Money Powders

Money powders are an often under utilized magical tool that is so easy to create and use. I use money powders quite often in my money spells and in general day-to-day money handling.

For All Sorts of Money Powder by This Crooked Crown

First, let’s cover what a money powder is. Simply put: it is ground magical ingredients enchanted to bring money or financial boons to where-ever it’s placed. So if you sprinkle money powder on a spell candle, that spell will be affected. If you sprinkle money powder on the floor or in your laundry, then your home and laundry will be affected. Simple, right?

Money powders have endless combinations and composition. Pretty much any ingredient under the sun can be used in money related spells in some way or another. Deciding what to put in a money powder and how many ingredients to put into it will entirely come down to preference.

Want to know my secret for money powders? Here it is: You need to believe it. Not necessarily that the magic will work or the spell is working. Or even in the powder itself. Here, belief is more about knowledge. You have to “know” the ingredients are good for money magic.



For example, roses aren’t super well-known for money magic but I do sometimes use roses in a money spell, especially when I want to increase money for an art-related thing or for personal beauty. But I wouldn’t use it in a money related spell for gambling. I’d probably pick cinquefoil and clover.

There’s also a difference what kind of money you need. If you start looking at herbal folklore texts, people didn’t always use the same ingredients for personal wealth versus business wealth. This may come down to how that piece of folklore is written down and shared but in a comparison of seventeen herbs pulled from three different sources only mint and cinquefoil was on both lists. Also, spells to find employment only share ingredients about half the time, I’ve found.

By the way, those seventeen herbs are as follows: For increasing money Scott Cunningham in Magical Herbalism suggests almond, basil, hyssop, mint, bryony, ciquefoil, High John the Conqueror, honeysuckle but for business pursuits he recommends mint, peony, cinnamon, benzoin, and cinquefoil. suggests sage for increasing business and Miranda Seymour in her delightful little book A Brief History of Thyme and Other Herbs also suggest sage but adds valerian and dill to the business increasing list.


Common Money Spell Ingredients by This Crooked Crown


That being said, sometimes you might just need money from any source and you don’t care where that money comes from. For situations like that, an all-purpose money powder is your go-to. For our purposes, a business related spell or money powder is directly you selling goods or services for money. it may cause your job to get a big new client or for you to get a raise. Personal wealth spells may cause any of those business related things to happen but it’s also likely to have you find twenty bucks in a forgotten pocket or have someone pay you back for lunch from five years ago out of the blue.

My favorite way to use money powders is to sprinkle them across the threshold of my work-space or even on my desk overnight. In the morning, I simply sweep them up and toss them in the compost. I keep a jar of all purpose money powder at the ready for candle spells and throw a pinch of non-dying powder in my laundry for events.


For All Sorts of Money Powder by This Crooked Crown


Ready for a recipe? Straight from my own recipe book, here’s two. All you need to do is to ground the ingredients together in a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle. Or take the smart route and buy the ingredients pre-powdered such as ginger powder or almond flour.


For All Sorts of Money (All-Purpose Money Powder)

  • Basil
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Sugar
  • Mint
  • Clover
  • Cinquefoil


For Personal Wealth (Non-Business Money Powder)

  • Basil
  • Sugar
  • Mint
  • Cinquefoil
  • Cinnamon
  • Almond flour
  • Ginger


For Increasing Business (Non-Personal Wealth)

  • Basil
  • Salt
  • Mint
  • Cinquefoil
  • Cinnamon
  • Sage
  • Coffee


For All Sorts of Money Powder by This Crooked Crown


Of course, if you’re not into the mixing and grinding, you can always pop over to my shop and buy an ounce for yourself.

Remember that the recipes above are just a place to start. You get to have fun and personalize your recipe according to your own preferences and practice. Experiment with what you can create and see what kind of magic can happen!

Enchanting Objects for Second Sight

If you’ve hung around fairy tales long enough, you’ve run into the concept of using objects to achieve second sight.

Second sight is the ability to see things that are beyond normal perception such as spirits or energy. Some people are naturally gifted at this and others train themselves to use it. It sits firmly on the line between psychic ability and intuition.

Enchanting Objects for Second Sight by This Crooked Crown

Let’s be clear on one thing – just because someone has the second sight does not mean that they’re seeing spirits all the time. It doesn’t mean that they’re able to see all spirits. It doesn’t mean that they are always seeing spirits with their physical eyes. Spiritual beings aren’t always able to be perceive with physical eyes. It’s far more minute than “can you see that ghost?” even if it doesn’t seem like it.

There’s lots of folk information on how to achieve this. Looking through a hagstone or enchanting object are just one of the ways. You can use sandalwood, wisteria, wild thyme, and a number of other herbs to see what’s beyond normal vision. Trance inducers like flying ointments also work in this manner.

