How to Make a Poppet House

Pissed at your neighbors? Do the residents of the upstairs apartment hold band sessions at three in the morning? Or do you simply want to enchant a house, filling it with protective energies? Use a poppet house!


A poppet house works just like a human-shaped poppet. It’s sympathetic magic with the purpose of working as a surrogate for your house. What happens to the poppet happens to the target.

Here’s some ways to build a poppet house.

  • A diorama or dollhouse
  • Sketch out a blueprint or layout
  • A photo collage
  • Computer programs for home designers or video games like the Sims, Minecraft, or even Skyrim or Fallout 4
  • Shadow box or a box in the shape of a house (example blow)


Once you have your poppet house established, you’ll need to connect your poppet house to your actual house.

This will vary depending on what you’re using as a poppet house. Generally speaking I recommend making a little charm bag full of the following and placing it next to or attached to the poppet house. For virtual proxies, stick the charm bag under or near the monitor or device.

When casting spells on the poppet house, hold the charm bag in your hands, stare at your image, and cast your spell.

Diorama’s or dollhouse have an advantage here as you can literally replicate whatever you use to connect your house to your poppet house.

Your charm bag could contain the following:

  • Nails from the house
  • Dirt from the house or yard
  • Dust from the house
  • Broken stone or wood from the house
  • A picture of the house
  • Bottle of water from the faucet
  • Ashes from the hearth, fireplace, or fire pit.
  • A realtor’s list of the house (# of rooms, types of rooms, general description)


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Behind the scenes! The other side of my workspace.

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See that house shaped shadow box on the wall above ^? Perfect for casting multiple little spells!


So what can you do with a poppet house? Anything! The list of what you can do is really endless.

  • Draw sigils onto the walls to protect it
  • Sprinkle healing water or oils to keep the residents healthy.
  • Dust the house with cursing powder to hex neighbors
  • Use symbols to encourage the residents to move
  • Coat the home in basil to keep up a happy home and wealth
  • Scatter magnetic sand on the model house of your dreams to bring it to you
  • Pepper the house with lucky powder to increase your family luck


This is a great way of practicing low-key magic. Instead of cleansing your house physically, you can do it with the model house. It’s also a fantastic way of keeping up the spells of your home while you’re away or to cast spells for friends, family, or enemies far away.

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Wishing Stone [Spell Saturday #40]

This is a super simple spell that works great any time of the year but is particularly effective during life changes, the new year, or newly gained resolves. Pretty much any time you want to start some new goals, this spell is great. It takes time to set up but it’s worth it.


What you’ll need: 

  • A stone (see notes)

Get your stone and cleanse it. Then place it in under or directly next to your bed. Sleep beside it for a week. During this time you can meditate with it to align your energy and the stone’s together.

When the week has passed, hold the stone to your heart or lips and tell it your goals, dreams, and wishes. Now let the stone sit in the sunlight for a full day and moonlight for a full night and then one more night in or next to your bed.

Carry the stone with you everywhere to help achieve your goals, dreams, and wishes. Do not let anyone else touch this stone.


  • The choice for a stone is up to you. I prefer quartz crystal for this sort of spell but if you have a necklace, bracelet, or other piece of jewelry with a stone, you can use that. the stone can be any size or any type so feel free to  make a personal decision with what stone feel best for you.
  • Be careful with your stone choice and sunlight. Some stones are affected by sunlight. In these cases, indirect sunlight is a better option. If that cannot be done, try simply placing the stone on a white cloth in a sunny room but out of the sunlight entirely.
  • Keeping people from touching the stone may be very difficult. This is easier if you keep the stone in a coat pocket or handbag. If you’re wearing it, picking a stone that is not the centerpiece of the jewelry might be a good idea. If not, consider placing a protection spell against unwanted energy around the stone.

Happy casting!


A Petition Ritual for the New Year (Spell Saturday #39)

Here’s an complex yet simple ritual for New Year’s. It might requires a few different things but can be used to petition the elements and the world to bring your desires to fruition in the new year.




What you’ll need: 

  • A new white candle
  • Clear drinking water
  • A fire or a second lit candle
  • A bit of your hair
  • Seven coins


On a clear night, go outside and create a fire. If you cannot create a fire, you may light a candle from a fireplace, match, or a lighter.

