Fire Protection Spell

Fir e protection and fire safety is huge for me during this season. There’s tons of forest fires right now and there’s increased household fires due to people cooking more and Christmas light issues. Heaters can go wrong, fireplaces can be blocked, and people can put items too close to fire and heat sources. Essentially, fire safety and protection is really impotant during the winter months because we rely on it so much.

This spell is not about preventing fires. It’s not about fire safety. It is about protecting items from being on fire. So this spell is ideal for the rug that’s nearby the fireplace or the chair closest to the room heater. Use this spell in conjunction with fire safety and fire prevention spells to really shine.

What you’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Ash or lampblack
  • Water
  • Colorants (optional)

First cut a piece of paper down to five inches by five inches or less. You cna make the shape or size whatever you want by five by five is a good size.

Next, lightly brush water over the paper on both sides and let air dry. The paper shouldn’t be soaked or sopping by rather lightly damp. Make sure it is dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Take your ash or lampblack and mix it with a little water so it’s a paste with paint-like thickness. Do a little at a time so you can control the consistency.

With the paintbrush, paint the following sigil or your own sigil style for fire protection. Let the sigil dry in between if there’s multiple layers to the sigil (like the X over the fire, for example).

My sigil is based loosely the Gylph of Warding from Dragon Age: Origins. I do many different styles of sigils so feel free to alternate to a sigil design that you prefer. Your sigil will not have color unless you add colorants like paint, mica, dried herbs, or other coloring ingredients.

Once the sigil is drawn, let it dry completely. When dry, place the sigil under, on, or near the item you want to protect. If you want to protect the rug from the fireplace, for example, then place this sigil under the rug.


  • You can use a fixant spray, if you like, or put the sigil in a plastic bag to keep the sigil from damage.

Protection from Fire [Spell Saturday #69]

This is a spell designed to protect a home, business, or location in general from fire. This is not going to guarantee your home will be fire-free so make sure you have appropriate renters, business, or homeowner’s insurances along with fire safety equipment.

Seriously, don’t be foolish. Don’t use just this spell to protect your home.

What you’ll need:

  • A sigil against fire
  • Ashes from a fire that has burned in your home or on your property
  • Holy water or water enchanted with protective energies (see notes)

First, create a sigil that is to protect you and the surrounding area from fire. You can use any method you like to create the sigil or you can borrow a sigil from another source. Or you can just take a picture of a fire. Print or write out the sigil. It doesn’t have to be a big image, just visible enough to define clearly.

Gather the ashes from a fire. The ashes can be from a fire pit, fireplace, or even some paper burned in a metal trash can. You’ll probably need a handful or more of ashes so make sure you have enough before starting this.

Take the ashes and mix them, little by little with the holy or protective water. You’re trying to make a slightly thin paste. It should feel a bit like pancake batter or ointment – thicker than paint but thinner than a buttercream frosting.

Once you have your paste, go up to the lowest accessible point in your house and trace the sigil on the paper (or, even better, onto the house itself) with the paste. Allow to dry.

Not go to the highest accessible point of your house and do the same thing. You may also want to repeat the procedure in all four corners of the house.

Toss the paste once you’re done. Keep holy water or protective water on hand. Every year or so, go back over the sigil with the holy water.



  • Google “sigil generator” to find an online generator if you’re really stuck when it comes to a sigil.
  • Protective water can be anything you like. It could be gathered from a stream on your property, salt water, blessed water, or holy water. Even full moon water is good. Any of these waters are perfectly acceptable. It just has to be water that you feel is incredibly protective.
  • Make sure that the paste didn’t mold. A couple days after you’ve done the spell, double check to make sure it hasn’t gotten moldy or gross. If it has, you can scrape it clean and trace the sigil again with the holy water.
  • If you’re writing on the paper and not the house, make sure that you have enough sigil papers to go around. If the paper gets to be too worn to use, make up a new one and repeat the spell.

Cursed By The Stars [Spell Saturday #68]

Ever hate someone so much that you wish them to forever be cursed? It’s a serious commitment and require a serious amount of thinking time before you take the plunge. If you really think someone deserve this kind of punishment, keep on reading.

This spell is meant to curse someone using the energy of the stars they were born under.  So long as they walk under the star’s light or can see the stars in the sky, they’re cursed.