Look through a hagstone or doorway is another way to see these things. It’s about threshold crossing which is known to allow one to step between the worlds. (Hence the word “hedge-crossing”). Using this method, you’ll look through a hagstone (a stone with a natural hole in the center but shells with holes in the center work well too) and see what there is to see. Threshold crossing can be any kind of threshold. Stepping between two poles could be a threshold. Crossing between a wall and a hedge could be a threshold. There’s tons of ways to cross like that.

Weirdly, enchanting objects to allow you to see things is common in folk stories and fairy tales but not a common technique shared in modern day. I have no idea why this is.

In order to enchant an object to see what’s beyond normal sight, you’ll first need to pick an object that can be held up to your eye. Eyeglasses and sunglasses are absolutely the easiest and more available for this. A camera could also be used. You may want to pick a necklace you can hold up to your eye. This will be a constant spell so it’ll always be working.

That could actually be a problem. Anyone who has the second sight can tell you that it can be really distracting to see stuff that isn’t there. I’ve braked suddenly while driving thinking I was going to run over a dog that wasn’t there. I nearly jumped out a chair just last night because I thought something ran across the wall directly next to me – but nothing was there. If you’re not use to seeing these beings, you can absolutely end up looking a bit weird. It’s not a consistent thing but at least once a week I end up being startle by some spirit shenanigans that I wasn’t expecting and no one else can see.

You could also pick an object that you wear in order to give you second sight. This gives you more control over the ability. A pair of earrings is a good choice but a necklace or even an article of clothing can be a good choice too.

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Mushroom, mushroom

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The technique is very simple but gathering the ingredients can be very complex. It can take up two or three months to set this up if you don’t have any of the materials on hand. For best results, it could take years because you should collect the water and plants on the first of May and then cast the enchantment then as well – which could be difficult if the moon’s not working with you. You could, alternatively also or exchange May Day for October 31st or some other spirit important holiday. I don’t bother because that’s a lot of hurry up and wait for me but to each their own.

First gather water from an old water source – an old river, well, the ocean, etc. I specifically mention old as a pond newly made in a golf course isn’t going to have the same kind of results we want.

Gather the first morning dew for about seven days. You can do this by placing a jar outside overnight and picking it up as the sun rises the next morning. It probably won’t amount to much but that’s OK.

Create full moon water and new moon water by placing jars of water in window sills under the moonlight (or lack of moonlight).

Pour water from each of these sources into a bowl and place any of the following into it: calendula petals, wisteria leaves, powdered sandalwood, mugwort, ash leaves, violets, wild thyme, lavender, or woodworm. Pick as many or as few as you’d like. Let this sit under the full moon for a full night but remove it from sight before the sun rises. You can strain this water now, if you want.

Cleanse the object you intend to enchant. Wash the object with each water source. Make sure that you concentrate on the surfaces of the object. For a pair of glasses, you’ll trace the water along the eyeglass frame then wash the lenses on both sides. Repeat once more with the herb infused water.

Sleep with the object at your side on the night that you wash it. Then it’s ready to use. To use it, concentrate on what’s before you with your mind to see if there’s anything there for you to see. This should allow you to see spirits and energy far more frequently than before. As stated above, you may not physically see things with your eyes all the time but you should be able to sense things and see glimpses more easily.

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Autumn evening walks

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In addition to the problem mentioned above with reacting to things as if they’re physically in front of you, there’s another thing to be aware of. When spirits begin to notice that you’re able to see them, then they start paying attention to you. This can be fun for some people and terrifying for others. It depends on the beings you end up meeting and how you interact with them. If you’re not thinking about spirit work, then you might want to consider against this entirely. In the end, that’s a choice you’ll have to make.

It can be difficult to see spirits. Sometimes they simply don’t want to be seen or the circumstances aren’t right. Or maybe they don’t even have a physical form for you to see. You may need to just roll with whatever they give you. Good luck!

Chocolate Rose Tea Love Philter

A philter is a magical potion geared towards inducing love. This Love Philter is a tasty treat that you can share with your partner or drink yourself to encourage self-love. It can be served hot or cold and adjusted to your taste.

I actually do a ton of baking but I don’t tend to share recipes. Something about sharing something that you’ll consume makes me cautious, even if the food is perfectly normal. Kinda weird, right?

Anyway, make sure you read the recipe through entirely and the notes before giving it a try. Remember: ask for consent before giving a loved one this drink!