Set up the glass of water, fire source, and white candle in front of you in any manner you’d like. You can create a circle around you or a line in front of you. Whatever you prefer. Dig a hole in the ground and leave it open.

Kneel in the darkness with fire and take a deep breath. Feel free to close your eyes. Clear your mind as much as possible. Focus on letting go of all the negative things of the past and the things you don’t want to take with you moving forward. Take another deep breath and when you’re ready, open your eyes.

Light the candle with your fire source, drink a bit of the water, rub the soil from the hole you’ve dug in your hand, and take another deep breath.

Place the coin inside or under the candle. Put a second coin on the ground, pour a little water over it, and place your water glass over it. Put a third coin in the hole you’ve dug and toss a pinch of soil on it. Toss a fourth coin into the air and let it fall wherever it likes. Repeat the process with a strand of your air. Keep any remaining hair for a later part of the spell.

Now make your petitions for new year. Ask for prosperity, health, happiness, or love. Ask whatever you like. Be as specific or as vague as possible. Be as formal or casual as you’d like. You don’t have to speak aloud, you can just think clearly in your mind. Just say what you need to say and express you hopes for the future. Now demand for your petitions to happen. Tell the world that these things will happen for you.

Once satisfied, toss whatever remaining hair you have with you into the candle. If it goes out, let it. Don’t relight it.


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Burn baby burn

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Toss the fifth coin behind you, to pay off any regrets and past debts. Don’t look back at it. Toss the sixth coin in front of you to pay for your future. Pocket the seventh and last coin and carry it for good luck for the year.

Douse your candle and place the remnants in your fire source. If that’s not possible, bury both your fire source and the candle where the fire source was and in a separate hole from the previously dug hole. Pour out the water into the earth and fill in any dug holes. Leave the area without looking at or walking towards the area you threw your past coin in.


Candle Smoke



  • This spell was designed for New Year’s. The chill from the cold January night is part of the spell’s sacrifice. that being said, if it’s too cold, snowing, or raining where you live, wait to do this spell until you can stand going outside. Don’t injure yourself to do this spell. Be safe and healthy.
  • This spell was created with a campfire, fire pit, or fireplace in mind. Since that’s not always feasible for everyone, you can substitute it for other fire sources light the stove, matches, or lighters.
  • You don’t need to collect fresh hair for this spell. Just save a clipping from a recent haircut or pull some from your hairbrush. If you don’t have hair on your head, you can use hair fro other areas of your body like your arm, leg, or pubic area. You can use fingernails too, if the hair option doesn’t work for you.
  • Burning hair smells absolutely terrible. Endure it as best you can.
  • If you manage to keep your good luck coin throughout the year, use that coin in next year’s spell as the “past” coin.
  • Tip: to make your good luck coin stand out in your wallet or pocket, you can coat it thinly in wax or create a paper envelope for it.

Happy casting and happy new year!


Cash & Fortune Money Spell (Spell Saturday #36)

This spell is based off one of my personal money spells. It works well and has a tendency to work fast. Be sure to read the notes before beginning.


What you’ll need:

  • Mint (any kind)
  • Sea salt
  • Clover
  • Nutmeg
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • A lock of your hair (or appropriate sacrifice)
  • Candle (any color)

Gather your herbs and ingredients except the sacrifice and candle. Lightly powder them and put them nearby. Light the candle and say,

With this candle

My magic will find a way

To bring money to my side

And keep my debt away

With these herbs I plant

The seeds for which my fortune will grow

Together to me cast will flow.

Sprinkle some of the herbs over and onto the candle. Pick up your sacrifice and hold it over the herbs.

With this sacrifice, I power my spell

Bring to me what I am owed

Bring to me coin and cash

So my wealth may last.

Split the sacrifice and put a little on top of the candle and the rest with the herbs. If that’s not possible, put your sacrifice with the herbs. Go to your exterior door and bury it at the base. If that’s not possible, plant it in a pot, at your place of employment, or on your property somewhere.


  • You can use any seven ingredients you’d like to bring money to you.
  • Your sacrifice doesn’t need to be your hair. What’s key here is that it’s a personal sacrifice – a piece of you. A fingernail, hair, or blood are usually easiest but be safe in acquiring your sacrifice.

