Year Ahead Readings Available!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023!

Everyone wants to get the gist of what the new year may offer them. I’m offering two different reading to do exactly this.


Year Ahead Reading

A 12 card reading predicting the future year for you. Delivered via PDF email.


The Seasons in Mini

The Seasons in Mini

A 5 card reading, one standing for each season and the current season. Delivered via PDF email.


Patreons have a lot of other readings available to them right now, all at incredible discounted prices. Like the year ahead reading? They get it for $55 USD as well as exclusive posts, monthly readings, energy castings, moon rituals, and so on each and every month. Sign up at

Can’t dish out some money now? That’s okay, stick around and later this month I’ll share the 2023 Card of the Year. It’s a good one.

You can also try doing the Seasons in Mini reading yourself:

Hope you have a great year! Thank you so much for your support!


February’s readings are now available!

February will be dominated by love readings – for future lovers, for confessions, for loving yourself, or even healing heartache.

As with all monthly readings, at the end of February, this set of readings will be unavailable until next year. (Some spreads might appear again, but not this whole set). 

(My patreons got a week’s jump start, plus discounted price and an exclusive spread available just for them. That’s in addition to early access and exclusive posts, monthly readings and more. You can join for as little as $1 USD.)

To buy a reading, head over to the Oracle’s Shrine and take your pick!

Future Lovers Reading $48 

A 7 card reading divining your next lover. A PDF delivered by email.

Prince Charming Reading $35

A 5 card reading divining your dream lover and how to find them. This reading is not male specific – it can be used to predict a lover of any gender. A PDF delivered by email.

Love Letter Reading $22 

A 3 card reading recommending how to tell someone that you love them. A PDF delivered by email.

Loving Myself Reading $22 

A 3 card reading to offer insight on how to increase your self-love. A PDF delivered by email.

Heal Your Heartache $42 

A 6 card reading to heal your heartache and begin to move on. A PDF delivered by email.

Of course, you can grab a love spell to draw a lover to you over in the Ritual Chamber if you want a bit of a hand finding your next lover.


Last Call – 2022 Year Ahead Readings

January’s almost over and this is your final chance to grab a “year ahead” reading for 2022.

“Year ahead” readings are divinations that predict the year ahead of you by some means, usually cartomancy. Often these readings will be large and go month by month, but some will go by seasons or tackle specific questions.

I’ve two reading available this month, with limited spots. Each reading is delivered in PDF form via email.

The first is a 12 card Year Ahead reading going through the months step-by-step.

The second is a 5 card reading going through the seasons, plus covering the next season (so winter-to-winter).

You can grab your reading here!

These two readings will go away at the end of the month and will be adding new readings for February. If interested in a year ahead reading, don’t hesitate to grab one here.

2022 Readings & Spells now available!

Looking to get some insight or a bit of magical aid in the new year? I rarely offer readings anymore, but the last few years have been miserable and I want to offer something helpful and inspiring for the new year.

With the “Year Ahead” reading, you’ll get twelve cards outlining the year ahead, month by month, building off each month to give a full reading. It comes in PDF and delivered by email. I have 5 spots available for this reading. At the end of January, this reading goes away until next year.

“The Seasons” reading is five cards, covering each season including the season you’re currently in. It also comes in a PDF and is delivered by email. I have only 10 spots available for this reading and at the end of January, it goes away until next year.

The New Year Ritual is back!

A series of spells and rituals to give you the best step forward into the year year. You’ll get several items in the actual mail.

I have only 5 spots available for this and it’s only available for the month of January.

You can purchase it here (scroll a bit down the page).

All three of these are available until the end of January 2022. Snap up your spot as soon as possible! Of course, if you want something custom made , you’re welcome to contact me.

10.2020 Shop Update! Divination Readings Availability

Hi! Where the heck has October gone? (Pumpkins and Halloween movies, that’s where.)

We’ve some updates around here in the shop section. Even some rare spots for divination readings have opened up!

3 card readings, pendulum readings, scrying readings, and even an oracular session. All readings are PDF and delivered by email. You can purchase them here.

There aren’t many spots available, so grab one if you can.

