How to Make a Poppet House

Pissed at your neighbors? Do the residents of the upstairs apartment hold band sessions at three in the morning? Or do you simply want to enchant a house, filling it with protective energies? Use a poppet house! A poppet house works just like a human-shaped poppet. It's sympathetic magic with the purpose of working as … Continue reading How to Make a Poppet House

Wishing Stone [Spell Saturday #40]

This is a super simple spell that works great any time of the year but is particularly effective during life changes, the new year, or newly gained resolves. Pretty much any time you want to start some new goals, this spell is great. It takes time to set up but it's worth it. What you'll … Continue reading Wishing Stone [Spell Saturday #40]

A Petition Ritual for the New Year (Spell Saturday #39)

Here's an complex yet simple ritual for New Year's. It might requires a few different things but can be used to petition the elements and the world to bring your desires to fruition in the new year.     What you'll need:  A new white candle Clear drinking water A fire or a second lit … Continue reading A Petition Ritual for the New Year (Spell Saturday #39)

A Cleansing Ritual For House & Home (Spell Saturday #35)

When it comes to cleansing I'm more of a low-key kind of practitioner. I'll enchant my cleaning supplies to cleanse and go clean the house. But sometimes, you just need a ritual to get it done. The problem comes with many cleansing rituals using smudge sticks. The issue with smudge sticks is this: burning plants … Continue reading A Cleansing Ritual For House & Home (Spell Saturday #35)

Cleansing & Cleaning 101

Cleansing is kind of the metaphysical version of "did you turn it off and on again?" It's sort of the ubiquitous answer for when things are off-kilter. But let's get some real talk going. Cleansing works because it clears the air. Cleansing works more on a spiritual and emotional level. But it can only do … Continue reading Cleansing & Cleaning 101

Shadow Work: How to Love All of Yourself

Everyone has some parts of themselves they don't like. Many people might be quick to name something physical, like their weight, hair, or nose. But others may name something like procrastination or cowardice as their vices. Shadow work is the mental exploration, meditation of, and reconciliation of the darker or uglier sides of yourself. It … Continue reading Shadow Work: How to Love All of Yourself

Begin Again [Spell Saturday #28]

Sometimes, we just need to hit the refresh button on our lives. This spell won't do precisely that but it's pretty close. It'll help you make a fresh, new start. What you'll need:  Flower, flowering plant, or petals from a flower Water Piece of quartz crystal Candle First, make sure you've cleansed your home, car, … Continue reading Begin Again [Spell Saturday #28]

How to Get Started On A New Path

So you've been doing you thing for a while now but it doesn't feel right anymore and you want to try something new. You're not the same person you were when you started practicing so why shouldn't your practice change too? But knowing where to start when you already have a foundation is hard. You … Continue reading How to Get Started On A New Path

7 Ways to Conquer Tiredness of the Soul

We've all felt it. A draining of the spirit. An exhaustion that never leaves no matter how much sleep you get. A tiredness of the soul. Let's be clear right off the bat. I'm not talking about depression. Although soul tiredness can definitely be a combination or symptom of soul tiredness, it's not what we're … Continue reading 7 Ways to Conquer Tiredness of the Soul