Friendship Candle Spell [Spell Saturday #56]

Friendship spells are less common than love spells which is a shame because we, as humans, enjoy having love of all kinds, including friendship. This spell's good if you have an idea of the kind of friend you want but can't seem to attract someone like that. What you'll need: Pink or red candle Printed … Continue reading Friendship Candle Spell [Spell Saturday #56]

Burn Those Winter Blues (Spell Saturday #48)

Feeling down in the dumps? Has the winter blues got you? Here's a quick renewal candle spell to energize your life once more. What you'll need: A candle that is the opposite of how you're feeling A piece of paper   The candle will be a personal choice in this spell. For example, if you're … Continue reading Burn Those Winter Blues (Spell Saturday #48)

A Petition Ritual for the New Year (Spell Saturday #39)

Here's an complex yet simple ritual for New Year's. It might requires a few different things but can be used to petition the elements and the world to bring your desires to fruition in the new year.     What you'll need:  A new white candle Clear drinking water A fire or a second lit … Continue reading A Petition Ritual for the New Year (Spell Saturday #39)

Cash & Fortune Money Spell (Spell Saturday #36)

This spell is based off one of my personal money spells. It works well and has a tendency to work fast. Be sure to read the notes before beginning. What you'll need: Mint (any kind) Sea salt Clover Nutmeg Cinnamon Sugar Coffee A lock of your hair (or appropriate sacrifice) Candle (any color) Gather your … Continue reading Cash & Fortune Money Spell (Spell Saturday #36)

A Cleansing Ritual For House & Home (Spell Saturday #35)

When it comes to cleansing I'm more of a low-key kind of practitioner. I'll enchant my cleaning supplies to cleanse and go clean the house. But sometimes, you just need a ritual to get it done. The problem comes with many cleansing rituals using smudge sticks. The issue with smudge sticks is this: burning plants … Continue reading A Cleansing Ritual For House & Home (Spell Saturday #35)

How to Write A Money Candle Spell

Money spells, in my opinion, are the best spells for beginners. Why? Because you’re going to notice if you suddenly have more money, aren’t you? And they can be as easy or as complex of a spell as you’d like. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to follow. Determine how much money you’ll need and … Continue reading How to Write A Money Candle Spell

A Spell For Courage & Wonders (Spell Saturday #33)

I was recently rereading The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland On A Ship Of Her Own Making* by Catherynne M. Valente. Besides adoring A-through-L, I remembered how lovely the story is. If you haven't read it, you might want to as it tells a pretty fantastic fairy tale. It's especially beautifully if you pair it with S.J.Tucker's album … Continue reading A Spell For Courage & Wonders (Spell Saturday #33)

Spirit Summoning Spell (Spell Saturday #30)

There's lots and lots of ways to summon spirits. This one is for communication rather than working with a spirit in spells. You'll need: Frankincense incense Myrrh incense Sandalwood incense Basil Parsley Lavender Rose petals Wine or clear alcohol Sage Rosemary Thyme Salt or sea salt Holy water, sacred water, or purified water 2 Charcoal tablets … Continue reading Spirit Summoning Spell (Spell Saturday #30)

Begin Again [Spell Saturday #28]

Sometimes, we just need to hit the refresh button on our lives. This spell won't do precisely that but it's pretty close. It'll help you make a fresh, new start. What you'll need:  Flower, flowering plant, or petals from a flower Water Piece of quartz crystal Candle First, make sure you've cleansed your home, car, … Continue reading Begin Again [Spell Saturday #28]