What you’ll need:

  • Target’s full name
  • Target’s birthday
  • Target’s birth location
  • Bonfire
  • A star-filled night
  • Offering for the stars (see notes)

First, write down your target’s name, birthday, and place of birth. Try to get as close as possible for the birthplace (city or hospital is preferred.) Fold the piece of paper up and carry it close to your heart for one day and one night.

During that twenty four hour period, think of them often and how much you hate them. You can think of what you want happen to them or you can just keep that hatred vague. Up to you.

Once the twenty-four hour period is done, travel to a place where there stars are brightest, if possible. Light a campfire or bonfire that is visible to the stars. If you’re with others, wait until they go to bed or are away from the fire to cast the spell.

Now invoke the stars. You might call upon the stars in your zodiac constellation or a star you’ve felt particularly drawn to. Or you can just ask the stars to listen to your request. Be as poetic or are blunt as possible. This needs to come entirely from the heart. Say something like, “Oh stars above, listen to my pleas, and curse the one whose name I offer thee”.

Now that you’ve gotten the stars’ attention, leave your offering to them somewhere within sight of the stars but out of sight for humans. Try sticking the offering in a tree or tucked under some bushes.

Take the piece of paper with your target’s name on it and hold it in front of you. Raise it above your head so the stars can see it and say something like, “Stars, I curse this person who has done me wrong. Curse them with your heavenly light. May they days be ever dark and filled with the torment they have brought me. As long as they walk under your light, they are cursed.” Again, this is something that needs to come from the heart so be as specific or as vague as you want. Just talk to the stars and tell them what you want to happen.

When done, toss the paper into the fire’s heart and watch it burn up, the ashes going into the sky. Thank the stars if you want and allow your hatred to burn. Whether that hatred continues after this fire or begins to abate is up to you.

In the morning or at dawn, go through a cleansing process and cast a protection and blessing spell over yourself.


  • Offering for the stars can be anything. A bundle of sweet herbs to scent the fire, shining coins to reflect their light, a mirror, stones, whatever you think is appropriate. It’s up to you. Make sure that the offering is either completely degradable or is something that doesn’t degrade at all. You don’t want to harm the animals or earth here.
  • It’s probably best to cast this spell in a place where you can see as many stars as possible. A place with less light pollution. If this isn’t possible in your home, maybe take a camping trip and cast the spell then.
  • Using magical ink, war water, or body fluids to write the spell out is a good idea. Similarly, try using magical paper.
  • A campfire or bonfire is important to this spell because we’re interested in the ashes and smoke rising from the fire. A candle doesn’t generate enough flames for this spell to work properly.

Poppet Healing Spell [Spell Saturday #63]

I was glancing through my healing spell section (which, I’ll admit, is lacking) and discovered I never posted a healing spell using a poppet. Which is super weird because healing poppets are my go-to for chronic illnesses and I like to think I specialize in poppet based magic. Plus, poppet healing spells are fairly universal worldwide and historic.

Let’s fix that today. Here’s a healing spell that can be used for any type of healing. Adapt the wording as you please to better accommodate your needs. You’ll need to make a poppet before using this spell so head over here for instructions to sew a poppet. Or you can check the notes for other poppet alternatives besides sewing.


What you’ll need:

  • A pre-made poppet with a healing focus
  • Two white candles
  • A glass of water


Place the two candles between and slightly above the poppet. Place the poppet in front of you and the glass of water below it, so that the water is closest to you. Take a moment to rest your mind, center yourself, and banish errant thoughts as much as possible.

Raise your energy, focusing on putting it into your hands. If energy manipulation isn’t your thing, raise power any way you can (chant, dance, meditation, etc).

Place your hand on the poppet and say,

“Poppet before me

I name you [target’s name]

What I do to you, I do to them

You are one in the same

Until this spell ends.”

Now this poppet can be used for any sort of spell on your target. You can keep this poppet so that you can cast healing or protection spells on the target several years down the line if you want to. Check out the notes for a way to end this spell.

It’s time to start the healing spell. Light the candles and gather the energy back into your hands, in case it’s waned. Place your hands over the afflicted area. If it’s not known, focus on the core of the body, especially the chest. Push the energy into the poppet, if you can. Focus on the person being healthy and happy. Envision this or speak your intent in your mind or aloud.

