Protection from Fire [Spell Saturday #69]

This is a spell designed to protect a home, business, or location in general from fire. This is not going to guarantee your home will be fire-free so make sure you have appropriate renters, business, or homeowner’s insurances along with fire safety equipment.

Seriously, don’t be foolish. Don’t use just this spell to protect your home.

What you’ll need:

  • A sigil against fire
  • Ashes from a fire that has burned in your home or on your property
  • Holy water or water enchanted with protective energies (see notes)

First, create a sigil that is to protect you and the surrounding area from fire. You can use any method you like to create the sigil or you can borrow a sigil from another source. Or you can just take a picture of a fire. Print or write out the sigil. It doesn’t have to be a big image, just visible enough to define clearly.

Gather the ashes from a fire. The ashes can be from a fire pit, fireplace, or even some paper burned in a metal trash can. You’ll probably need a handful or more of ashes so make sure you have enough before starting this.

Take the ashes and mix them, little by little with the holy or protective water. You’re trying to make a slightly thin paste. It should feel a bit like pancake batter or ointment – thicker than paint but thinner than a buttercream frosting.

Once you have your paste, go up to the lowest accessible point in your house and trace the sigil on the paper (or, even better, onto the house itself) with the paste. Allow to dry.

Not go to the highest accessible point of your house and do the same thing. You may also want to repeat the procedure in all four corners of the house.

Toss the paste once you’re done. Keep holy water or protective water on hand. Every year or so, go back over the sigil with the holy water.



  • Google “sigil generator” to find an online generator if you’re really stuck when it comes to a sigil.
  • Protective water can be anything you like. It could be gathered from a stream on your property, salt water, blessed water, or holy water. Even full moon water is good. Any of these waters are perfectly acceptable. It just has to be water that you feel is incredibly protective.
  • Make sure that the paste didn’t mold. A couple days after you’ve done the spell, double check to make sure it hasn’t gotten moldy or gross. If it has, you can scrape it clean and trace the sigil again with the holy water.
  • If you’re writing on the paper and not the house, make sure that you have enough sigil papers to go around. If the paper gets to be too worn to use, make up a new one and repeat the spell.