  • 2 level teaspoons black tea of choice
  • Small handful of organic rose petals
  • 1 cup water
  • 3-5 strawberries
  • 2 level tablespoons cocoa powder or powdered hot chocolate
  • Sugar or sweetener of choice  to taste
  • Strainer

Mix two teaspoons of your favorite black tea and rose petals and steep it in a cup of water for at least five minutes, 10 minutes is optional for this philter. Strain and keep the liquid. While you do this, whisper to yourself what kind of foundation for love you want to have. Maybe you want the evening to be sexy and fun or you want to love your body more.

Wash and cut the tops off your strawberries. Puree them in a blender with the liquid tea until smooth. While you do this, imagine treating each other to something special with your lover or treating yourself kindly.




Add in cocoa powder or hot chocolate powder. Blend well. Add in sugar/sweetener to taste and blend well. Envision having fun and enjoying yourself or yourselves. You should be getting what you want in this imaginary scenario.

Strain drink into wine glasses (chilled) or teacups (hot) and serve. As you create this, make your final requests such as “we will have a great night”, “I love you”, or “I love me”.

If you want to get super fancy, top with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Serve with chocolate covered strawberries or a delicate dessert.





  • This can be served hot or cold.
  • You can use any black tea you want. I tend to go with Ceylon but Lady Gray’s a good choice too. If you have a Valentine’s or love themed tea, give that a try.
  • I tend to use honey for a sweetener but you can use whatever you have on hand, even granulated sugar. If using granulated sugar, remember to mix very well or the drink may be grainy.
  • Remember to tightly secure the blender cover before turning on the blender. This is a “well, duh” kind of thought but seriously, remember to do this. You don’t want to have to clean up the mess.
  • “Level tea/table spoons” is specified here. When something calls for a teaspoon or tablespoon of whatever, it almost always means a level teaspoon or tablespoon. A level spoon means that it’s not a heaping spoonful but the same level that soup broth would be at if it filled the spoon.


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Cozy night in.

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Drink up!

Decks featured:

  • [Instagram photo] Scrying Ink Lenormand Oracle by Siolo Thompson © Bay & Willow

How to Make a Poppet House

Pissed at your neighbors? Do the residents of the upstairs apartment hold band sessions at three in the morning? Or do you simply want to enchant a house, filling it with protective energies? Use a poppet house!


A poppet house works just like a human-shaped poppet. It’s sympathetic magic with the purpose of working as a surrogate for your house. What happens to the poppet happens to the target.

Here’s some ways to build a poppet house.

  • A diorama or dollhouse
  • Sketch out a blueprint or layout
  • A photo collage
  • Computer programs for home designers or video games like the Sims, Minecraft, or even Skyrim or Fallout 4
  • Shadow box or a box in the shape of a house (example blow)


Once you have your poppet house established, you’ll need to connect your poppet house to your actual house.

This will vary depending on what you’re using as a poppet house. Generally speaking I recommend making a little charm bag full of the following and placing it next to or attached to the poppet house. For virtual proxies, stick the charm bag under or near the monitor or device.

When casting spells on the poppet house, hold the charm bag in your hands, stare at your image, and cast your spell.

Diorama’s or dollhouse have an advantage here as you can literally replicate whatever you use to connect your house to your poppet house.

Your charm bag could contain the following:

  • Nails from the house
  • Dirt from the house or yard
  • Dust from the house
  • Broken stone or wood from the house
  • A picture of the house
  • Bottle of water from the faucet
  • Ashes from the hearth, fireplace, or fire pit.
  • A realtor’s list of the house (# of rooms, types of rooms, general description)


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Behind the scenes! The other side of my workspace.

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See that house shaped shadow box on the wall above ^? Perfect for casting multiple little spells!


So what can you do with a poppet house? Anything! The list of what you can do is really endless.

  • Draw sigils onto the walls to protect it
  • Sprinkle healing water or oils to keep the residents healthy.
  • Dust the house with cursing powder to hex neighbors
  • Use symbols to encourage the residents to move
  • Coat the home in basil to keep up a happy home and wealth
  • Scatter magnetic sand on the model house of your dreams to bring it to you
  • Pepper the house with lucky powder to increase your family luck


This is a great way of practicing low-key magic. Instead of cleansing your house physically, you can do it with the model house. It’s also a fantastic way of keeping up the spells of your home while you’re away or to cast spells for friends, family, or enemies far away.

Originally posted over on my tumblr.

Enchanting Your Weight Loss

I think the number one New Year’s resolution is weight loss. But it’s hard to get on the yoga mat or hit the gym everyday. We lead busy lives and sometimes we don’t feel like exercising. Or, you’re recovering from injury or illness and it’s hard to get motivated. Add in body self-consciousness and there’s a whole host of reasons why you might not make your fitness goal.