When you’ve established a clear image (whether mentally or verbally) of what you want, say the following

“I cleanse the sickness from [target’s name]

I gather it all and pull it free

Trendrils of illness and lingering pain, 

I remove it from [target’s name]’s veins

I pull all sickness and pull it free.”

Put at least one finger into the water, keeping your other hand on or above the poppet. Finish the spell by saying the following,

“I pass it all,

All the pain and sickness

Into this water that helped birth us all.

Absorb and cleanse the sickness [target’s name]

And disperse as soon as this water touches the earth.”

Continue to hold you want in this manner until you’re too tired to continue or you feel like the spell’s done. Then, immediate carry the water outside and dump in a patch of soil. Blow out the candles, cleanse the glass (or get rid of it), and put the doll somewhere for safekeeping.



  • Poppet alternatives can be anything. You can use any humanoid shaped object (paper, a video game character like from The Sims, candle, carved from a root, etc) or you can pick something that’s representative like an animal figure or an object that is a good representation of them.
  • Healing focus refers to what the poppet’s stuff with. Healing herbs are an obvious choice. Select healing or light colors for the material. You can also stuff it with stuff that reminds the target of good, healthy times or photos of when they were in great health.
  • Regular water from your tap is fine here. You can also use purified water or enchanted or bless water. Caster’s choice but I recommend tap water or collected water from a lake, pond, river, stream, or ocean.
  • Use a cup or glass that can be washed and cleansed or otherwise disposed of.
  • Tealight candles are really good for a single use spell. If you’re going to use this spell over a long length of time, upgrade your candles to votives, tapers, or pillars so you can use the same candles for each repetition of the spell.
  • Use fire safety!
  • To end the connection of the poppet to your target, place your hand over the poppet and say, “Your job is done, thank you for all you’ve done. I end this spell. I un-name you now. And I bury you. Thank you for all you’ve done.” Then bury the poppet.

Love’s Nostalgia Tarot Spell [Spell Saturday #61]


Ever have a lover haunt you? The memories of what could have been and what was just won’t leave you alone? Even if you’ve moved on, you can’t forget them. If you’re serious about moving on, consider this spell.

This spell can be used for relationships with friends, lovers, or even family. It can also be used to recover from missed opportunities or goals you’ve had to let go.

What you’ll need:

  • A Six of Cups tarot card that best represents your relationship with this person
  • An item from that time period, one that you’ll part with.
  • A candle (any color)


Find a Six of Cups tarot card that best represents how you feel about the memories of this relationship. Look carefully at the details and how that card makes you feel. You may wish to seek out the best representation among multiple decks, if applicable.

Pick out a candle for the spell. It can be any color you want. You’ll need to have the candle burn out entirely for the spell a tealight is the best way to go for this spell. Do not to reuse the candle after this spell.

Pick an item from the time period of your memories. It could be a gift from the person to you or it could be a picture of the time together. Or something you wore a lot during that time. It must be a disposable item.

Place the item you have near the candle and put the tarot card beside the candle. Light the candle and touch one hand to the target’s item and the other hand to the to the tarot card. Now concentrate and tell the candle the memories you want to let go of.

If the candle blows out from your breath or any other source during the spell, do not relight it. Once the candle burns out, take the wax remnants and item and bury it. This ceremonially and figuratively creates a burial of these memories.


  • This works best if the item is something both of you have touched
  • Remember not to burn yourself when doing this spell. If you get really emotional, push the candle back so you don’t burn yourself.

Fire’s Vessel [Spell Saturday #60]

This is a spell and ritual to invite the energy of fire into yourself, at the cost of pushing down your connection to other elements. This can be used temporarily or repeated for a more long-term effect.

You might cast this spell as part of a summer solstice or fire-based festival. Or you might do it to gain motivation and keep procrastination at bay. Or you might cast it to gain confidence, courage, and a bit of recklessness. Why you’d do this is up to you.

What happens to the other elements? They’re suppressed a bit so other aspects of your personality and magic might not be as strong during the duration of the spell. This is why the spell has a time duration built in, to avoid long-term or weird side effects.

Fire's Vessel by This Crooked Crown

What you’ll need:

  • A live flame from a candle, fireplace, bonfire, etc.
  • Representation of wind/air
  • Representation of water
  • Representation of Earth


At sunrise, light your fire. Set up the element representations around you in a circle. You should be sitting or standing in front of the fire.