Happy casting!

Doll Spell for Employment (Spell Saturday #26)

This is for when you have a specific place in mind that you want to work at.

What you’ll need:

  • A tiny poppet (see below)

Make a tiny poppet. We’re talking smaller than hand-held. Thumb size even. Stuff that bad boy with all the money drawing ingredients you can get your hands on (need help? look at my list here.) Draw/paint/embroider it to look like you as much as you can. Doodle money in one hand and something like a paycheck (or more money) in the other. If the place has a uniform or a name tag, make sure you draw yourself in said uniform or name tag.

If you’re into this sort of thing, add something personal to it (hair, nail clippings, blood, a sock, etc). Your poppet may be too small for this but you can always rub your fingers over it meaningfully or spit on it.

Now say something over the poppet. You can use whatever you want, getting as details as you want, or you can use the following:

“Where this doll goes will be the place from which my money flows.”

Now go to the place and discreetly drop the dolls somewhere. In a potted plant, in the drop ceiling of the bathroom, behind a shelf, etc. Somewhere inaccessible. Bonus points if you get it in the manager’s office. Ideally this will be when you pick up the application, drop it off, go in for an interview, or talk to the manager.


The easiest poppet to make, especially for this spell, is to simply draw a person on a piece of paper, fold it up as small as possible, and go from there. Poppets made of tissues, a glove, cloth, or clay also work. Use whatever’s the easiest to work with.

This spell requires some serious ninja witch stealth moves. Leaving the poppet in the bathroom or outside the building but in the parking lot is probably the easiest way to go about this.

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Spell to Study Harder (Spell Saturday #25)

We all have times when our concentration splits or we simple do not want to put in the time needed for studying or work. It happens to all of us.

This spell encourages you to buckle down and concentrate on what needs to get done.


What you’ll need:

  • Scents that inspire or energize you (see below)
  • Yellow candle or LED light

Get a yellow candle or LED light. Ideally the scent should be something that isn’t comforting. It should be something invigorating. For me, that’s usually a spicy or citrus scents but it’s up to you. If you can’t find a yellow candle that has the right scent or you’re using an LED light, you’ll want to pick up either incense or aromatherapy oils that’ll work for you.

Holding the candle or LED light in your hand, close your eyes and take deep, even breaths. Empty your mind and push away any intrusive thoughts. Once you’re as calm as possible and have your mind as blank as possible, say the following,

With this light

I inspire my mind

With this light

My intelligence shines

With this light

My focus narrows

With this light

I will strive

Keep the candle or LED light on or near your desk so it’s in your peripheral vision while you work.

Every time you light the candle or turn on the LED light, you should find that you’re ready to work harder. If the candle or LED burns out, simply repeat the spell on the replacement candle or light.

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  • As mentioned above, I prefer spicy or bright scents for this spell. Citrus often works very well. But some people prefer the smell of mowed grass and meadow flowers or other scents given their personal preferences or personal associations. It’s entirely up to you.
  • You can use a white candle or LED light in a pinch but it does work better with the yellow color I’ve found.
  • You can skip the scents, if you like, but the spell works better with it.
  • I highly recommend combining this with some white noise. I use daily and rotate out my sound schemes based on my mood, the weather, and what I want to accomplish.

Happy casting!

Item Summoning (Spell Saturday #11) (tumblr repost)

This is a general summoning spell I wrote about, oh, fifteen years ago. I wrote it down on notebook paper at school, used it a few times, then forgot about it when transferring spells over to my then-new grimoire. Due to this ask, I searched about and found it again.

It’s a great little spell that can be used anything from summoning a lost item to bringing a new item towards you.

Item Summoning by This Crooked Crown

Think of the exact item you want. For example, if you want a book, remember the author’s name, the book title, and the cover art. Now say the following while throwing out energy and magic into the world.

“I summon you [item]

Come to my side

Over distances far and wide, 

find me and become mine.”

Pull the energy towards you, like dragging the item into your arms.

That’s it! It’s really simple and yet works super well, as Hellboundwitch can attest.

Enjoy your holidays and happy casting!