And that’s OK. Keep trying. It might take longer than you want it to and it’s probably harder than you imagined but it can be done. You have to try. That’s all you have to do. Try and keep trying. And that’s so much harder than it sounds.

There’s a lot of witchy ideas for helping yourself remember to exercise (and a few non-witchy ones worth trying). Here’s a few.




Infuse energy into your exercise equipment and clothes

Sit down with or on your exercise equipment. This could be a yoga mat, hand weights, or even you exercise clothing and shoes.

Push energy into the items. Think of your goals and health. Say or speak what you want to happen. Be as specific or vague as you’d like. For example, I try to do yoga or stretching everyday as it helps reduce injury connected to my chronic illness. I made sure to add those kind of thoughts and expectations to my energy. Add your reasons in there too. Are you doing this to lose weight? To be more flexible? For your health? To meet your fitness goals? Are you trying to shift your body into a particular shape?

I also threw in lots of “notice me” energy. Make the exercise equipment or clothing extremely noticeable to you psychically. You know how some things just are more easily noticed than others, even when buried in a bunch of stuff? You’re making that happen with your stuff. (By the way, doing these spells on your vitamins or medications are a huge help)

You might also want to add diminutive or scheduling qualities to your enchanting. Energy to reduce the desire to snack between meals or to use the equipment regularly will also help.

Try to be perfectly clear in your wording. Flowery language has it’s place but be clear cut here. It’s not necessary for the spell to be pretty. I think the bluntness adds to the power of the enchantment for something like this.



Things you can enchant: your clothes, shoes, shoe laces, gym bag, water bottle, towels, earbuds, phone case, exercise equipment, cleaning solution for exercise equipment, the building you exercise in, and your gym pass.


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Such a great message!

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Color symbolism

Which colors reminds you of exercise? Buy clothing or equipment in those colors. If that’s not possible, tie fabric in those colors around a stability bar or some out of way place. And do it with everything. Put in colored shoes lace, buy hair ties, water bottles, or ear buds. If you use it for exercise, try an add that color in there somewhere.

You can even do a spell to link a specific color or color palette to exercising for you. If you want to do this, make sure that you always envision exercising with this color or color palette in mind. It reinforces the enchantment that way.

This has an added bonus of tying everything together in an aesthetically appealing way and that means you can probably store your stuff in a less out-of-the-way place. If you see it regularly, you might actually use it regularly.

Don’t make this difficult on yourself. Pick two or three colors and allow some leeway in color shade difference. There’s a lot of teals out there in the world so trying to match everything to a specific teal can get expensive and frustrating. This is to make your life easier, not harder.

If you go about this the right way, then you can lay out your gym clothes the night before and hit the gym early before your brain fully wakes up and realizes that magic has influenced it.

Super bonus: Every time you see this color outside of the home, do something exercise-y when you get a chance. Maybe touch your toes in the guise of tying your shoes or do a squat when trying to get something on a bottom shelf.


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I love this fortune! ❤

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Use sigils

Create a magical symbol or sigil in whatever system or method you like best. Create the sigil so you will want to consistently exercise. Draw that on your exercise equipment. I used sharpies in the same color as the equipment but you can do it with water, chalk, or whatever else.

You can also use the sigils to help reduce injury from a piece of equipment. Sigils are also a great way to add a little magic to your gym routine. It’s hard to enchant public equipment but quickly tracing a sigil onto the machine to give you a good workout as your program it can be a lifesaver.


Magnets and Water

Soak a magnet in some water. Use that water to wash the exercise equipment. Some magnets absorb water and become somewhat toxic so it might be best to pour the water on a napkin , rub it over a bit of the equipment you don’t touch.

You can also skip the magnet and just wash everything in enchanted water. I especially recommend this if you have trouble remaining hydrated or want to increase your water intake.

You can also make a tisane of herbs and wash your equipment with that. Be careful and aware of allergic reactions and make sure to do your research before using them, even topically like this.

Energy boosting herbal combinations might be citrus, paprika, cayenne pepper, ginseng, ginger, cinnamon, oatstraw, and nettle. If you’re looking to relax or relieve stress or anxiety, try oatstraw, chamomile, catnip, lemon balm, or valerian root. Want to add in some healing? Herbs like calendula, plaintain, rosemary, or sage might be a good option.



Sun Power

Soak your equipment in the sun. The sun is a great for energy boosting and this is probably one of the easier methods for stuff. Just lay your equipment out in the direct sun for a few minutes.

Remember that some fabrics, colors, and dyes don’t do well in the sun so don’t let these items sit out for very long. Enough to get the energy but not enough to ruin them.


Pay Yourself

Set up a jar with a slot in the lid in an obvious place near your equipment or by the door and pay yourself every time you exercise. Every time you meet a goal, be that losing five pounds or doing a hundred push ups, go and spend that earned money on something.