Meditation or simply sit quietly thinking about the elements and how you interact with them. Once you think you’re ready or you find your thoughts drifting away entirely or you have nothing else to think about, get ready to begin.

Take a deep breath and say,

“As the sun rises, I become the vessel of fire

I am fire

Free, brave, and wild

I am fire

Bold, strong, and true.”

Now push aside the elemental representations of air, water, and earth.

“Beneath my skin, air, water, and earth will live

But my blood will be fire

Until the sun sets in the my sky.”

Pass your hand from east to west.

“As the moon rises, my fire will bank

My elements will reset.”

You can now blow out the candle and put it aside for solar worship, fire element representation, or to repeat the spell.


  • While this spell is written for the classical four element believe, it is completely adaptable to whatever element system you use (assuming you use fire and need the spell at all).
  • Use whatever representations for the elements that you like. Air might be a feather or an empty glass. Water might be a glass of water or collected tears. Earth may be garden soil or stones. You get the idea.

Friendship Candle Spell [Spell Saturday #56]

Friendship spells are less common than love spells which is a shame because we, as humans, enjoy having love of all kinds, including friendship. This spell’s good if you have an idea of the kind of friend you want but can’t seem to attract someone like that.

Friendship Candle Spell by This Crooked Crown

What you’ll need:

  • Pink or red candle
  • Printed out selfie / photo of yourself
  • Fire-proof bowl
  • Friendship-drawing herbs or oils such as gardenia, sweet pea, or rosemary (optional)

Dress your candle in friendship drawing oils, herbs, and/or energy. A candle shaped like a person is a good choice for the candle but optional. You can use a regular candle for this spell.

Place your candle on top of your printed out selfie and place that inside the fire-proof bowl. This is done for safety reasons.

Light the candle. Spend some time thinking or talking about the kind of friend you’re looking for. Do you want someone who will go with you to the beach? Someone affectionate enough for platonic cuddling? Be as vague or as specific as you’d like.

Once you’ve described the person you’d like to be friends with, say something similar to the following:

“Candle before me

Speak to the heart of the one I seek

Bring to me a friend that is loyal and true

Let their heart speak to mine

And bring them to my side

As a beloved friend.”

If the candle hasn’t already done so, tilt it slightly to the side to let the wax drip on your selfie.

Be sure that you’ll have time to watch the candle burn or at least keep an eye on the candle. You’ll need to burn the candle about halfway down or past the waist of the person-shaped candle. Once the candle’s burned to this level, blow it out and keep it safe until a friend like you’ve desired has appeared. If they do not appear within a reasonable time-span (which is up to your discretion), dispose of the candle in the garbage and try again with a new candle, if desired.


  • Please remember to use fire safety!
  • Remember to adjust the wording to suit your needs!

Happy casting!


Forged Through Fire Spell [Spell Saturday #50]

This is a spell to change aspects a specific aspect of your life. It’s not meant to be a gentle, guiding spell but a rather a boot in the ass kind of spell. It’s meant for you to cut the shit and actually change an aspect of your life. It’s for when you need to say to yourself “Quit the procrastination and just go do the thing already”.

Forged in Fire by This Crooked Crown


What you need:

  • Two pieces of paper
  • A red double ended candle or a single red candle
  • Fire safe smooth dish
  • Fire safe bowl (if not using a double ended candle)
  • Your honesty
  • Herbs, oils, and candle-dressing materials (optional)


Write down exactly what you want to happen. You want to go to the gym three times a week and get totally serious on your health? Write that down in explicit detail. You want to stop procrastinating on finding a new job and just go find one that you actually like? Write that down. Want to start that project (or finish it?) Write that down. You need to be completely honest with yourself.

If you’ve been procrastinating because you’re lazy or want to watch reruns of Supernatural instead write that down. Be completely and totally honest with yourself. This isn’t about the legit reasons why you might not do something. If you weren’t able to work because of illness or obligations, then this spell isn’t for you. This spell is to combat procrastination rather than just giving you a boost.

Once you’ve written down what you want to happen and what the problem is, get your candle and dress it for power and energy.