I’m also still available for spell casting. I’m also starting a trial run on custom spell writing. You can check out what’s in my cauldron here.

Where have the updates been?

In a moving box. Along with 95% of my library and most of my magical tools and items. I know I’ve been living here for a few months now, but time had flown. My current living situation is temporary and there’s a LOT of stuff going on behind the scenes here that eats up a lot of time emotionally and physically. And then there’s this whole pandemic thing happening.

To indicate how weird my current set up is… Last week I found a stack of cauldrons under a pile of floor pillows and I had to scale over the couch and through a pothos plant just to get a jar of moon water.

Don’t even get me started about the faeries. The one during my evening walk last night tried to take me out via rabbit.

But hey, at least I’ve got a stack of pumpkins to carve. It’s the little things that keep us going right now, right?

Shop Update: Oracular Readings & Spells Available!

I hope 2020 has been treating you well! If not, I hope it gets better and better. And if it has been treating you well, then I hope it gets even better.

Oracular Readings available!

Oracular readings, as I’m defining them here, is when the diviner goes into a trance-like state and “speaks” to the entity in question. This can even involve mediumship or horsing-style possession. It’s very intense and can result in some powerful messages.

These readings are offered in an audio format with a PDF with notes and impressions as well.

I have only three spots available for this style reading. Contact me to see if an oracular reading is right for you.

I also am offering pendulum readings and crystal scrying readings right now. Spots are also limited.

All of these readings are available exclusively here on the website. They aren’t available on Etsy. To read more about the readings I offer, head on over here. To get your own reading, contact me.

Spells available!

I’ve always offered spell casting services here at This Crooked Crown. I’ve recently re-designed the Buy A Spell section to give folks a clearer picture of what to expect when they buy a spell or to simply buy a spell and know exactly what to expect from it.

I’m still doing custom spells too. I just wanted to give everyone a better range of choices!

To buy a spell for yourself, contact me.

Closing Storenvy at the end of February

I’m closing my Storenvy website. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, as it can be very difficult to operate many different storefronts scattered across different websites.

Storenvy will be closing by the end of February, once I clear out the orders I have there. If you’ve ordered a reading, I’ll send it to you soon. More about that in a bit.

Etsy on vacation

My etsy shop is also on vacation. I need to reduce my cartomancy workload and handle the orders I currently have. Cartomancy readings are, frankly speaking, FAR more time demanding than anything else I offer and they are often MORE energy demanding than even casting spells.

I want to offer those with current cartomancy orders the best divination I can offer, so for now, Etsy’s on hold.

Why the changes?

I know a lot of change is scary but there’s a very good reason I’m making these moves now.

Frankly speaking, my health since mid-December has been in a decline and earlier this month I was diagnosed with a short-term vertigo disorder. It makes it fairly impossible to do anything. Working on the computer, doing complicated work, and even walking is a daily struggle right now.

Don’t worry though! The condition isn’t serious and with time and treatment, it will go away. I’m being taken care of by medical professionals, so no worries!

But since I still need to do things like pay bills and buy spell components, I have to work, but I’m switching things up to make sure I have lots and lots of time to rest. So I’m focusing on stuff that’s less time and energy demanding for me. For me, casting spells and working with spirits is exactly that. (Weird, I know.)

What’s not changing:

Patreon’s not changing. The updates have been slow this month, but they’ll all there and I’m already working on March’s.

The website isn’t changing either. Except for that hiccup earlier this month when I was trying to figure out how to live in my new normal, posts will continue as they have been.

If you have questions or concerns, email is the best way to reach me.


Thank you everyone for your support over the years and for your continued support now!


Shop Update August ’19

August’s shop update brings a lot of stuff, including new custom made spells and oracular style readings, so let’s get started.

The readings

The Explorer, Seasons in Mini, The Journey, and What Do You Really Want readings are now back in stock.

I’ve also added to the divination page here on the site. You could always order a custom reading, but I’ve changed the menu and wording around to make it even easier to order.

New divination methods are now available. This includes scrying via salt, water, and crystal. Book divination (bibliomancy or stichomancy) can also be requested.