I generally put pocket change in these kind of jars but I know some folks put a dollar in each time. Treating yourself to something nice can be a huge motivator for some people so if motivation or accountability is a problem for you, this might be an answer.



Schedule and keep track

Remember to write in your planner or schedule with a Calendar app your exercise times. Look into exercise management apps and maybe keep an exercise journal.

Get a  friend involved and have that accountability there – the friend doesn’t have to be a gym buddy. Tweet or update tumblr every time you go to the gym to track your progress and ask friends to send motivation if you miss a day. Sometimes you just get busy and forget to do your thing and other times you just aren’t feeling up to it. A friend’s encouragement can really help.

You might also want to look into classes, joining groups, or making friends at the gym. A rock climbing group might help you get more into the sport and make more positive connections. Taking a class will give you a teacher to help you with form. Friends can help encourage you and give you a reason to go to the gym, beyond even exercising.

Another tip is to go to the gym even if you don’t want to exercise.Sometimes, just making it part of your daily routine will help you keep with your goals. This is also super useful for people who have weird schedules and need to add structure to their lives.


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Soul on fire

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And, hey, don’t get super mad at yourself for missing a day. It happens. Just make sure you do it the next day. I don’t recommend trying to make up for the lost exercise. Too much exercise can lead to all sorts of problems. Go slow and focus on doing exercises properly, rather than quickly. Time yourself so you don’t overdo it, keep hydrated, and set mini goals. Reward yourself for your mini goals just like major goals.

Please remember that everyone starts somewhere. Be kind to beginners. Be kind to people who are working out next to you. Not everyone exercises for the same reasons or even feel the need to exercise so don’t be an ass and shame people because they don’t fit your criteria. We’re doing this for ourselves. Let’s encourage each other to reach our goals.


Adapted from “Enchanting your yoga mat (or exercise equipment) to increase usage”over on tumblr here.

Witchcraft Checklist for 2017

2017 is nearly upon us. Are you ready yet? 2016 had been a tough year and I’m betting some of you aren’t enthusiastic for 2017 either. And some of you are so ready for it.

Whatever you’re feeling about the upcoming new year, here’s a list of witchcraft related chores and spells to get you on the right foot in the new year.




01 Cleanse & cleanse your home

This, really, should be the first thing on your to-do list come the new year.

January’s a great time to take part in a big household cleaning. You’ll get rid of all the junk you’ve held onto this long, you can re-home items you no longer want in your life (or holiday gifts you didn’t like), and starts the new year in a clean place. It also makes it far easier to keep up as the year goes on.

If you aren’t combining your cleansing and cleaning spells, you might want to do some. Check out Cleansing & Cleaning 101 for ideas and a how to or this ritual for cleansing.



02 Check your protection spells

Protection spells periodically should be checked, cleansed, and restored. Sometimes spells get worn and don’t protect as well as they should. Now’s a good time to go through your protection spells and cast them again.

It’s also a good time to set up new protection spells. Maybe you missed something in a previous protection spell or maybe circumstances have changed and your spells need to adapt. January’s a good time to do all of that.


03 Toss out expired ingredients

Herbs do expire. If you’re only using your herbs symbolically, then maybe the expiration doesn’t matter but if you also use them herbally or your consume them, you’re going to need to check over your herbs, spices, and other ingredients. Some of them might have become pale, lost flavor, or became moldy.

Many companies will have an expiration date listed on the packaging. Otherwise you might need a google search to give you a hand.

Toss or compost the expired ingredients and buy new ones. Did you discover a jar of herb that you rarely or never touched? Maybe skip buying that until you really need it.

This is also a good time to check any herbs you’ve had left out to dry and process them into a more handy size and bottle them. Remember to sanitize your bottles /jars and let them dry completely before use.


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Trying out some new incense sent to me by a friend. ❤

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04 Stock up on candles & incense

Sort through your candles, incense, and related goodies. Put aside broken candles for melting down into new candles and make a list of what you’re out of or running low of so you can buy them next time they’re on sale. Remember to check scents, sizes, and colors for this.

Double check your candle holders and see if you have enough holders. Clean out any candle holders that are full of wax. A crappy knife and some oil make getting wax out a bit easier.

You’ll also want to consider putting aside anything you didn’t like using. Maybe a candle never burned properly or the scent of a certain incense was horrible to you. Put them aside and re-home them with another practitioner or friend. Remember to ask online. A lot of people are willing to pay shipping to get an item free and you’ll know it goes to a home that really wants it.

Stock up on lighters, matches, and non-flame candles too. LED lights might not burn stuff but they can be really handy in a pinch with some spells.


