The Dark Moon’s Invitation [Spell Saturday #43]

This is a very adaptable spell. It's used to increase the things you want more of in your life. So if you want love, you'll add that component. If you want money, you add that. It's used for what you want. Unlike the full moon or sun variations of this spell, this one can be … Continue reading The Dark Moon’s Invitation [Spell Saturday #43]


Strengthening Love (Spell Saturday #42)

A spell for strengthening love between two consenting partners. Ideally, both parties are already in a committed relationship together. It's a simple knot spell that can be done simply or can be done in an incredibly complicated and research intensive way. Up to you. Be sure to read the spell entirely before starting. I mean to … Continue reading Strengthening Love (Spell Saturday #42)

How to Make a Poppet House

Pissed at your neighbors? Do the residents of the upstairs apartment hold band sessions at three in the morning? Or do you simply want to enchant a house, filling it with protective energies? Use a poppet house! A poppet house works just like a human-shaped poppet. It's sympathetic magic with the purpose of working as … Continue reading How to Make a Poppet House

Wishing Stone [Spell Saturday #40]

This is a super simple spell that works great any time of the year but is particularly effective during life changes, the new year, or newly gained resolves. Pretty much any time you want to start some new goals, this spell is great. It takes time to set up but it's worth it. What you'll … Continue reading Wishing Stone [Spell Saturday #40]

A Petition Ritual for the New Year (Spell Saturday #39)

Here's an complex yet simple ritual for New Year's. It might requires a few different things but can be used to petition the elements and the world to bring your desires to fruition in the new year.     What you'll need:  A new white candle Clear drinking water A fire or a second lit … Continue reading A Petition Ritual for the New Year (Spell Saturday #39)

Fiery Fertility Ritual [Spell Saturday #19]

A fertility ritual for a romantic night of fun, happy sex. This ritual is intended for adults only, could take several hours, and has the purpose of impregnation. This ritual is NOT intended to replace medical procedures and should only be performed with your partner's permission, consent, and enthusiasm. You'll need: A fire Red wine or … Continue reading Fiery Fertility Ritual [Spell Saturday #19]

Love By the Moon Spell [Spell Saturday #18]

On a night where the moon is particularly bright or beautiful, hold a bowl or glass of water so the moon is reflected in the surface of the water. The water and bowl/glass should be clean and drinkable. Now, while the reflection of the moon is in your hands, "Under the light of this moon, … Continue reading Love By the Moon Spell [Spell Saturday #18]

Attract Affection & Romance Spell Jar [Spell Saturday #16]

This jar spell is meant to attract affection and/or romance. It can be used to bring willing romantic partners to you or encourage new friends or better family relations. The best part of this jar spell? It can sit right out in the open and, depending on the ingredients, can be a long-term sustained spell. What … Continue reading Attract Affection & Romance Spell Jar [Spell Saturday #16]

Safety in Love Spell (Spell Saturday #15)

Being single and looking has its dangers. There's always the chance of some creep not taking "no" for an answer. There's always a chance of putting yourself in danger. There's also always the risk that someone else is using a love spell on you. If you suspect a spell against you of any kind, immediately … Continue reading Safety in Love Spell (Spell Saturday #15)

Apple Spell for Love (tumblr repost)

Get yourself a red apple. Shine it up, if you want. Now think of the person you want to love and who you want to love you in return. This can be a specific person or it can be just a general jumble of traits, appearances, personalities, etc. Once you get your dream lover’s image … Continue reading Apple Spell for Love (tumblr repost)