The King and Queen Divinations are This Crooked Crown exclusives. I created these divination methods. The King’s Divination is a lot or ‘throw the bones’ style reading using crystals. The Queen’s Divination takes the King’s stones and adds a spinning board to the mix. Or head over to Etsy for a reading.

Oracular style readings are also now available. This reading requires me to channel a spirit or deity and answer questions or offer whatever the entity wishes to say. It’s an intensive reading and only some entities will allow themselves to be invoked by me. I’m offering these as a trial right now, but I’d like to offer them full time. They’re also on sale right now for $50 for the trial period.

Poppets – Witchcraft tools

Rope poppets, hand-made by a witch from a single piece of rope are available. These poppets are unique and one of a kind, due to their nature.

They’re perfect for spell crafting. They’re made with organic materials so they can be buried in an environmentally sound way. They can also be easily burned.

They are NOT enchanted. You must enchant them yourself. I can enchant them to your general purpose, for an additional fee. Additional poppets can be made.

Buy them here.

Magic Cords

Simple magic cords are knot spells. They can be worn as a bracelet, tucked in a pocket, tied to your keys or bag, or hidden among your sheets.

This month’s magic cord is Serene Lake. Washed in midnight Full Moon Water gathered by a lake, this cord was created on a sunny full moon morning, right as the moon became full.

It’s meant to help reduce anxiety and focuses on calmness and peace.

Buy the cord here.

The spells – spell casting services

I’ve always offered spell casting. Etsy changed their policies a few years back requiring me to move the service off their website, but I’ve offered it still. I recently revamped the “buy a spell” section of the website.

Right now, knot spells and specific candle spells are available, but I’m open to casting most spells. All requests will be considered, but I hold the right to refuse service.

Request a spell here.

General updates

In other news, I’ve update several pages and the menu to the website. Hopefully, it’s a bit easier to navigate, especially on mobile.

I’ve got a few other things in the works too, which you’ve seen bits of through social media and my patreon.

That’s it for now folks!

May Shop Update

Hi folks! Happy May! We’ve got some new shinies up for you to grab, plus some of your old spread favorites are back in the shop.

Some of you probably noticed that the shop has been looking a little empty lately. I’ve decided to change up how I offer readings online. I often get swamped with readings and that makes it difficult to deliver quality in a timely manner. Plus, my energy gets super tapped and then I have nothing to give to anything else (like the blog or answering questions).

So we’re going on a rotation. I’ll be offering certain spreads and readings at different times. The selection will change monthly.

No worries! You can always get a non-spread specific reading or custom request a specific reading. I’ll be updating the shop here with my spreads and readings so you know what to look forward to or request.

Some eagle-eyed folks probably noticed a change in some of the menu links. The links should open to post tags rather than an individual page with a long list of links. Hopefully, that means you’ll be able to find more of what you’re looking for. Let me know what you think.

Anyway, onto this month’s updates.

Charm Bottles are back! These little charm bottles always fly off the shelf whenever I make them. Each one is one-of-a-kind, with hand braided enchanted cotton cords, wax sealed glass bottles stuffed with a magic herbal blend.

These ones are for protection. Head over to the shop to read up on the details and snap one up for yourself.

Charm bags are also back. These two felt sachets are stuffed with herbal goodness, but they’re designs are simple. The pink one is even irregularly shaped. I use to make these babies all the time, but fell out of practice. It felt good to get back into the swing of things, but the designs of these two weren’t super good. Therefore, they are marked accordingly. (That means they’re super cheap).

The pink one’s for love and friendship, the blue one’s for protection. Made from felt and cotton thread, they’re simple, but easily concealed in a bag pocket or drawer.

Ardent Mugwort is also back. These made to order beauties are gentler flying ointments than what’s usually on the market, using mugwort as the activating herb. Handcrafted and enchanted for astral travel, meditation, trance work, and spirit shenanigans.

There are five readings up in the shop beyond the usual.

Cleansing Energy – Learn where to cleanse and clean up your life!

Loving Myself. Self-care, self-love, & self-improvement.

Future Lovers! See your next potential relationship.

The Secret Moon – Discover your shadow self and the deceptions you hide behind. 

The Journey – See what lies ahead of you in the next phase of your life.

This items are one of a kind, so it’s first come, first serve! Happy shopping!