05 Check spell jars

Spell jars are some of the easiest forms of magic. Just throw a bunch of ingredients in a jar, seal it up, and call it a day. But, spell jars are also some of the easiest to screw up with.

Spell jars can get moldy if they were wet when the dry components were put in it. Or the wet components molded the jar. Or the ingredients became so noxious you risk yourself if it becomes broken.

Check the spell jars you’ve made. If they’re good, then put them back (or remake them). If they’re no longer needed or have become gross, dismantle them carefully! Use gloves if you have to. Toss the ingredients in the garbage and put the garbage outside. Wash the jar and sanitize it. If you don’t want to keep the jar, recycle it.



06 Check other spells

You might have a dream pillow that’s gone flat or an herbal sachet that no longer smells of anything but you. Time to get rid of them or remake those items.

Considering dismantling and burying all cursing poppets, spells, etc. It’s a new year and maybe it’s time to let that grudge die? If not, renew the curse.


07 Check magical concoctions

If you’re an intermediate or advanced practitioner, you’ve probably got a whole shelf of magical oils or waters you use or make.

Double check them all. They probably need a good shaking and to be topped off. You’ll also want to see if they’ve gone rancid, cloudy, or moldy. Toss what ones are no longer salvagable and re-bottle as needed.


08 Check up on your houseplants and garden

Check your plants. Which ones need re-potting or new soil? What plants need a little help?  Which ones died? This serves as a good reminder to care for your plants and consider how to better care for them in the future. Try not to re-pot anything until the thaw comes around. You’ll risk shocking the plant to death.

Make a list of what you’ll need for the upcoming spring. New soil? Bigger pots? A different type of basil? PH monitor? Making this list will allow you to get a jump on the spring sales when they come around.

This is also around the time that plant catalogs start coming out so planning your garden’s a good idea too.


09 Examine your altar set up

Check over your altar dishes and see if they need to be replaced. Maybe the rim of your glass chalice is chipped or cracked. You might need to save up for a new one so knowing ahead of time before sales pop up is a good thing.

Give your altar statuary a nice bath and/or dust them. Clean the glass and frames of hanging pictures and clear off the altar itself to wipe it down. When you set it up again, maybe place some fresh flowers on it to signal the new year in addition to a slightly larger than average offering.


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10 Buy a new broom

Remember to enchant your household broom to cleanse and bring prosperity. Clean out the vacuum cleaner and do the same sorts of spells.


An Exercise for Meditation or Astral Travel

Finding an exercise for mediation or astral travel can be difficult. It will largely depend on your personal preferences for environment and pacing. So while this exercise might work beautifully for your friend, it might not work well for you. Experiment until you find one that works for you.

If you’re looking for an adventure in astral travel, combine this exercise with Myridin’s information.

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The storm clouds tonight are lovely.

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Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply, slowly, and hold for a moment, then release. Do this several times until you feel your muscles relax.

Picture a forest. The forest is in a valley and you are on top of hill somewhere in the middle of it. The trees are old, tall, and very green. The ground is grass, moss, and packed, dark earth. The air that you breathe in is warm but clean, smelling like sea salt and pine slightly.

In front of you, far into the distance, there’s a tall, cool mountain range. It rises up and clouds cover the top of the mountain. It is too far away to walk to.

Looking to your right, you see that the forest goes on for as far as you can see. To your left are more trees, deep, green, and lush. Behind you are more mountains, chilly and solid. In the very far distance, almost out of sight is a dirt road, leading into the sea of trees.

Above you the sky is a brilliant blue, almost aqua in it’s glory. White fluffy clouds drift by as if asleep.

Breathe in deeply and release. You are safe.

Where to go from here will be up to you. You can wander through the forest and find the road. Or you can hike deeper into the forest or towards the mountain. Or you can sit in the forest and enjoy a moment’s peace. Spend time watching the clouds or wait until night falls and stare at constellations in a star-filled sky you’ve never heard of before. The choice is yours.

When you are ready to return, sit down and close your eyes in your mind. Breathe in slowly, deeply, hold for a moment, and release. Repeat. Now envision the room you are sitting or laying in. Allow time to come back to yourself and focus on your breathing. When ready, open your eyes. You’re done.


3 Tests to Strengthen Your Protection Spells

One of the questions I get from new witchlings is how they can know their protection spells are good enough. It’s a really important question to address. We all want to feel safe. It’s one of the things we need in order to survive. Our safety needs to be secure so we can flourish. But if you’re not sure on how good your protections are then things can get dicey.


But how DO you determine how strong your protection spells are? There’s not a device you can purchase that will do it for you and you’ll probably want to make sure that things are up to snuff before some big bad comes along.

