January 2017 Round Up

January was a… rough month for me. Anxiety and helpless was a constant cloud over my head until my outrage over current events dispersed the cloud. It’s been the kind of month where instability is the norm.


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Drifting away

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I think this instability showed in my posts. There were some days where I didn’t meet post deadlines (sorry about that!) and other days where I rambled about messy lives and resolutions. I even re-posted a tumblr post about how to handle snow in New England. Weird posts but necessary while I figured out my emotional state.

But now I have a fairly solid plan for myself and how I can help others. Having a plan makes me feel far more secure, even if most of the time I completely ignore my plan and wing it. It gave me the ability to protest, donate, and help others. I even made a small post about it over on tumblr.

It’s been a good month for those interested in tarot and divination in general. I wrote up a review on the pretty Bleu Cat Tarot by Beth Seilonen and Schiffer Publishing. It’s a pretty deck I don’t see much of out in the wild and I just need to run around to all the cat lovers I know and show them these cards.




I also shook off my folklorist roots and posted about the myth of buying your first tarot deck followed by what you should consider when looking for the perfect tarot deck for you.

There’s more to this unofficial tarot for beginners series coming up so keep an eye open for more posts. Some will be geared towards beginners but there’s some that even old hats might find useful.

Weight loss is a huge new year’s resolution for many people so I gathered together some tumblr posts on the subject and posted them under Enchanting Your Weight Loss. Increasing my physical training is one of my goals for 2017 so you might see more of that kind of thing moving forward. Maybe not. What do you guys think?




Poppets are one of those things that I use a lot in my practice. I somehow ended up with a large amount of knowledge regarding puppets and poppets during my college years and it made its way into my practice. I shared some of that knowledge in a post brought over my tumblr about how you can make a house shaped poppet for spells.

My #SpellSaturday game was strong though. Even so, it took several hours to decide which spells I wanted to post when. I know from the recent poll many of you wanted to see more information posts, more transferred tumblr posts, more stuff. I’m hoping that this coming year’s content doesn’t disappoint.






The Wishing Stone is an all-purpose spell that can be done any time of the year. It’s a pretty classic “good luck object” spell but one that’s pretty useful and extremely low-key. I Want To Go Here is a travel spell that could be easily adapted for events and astral locations rather than a physical location. The original tumblr post had a curse counterpart that will appear here sometime this year.

Another all purpose spell is The Dark Moon’s Invitation. It’s a new moon spell that is designed to bring more stuff into your life – more money, more love, more good grades, etc. It’s meant to be tailored to your needs.

And finally here’s a spell that’s more in line to February’s general theme of love with Strengthening Love.

This is a difficult time in the world and many people are afraid. I plan on fighting. I plan on spreading love and kindness. I plan on being compassionate. I plan on protecting and defending people. Do what you can. Speak against the wrongs you see. Protest and donate. But spread love. Spread kindness. Spread light and hope. It can mean all the difference to someone who only sees darkness.

See you all in February.