Aggression cleansed at the crossroads

Yes, something was there, something new that hadn't been there this afternoon when I dealt with a different, friendly spirit that afternoon. This new thing was aggressive, tumultuous and dark, filled with a confusion of emotions. Not one of mine.

Uncrossing Oneself

Rootandrock's musing post got me thinking. I have several clients that come to me in need of an unhexing, counter-curse, or exorcism. I almost always recommend a cleansing because that helps open oneself up and clears out the muck. Sometimes though that isn't enough and an uncrossing is needed.   What is an uncrossing? Rootandrock … Continue reading Uncrossing Oneself

The Spirits That Serve and Busy Times

Radio silence was brought about by the busyness of my schedule (which I've added to the right menu, I believe). For the moment, I have a reprieve as this is the week of my birthday (June 6th) so much of my time is visiting with friends and family as well as renewing personal protections and … Continue reading The Spirits That Serve and Busy Times

Why I Hate the Current Usage of the Word “Godphone”

I wrote the following post a while back and never published it. Since I was recently asked about godphones so I'm posting it here so I can link it then I'm heading off the internet for my Silence Festival until Monday. Warning for cuss words which are abundant. Godphones came up across my tumblr dash. … Continue reading Why I Hate the Current Usage of the Word “Godphone”

Crown’s Valentine’s Day Master Post

Happy Valentine's Day / Lupercalia everyone! Now, I don't really celebrate either of these holidays so they're only important to me as many of my friends and family do celebrate them or are affected by them so when I was asked (albeit some months ago) by makeyourownstuffwork to share some love spells "focus on creating a … Continue reading Crown’s Valentine’s Day Master Post

Astral Travel 101

Astral travel.... It's a huge thing in many people's practices, a way to deal with spirits on their level, in their world, to learn new things, and explore possibilities outside of what this physical realm can offer. People astral travel for different reasons but my intent in this post is to give basic information along … Continue reading Astral Travel 101

What Is Horsing?

On my other blog I was asked "What exactly is horsing?" Here's my answer: Horsing is a type of possession used by practitioners, pagans, witches, and other religions. It’s consensual possession, in a manner of speaking. It’s allowing your body to become a vessel, usually temporarily, for another being. Usually it’s a god or deity … Continue reading What Is Horsing?

Closing and the Leaving Festivals

Last night was the closing festival for my Demon festivals. It was the final Court day. And today marks the start of the Leaving. Well, until next year. Last night began a mass exodus for the next two days while spirits leave my area and festivities to return from whence they came. Some will be … Continue reading Closing and the Leaving Festivals