at it. I don’t do it often and I make sure that what I’m making or buying isn’t witchcraft related. It helps separate my work and the rest of me. Don’t get me wrong, almost everything I do is witchcraft related eventually. Untreated flowers become dried flowers for my herbal creations, books are broken down to see if I can utilize any ideas in my spells. Food may later become offerings. These are all things that may happen but that’s not why I’m doing them, so it counts as a treat in my eyes.

Why and how do you treat yourself? Are you treating yourself for good accomplishments? To even out bad days? How about ordinary days? You know the ones that you have most of the time. Do you treat yourself then?

Figuring out how to treat yourself is super important. It can make ordinary days special and memorable. It can ease dealing with crappy co-workers or take the bite out of an argument with family.

It doesn’t have to be food based or shopping based, as many “treats” are. I sometimes dedicate an evening to doing something fun but “wasteful” like surfing pinterest pinning ideas for my dream home on a secret board. Or I’ll pop in a favorite Disney movie or read a favorite book once again. It’s a treat. For you. Who cares what others think of it?


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Always nice to visit the water.

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05 Stop doing things when they’re no longer fun

I don’t know about you but there’s lots of people out there that start doing a hobby and it no longer is fun. Sometimes projects become frustrating or you realize that the people around a hobby aren’t people you want to be with. Whatever the reason, they’ll be a point where you’ll stop and ask yourself “why am I doing this?”

And if you don’t have a good answer for that question, then stop it. A good answer might be “because I want to master this” or “I’m doing this for a commission” or “I want to achieve this goal”. If it’s not those reasons then it’s probably not worth your time right now. Put the project and hobby aside until you get inspired to pick it up again.

Your hobbies should be enjoyable. If they’re not, what’s the point?


Ready for the spread?


A simple spread to be sure but it focuses on big questions.

01 How can I love myself?

This card doesn’t tell you what to love about yourself or why you should love yourself. Instead, it tells you how to treat yourself with love. It tells you how to show your love of your own self in the same way a card might show how you love someone else.

02 How can I care for myself?

This is your self-care methods. It may suggest that you reread a favorite book, binge watch TV, meditate, or any number of other self-care choices available to you. When you draw this card, make sure to correlate it with real-life actions in addition to ethereal or mental actions.

This card might be a little harsh. It may tell that you need to cut back on snacks and focus on healthier food choices. It might tell you to get out of the house and go make friends. It might even tell you to drop toxic friends for your health.

03 What can I do better for myself?

This card will focus on things you’re already doing. They will be things that you should focus on now, for yourself. If your attention is scattered or you feel like you’re being pulled in a thousand directions, this card will tell you where to focus your attention and how to get back on track.

It can also tell you things like “go make some more friends so you’re less lonely” or invite more art into your life. It might suggest that you take a class to inspire your yoga routine or start taking up daily writing prompts to upgrade your writing skill.

This isn’t necessarily about bettering yourself but doing things that you already like doing and focusing on that. It may also be a suggestion that you should focus on controlling your finances or getting a job promotion. It’s less self-oriented than any of the other cards and can involve how you deal with the world around you.


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Soul on fire

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Give it a try! It’s a simple little reading but can really answer some questions if you’re kind of floundering right now. If you don’t want to read for yourself, you can always buy this reading over at my etsy or storenvy shops.

Decks featured:

  • Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne ©
  • Linestrider Tarot: Kickstarter Edition by Siolo Thompson ©