Originally posted on tumblr. Original spell written by This Crooked Crown.

Braided Rope Spell for Increasing Business, Good Luck, or Whatever Else

Braided Rope Charm for Bringing Business, Luck, Prosperity, etc.

A simple household charm that just about anyone can do. This is more of a technique than a flat-out spell and is easily altered to your needs.

Heads up for enchanted shit in the pictures and sigils that may be in the background. I’ve included a sort of step-by-step how to below.


My entry way staircase with the new spell rope.

First gather your materials. Here I’ve created one to help with business so my choices were a fine mesh gauze gold ribbon and a red silk ribbon, seven bells (five gold, two silver, one blue), and a key. The gold and red ribbons stand for wealth, and the bells were enchanted for various things (example: “may the hearer of the bell always have wealth”). They key is because my business is a home business. It’s braided in to keep the business and home in wealth, protection, and prosperity. Additionally, adding an object on the end gives the rope weight and doesn’t allow it to be swung so easily. Your materials may vary of course but bells (or some type of noise-maker) is required for this particular spell.

As for length or size, that depends on preference. The above rope is a little over five feet tall, larger than I am, but that was by choice. I’ve made similar ones at smaller lengths with no reduction of spell power.

Hanging up your braid, or attaching it to a solid surface, can save a lot of trouble and keep the braid from spinning or unraveling. This is especially true with long braids. The longer the braiding materials, the more you’ll have to ensure that the bottom doesn’t get tangled. Swing the strands out with flourish to keep them tangle-free.

I used a three strand braid for this rope, although I tend to use a four strand braid normally as that gives more substance. There’s subtle details of this particular spell I won’t go into because those are private but there is a specific reason why I chose these materials, this braiding technique, and those bell colors.

I looped the top around a cup to get an even loop to attach the rope to. I have a drop ceiling so mine’s simply attached to a bent paperclip. You can probably use a smaller loop if you’re attaching it by a nail or something.

I typically chant while braiding. Don’t get all discouraged. My chants are typically blunt commands. “This will bring prosperity”. Once I get a few inches braided, I slid a bell onto the smaller red ribbon, and braided around it. When I added the bell, I would declare whatever the bell was enchanted for “All that hears the bell ring, shall have wealth and health” or whatever. Then I keep going.

Once I got to the bottom I tied the end off, added in the key, and worked a braid using the key as the third “strand”, fully incorporating my key (and thus my home) into the spell.


The first bell is in place and moving onto the second. Using a clasp like the one above can save the rope from unraveling and causing a headache.


Tied off at the bottom but before adding the key. Tying off can also allow you to incorporate new stands as needed. Ignore my ugly hand.



Use the key as the third “strand” and braid around it. At the bottom of the key tie off and you’re done.

And you’re done! I tied it off and stuck it by the door (as seen in the first image)

Because this one’s set for business, every time I make a sale, I’ll ring the bell. In the past I’ve used a household one for luck and protection that I rang before leaving the house every day.

Other ideas:

  • Add charms, beads, or whatever to the braid as you go for your intent.
  • Soak the ribbon or braiding material in enchanted oil or water to absorb more of a kick
  • Write sigils or spells on the braiding material
  • Don’t like braiding? Macrame, crocheting, or knitting work just as well!
  • Enchanting the bells to ring when there’s danger is really common and a great way to make a protection rope.


How to Make a Poppet

Now, I’m going to be upfront:

  • This post was written during the process of making a poppet for cursing. While this post can be used for ANY poppet for ANY purpose.
  • Is image heavy; many of the photos are shaky. This is common when I photograph my spell work. I don’t know why but I have my suspicions.
  • Features photographs of charged ingredients, sigils, and spells.
  • Talks about curses
  • Features a mini how-to break glass safely.
  • This is an attempt to be traditionally neutral. I do things different than others and thus my own methods bleed through. Remember to work within and adapt to your own cultural background, paradigm, and practice.
  • Trigger warnings: blood, glass, curses, Gov. Rick Perry, poppets, sigils, spells, energy, charged items, etc. I’m sure there are others I’m missing but there you go.

This is a follow along using simple ingredients. It starts with how to make the poppet, talks about filling it, making the face and personalizing it, and then finishing it up. Away we go.

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