Here’s three ways to test those protection spells of yours. Some might be doable right now as you sip your cup of coffee and others may need you to tap a friend.


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Simple spell set up 🕯

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Read up on others’ spells

This might seem like a weird suggestion to start off with but it’s actually the most useful one on the whole list.

Reading what other practitioners are doing may inspire you to add, alter, or adjust your protection spells to accommodate situations you may have never even heard of. Reading about their spells and techniques means you can hone your own abilities and spells to be as best as you can be.

There’s a second part to this. You should also read up on people’s curses and hexes. Let’s be completely honest here – people are going to curse other people. It’s been happening since the dawn of humanity and it will continue to happen until the dusk of it. You can elect not to use curses in your own practice but that’s not going to stop people from cursing you if they want to curse you.

So reading up on the potential curses they might use will help you program your spells against those curses. It’s a preventative measure that every practitioner, no matter who they are, might want to consider in their protection spells.


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Have herbs, will travel.

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Set up an emergency protection kit

You know those storm kits or bug out bags you’re suppose to have? You know the one that contains food, water, and a whole bunch of stuff in case there’s some emergency or terrible storm? You can set one up for witchcraft too.

An emergency protection kit should include ingredients for protection spells, cleansing spells, and banishing spells. Everything should be prepared as much as it can be in advanced.

Use plastic bottles, even through they’re not as pretty as your glass. They’re not breakable, they’re lightweight, and you probably won’t damage much you need to hurl it at a spirit. I find the plastic spice jars are perfect for this. One container each for protection, banishing, and cleansing.

Handmade cone incense might be fantastic on the altar but shitty stick incense can be held, waved around, and stabbed into just about any relatively soft material to make it stand still (a cake, mud, rice, sand, etc.). Plus it’s cheap so you don’t need to be shy about using a bunch of it. Aim for one incense scent that can be used in all three scenario’s. I like Sandalwood but use whatever works for you.

Tealight candles are absolutely perfect for this. They’re short lasting but they have their own metal holders so you don’t have to deal with wax everywhere. Which is good because when shit goes down, who’s got the time to handle spilling wax?

Print out your spells. Even if you’re into handwriting all your spells out, type up the spells for these situations (just select a few; one or two for protection, banishing, and cleansing)

Throw in a quartz crystal, a cheap pendulum, a lighter, some string, a small bottle of water, and maybe a bell and you’re ready for all kinds of situations. I keep all of this in a zipper pouch in my witch kit but sticking it in a drawer works just as well. It saves time and you’re less likely to waste your more expensive ingredients when you’re in a hurry.



Write out your strengths and weaknesses

if you’re very self-aware, you probably can identify some strengths and weaknesses in your practice. I known mine, for example. Do you know yours?

If you don’t, try to come up with some. If you can’t, ask some friends what they think your personal weaknesses and strengths are and see how that compares to your practice. Sometimes they’re related.

Knowing what your weak at means that you can compensate for them and you can play to your strengths. Ideally, you should try and keep a balance but that’s not always easy.



Test them directly

Depending on what you’re protecting, you can go about this in a few ways.

If you’re alone and aiming to test household protections, leave the building and hurl a spell at it. Try a curse or some energy manipulations. See what happens. Since you’re the one casting the spell, you’ll be able to know what spell to unravel and dispel in case your protections fail.

If you have spirit friends, they can test your personal and household protections. Depending on what kind of protections you have set up, they may not even be able to pass through your protection spells, thus proving them effective. If they fail, your spirit friends may be able to offer advice or assistance in altering the spells.

If you have witchy friends, you can use them in a similar way as above to test your household and personal protection spells. How? Host a Faux Hex War or Faux Curse War. Also known as a witch war.

A curse of hex war is just like it sounds – it’s a war fought with curses and hexes. They can get nasty very quickly, especially when there’s more than two practitioners involved. Usually the ultimate goal is to destroy the other practitioner’s protections and damage them. Why? Who knows. Reasons vary. Maybe they don’t like each other personally or they’re morally opposed to something. People fight for lots of reasons.

Ideally, faux curse or hex wars will work similarly. Faux curse or hex wars will have you throwing out curses (or other damaging spells) at a specific target. Your target should deflect them and if that doesn’t happen, then you cease your attack and offer the counter-curse (or tell them what spell you used so they can counter it). Then they’ll do the same for you.

Some practitioners of this will specify what spells can and cannot be used, to be gain control in case one of the participants isn’t as trustworthy as others wish they were. It’s also a great way to test offensive spells. It’s something of a game and can be a lot of fun.

(By the way, you don’t need to use offensive spells. You can use witch wars to bless people too.)



