79 Tips, Tricks, & Spells for Halloween 2017 + Sale!

Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain! I hope you have some amazing plans this Halloween! I don't personally celebrate Samhain but Halloween is my household's favorite holiday, hands down. We have as much stuff to decorate for Halloween as we do Yule and it's not enough. I'm having a pretty low-key holiday myself. A fabulous witchy dress … Continue reading 79 Tips, Tricks, & Spells for Halloween 2017 + Sale!


August Round Up

Oops, meant to post this yesterday. It's a short post but meaningful so you get it for the first post of September instead! August has been a hell of a month. With a ton of celestial events happening, it's been a pretty awesome time to wander out and stare at the sky. But lots of … Continue reading August Round Up

March Round Up

We made it to the other side of March. Yay! This month has been truly insanely busy for me between medical appointments (everyone's OK, no worries!), caring for sick people, chasing after paperwork, birthdays, funerals, and a small snowstorm. I signed up for a bunch of stuff that I'm now scrambling to complete because I … Continue reading March Round Up

January 2017 Round Up

January was a... rough month for me. Anxiety and helpless was a constant cloud over my head until my outrage over current events dispersed the cloud. It's been the kind of month where instability is the norm.   https://www.instagram.com/p/BPbAWvaBUpY/   I think this instability showed in my posts. There were some days where I didn't … Continue reading January 2017 Round Up