If you feel you’re really, truly protected, then you’re probably safe. Sometimes overdoing protection spells will cause you to miss out on wonderful spirit opportunities. If you’re looking to talk to faeries or work with spirits, then making your house Fort Knox isn’t going to be very welcoming to them, is it?

But, it’s better to know what you can do to make yourself safe in case you feel like you need it. I hope you never do.

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How to Write A Money Candle Spell

Money spells, in my opinion, are the best spells for beginners. Why? Because you’re going to notice if you suddenly have more money, aren’t you? And they can be as easy or as complex of a spell as you’d like.


Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to follow.

  1. Determine how much money you’ll need and why (although the why isn’t actually necessary). If you’re not fond of speaking out loud while doing spells or you feel like this would be more effective, write down the amount of money you need and why. Be specific. Pro tip: Start small. Need ten bucks? Ask for ten bucks. Need three thousand? Maybe it’s best to break it up into smaller amounts.
  2. Get yourself a candle. Any color will do but white, gold, silver, green, or whatever color your money is will do. A votive is probably the best and most common size but I actually recommend a little tea light. They’re cheaper and much faster to burn out.
  3. Get a magnet. Don’t look at me like that. You can buy packets of magnets in craft stores or craft departments of department stores or you can just select your least favorite magnet off the fridge and cut a bit of it off and use that. You place this in the hollowed out bottom of a candle or under the candle in the candle holder you intend to use.
  4. Get some herbs or ingredients. Never fear! You almost certainly have at least one of these on hand or can easily “borrow” some from the nearest coffee shop. These herbs should be luck drawing, money drawing, and prosperity drawing. Here’s my list of money drawing herbs and ingredients. You’ll need to at least have the herbs kind of finely chopped or powdered if you’re working with a small candle. Any non-herb ingredients can be placed in the hollowed bottom of a candle or under the candle on a candle plate. Your candle should be ready to go now.
  5. Light your candle and visualize. Some folks don’t do this but if you do, visualize you getting the money and spending it as you need it.
  6. (Optional) Chant a money spell. This chant can be anything you want from “bring me money, bring me X amount, bring me money, bring me X amount now.” to “Money comes but it does not go, bring the money, let it grow”. Or whatever you like. You can just say “I want X money”. Or nothing at all.
  7. Burn your things. While chanting (if that’s something you’re doing) burn the paper with the amount of money and purpose of money on it (if that’s something you’re doing), sprinkle the herbs into the lit candle slowly. When you feel done, then you’re done.
  8. Let the candle burn out. Keep whatever’s left of the candle somewhere until the spell’s been fulfilled. Congratulations!




How to hollow out a candle: You can do this by flipping the candle over, and twisting a hole into the wax with a knife.

How to dress a candle: Rub the candle in money drawing oil then roll it in herbs. You can chant over the candle if you want and infuse it with your energy.


That’s it! It really is that easy. It’ll take some practice but once you get going you can create all sorts of new spells with this as a base. Have fun and happy casting!

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Everyday Meditation For People Who Can’t Stay Still

I’ll be honest. I hate meditation. Or, rather, I’m super restless and I don’t like standing still for more than five minutes. I can’t even watch movies without pausing them once or twice… every half an hour.

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Kiki isn't a morning person.

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But! I do meditate a bit each morning. Each morning, before I even get out of bed or check my phone, I do some very simple stretches to shake out the kinks in my muscles that might have developed overnight.

I might do some Sun Salutations if I’m in a yoga mood but usually I sit crossed legged in my bed with my back straight as possible and my eyes closed. I’ll do arm pumps, arc my back lean side to side, bend forward, that sort of thing. It depends on what muscles feel tight and what feels loose. I keep it slow and easy. I don’t worry about the number of times I do a move. I just do it until I feel ready to move onto the next move. I just do what feels good for my body at that particular moment in time.

While I do the simple moves, I keep my mind as empty as possible. That’s pretty easy when my brain isn’t even awake yet. If random thoughts come to me, I let them happen and make note that the thought has occurred. When I’m ready and mostly sot-of awake I move into positive affirmations and a my to do list. I’ll say something like “Today, I will be productive and bake a dozen cookies”. If my thoughts stray at this point, I just nudge them back onto what I want to be thinking of instead. Your mind will wander off. That’s perfectly normal.

Things like that can really make or break my day personally. And all this can be done while sitting on my bed and stretching. Which is kind of a life goal for me, if I’m honest.

It also wakes up my body and mind. I feel far more invigorated for those mere first five minutes and I’m far more likely to have a good, long workout or head to the gym rather than doing something halfhearted or skipping it entirely. I also grab breakfast far more often, which is something I’m guilty of skipping pretty awesome.

Anyway, this is a meditation technique that works for me so maybe it’ll work for you too!