Place the paper for how you currently are on your non-dominate side (so if you’re left handed or your left hand is your power hand, put the paper on the right side). Place the paper for how you want to be on the opposite side. The candle and fire-proof bowl should be between the two. Light the candle.


spells and herbs


If you’re using a  double ended candle, light the candle on the side with the paper with your current state or being/ the problem. Burn that paper and let is go completely to ash. When the paper is completely gone, blow out that end of the candle and declare that how you were is over. Light the other end of the candle and burn the paper with your intentions in it, affirming to yourself that this is how you’re going to be.

If you’re using not using a double ended candle, then burn the paper with how you use to be in the fire proof bowl. When the paper is ash and you have nothing but embers left, declare that how you were is over. Light the candle and burn the paper with your intentions on it, affirming to yourself this is how you’re going to be.

In either case, as the intentions paper burns,  let the wax from the candle with your intentions drip onto a smooth, fire proof dish. Let it cool so it’s cool enough to handle but so not cool that it isn’t malleable. roll the wax between your fingers to form a small ball and carry that wax ball with you each and every time you try and do the thing.

Once the intentions paper has burned, you can blow out the candle. Keep and use whenever you want to reaffirm yourself to you intentions.

Red Candle by This Crooked Crown


  • The candle can be scented or dressed in any of the following oils, scents, or herbs: Allspice, apple, carnations, cinnamon, hyssop, vanilla, rosemary, cinquefoil, dragon’s blood, lemon verbena, marigolds or calendula, thistle, and thyme. If you use any of these scents/oils/herbs you should definitely use them to remind yourself in the future to go do the thing. So if you used apples, then an apple colored gym bag or aromatherapy oil should be motivating.



Burn Those Winter Blues (Spell Saturday #48)

Feeling down in the dumps? Has the winter blues got you? Here’s a quick renewal candle spell to energize your life once more.

What you’ll need:

  • A candle that is the opposite of how you’re feeling
  • A piece of paper


The candle will be a personal choice in this spell. For example, if you’re feeling very shut in, you might want a candle that gives a lot of energy so maybe an orange colored candle that smells like honey and clementines might be a good option. Or a yellow lavender-lemon scented candle could be very good when you feel like time is slipping away from you. You can skip the scented candle and just go for color symbolism or you might want to double up and used some aromatherapy or herbs.

Next, write out all the things that have got you down, no matter how minor they may be. It could be something like “man, I hate how all my friends are sick right now” or “I wish my heating bill wasn’t so expensive” or something more vague like “I’m always so tired in the winter”. Be as specific or as vague as you like. Be sure that the things you’re writing down are connected specifically to your current slump and not just a general concern. If you’re not sure how you feel right now, just write or symbolism the “the current me” instead.

Set your candle up and dress it any way you like. Lit the candle and say

“Fire, I create you and summon you to life

Hear my plea and take these concerns away from me”

Burn the piece of paper and let the candle burn out. It’s a good idea to meditate to sort out internal problems or plan the rest of your week/month out while the candle is burning. You can do whatever you like to the candle remains, even reuse it in another (but similar) spell or to repeat this spell at a later date.


  • A votive sized candle is the perfect size for this spell because it gives you several hours to meditate or get work done in plus they’re often available in scents whereas it’s more rare to run into scented tealight candles. Larger candles can be used for this spell, especially if you wish to repeat it.
  • Practice fire safety! Don’t leave candles unattended and don’t burn things in an unsafe container.

Happy casting!


A Petition Ritual for the New Year (Spell Saturday #39)

Here’s an complex yet simple ritual for New Year’s. It might requires a few different things but can be used to petition the elements and the world to bring your desires to fruition in the new year.




What you’ll need: 

  • A new white candle
  • Clear drinking water
  • A fire or a second lit candle
  • A bit of your hair
  • Seven coins


On a clear night, go outside and create a fire. If you cannot create a fire, you may light a candle from a fireplace, match, or a lighter.

Set up the glass of water, fire source, and white candle in front of you in any manner you’d like. You can create a circle around you or a line in front of you. Whatever you prefer. Dig a hole in the ground and leave it open.

Kneel in the darkness with fire and take a deep breath. Feel free to close your eyes. Clear your mind as much as possible. Focus on letting go of all the negative things of the past and the things you don’t want to take with you moving forward. Take another deep breath and when you’re ready, open your eyes.

Light the candle with your fire source, drink a bit of the water, rub the soil from the hole you’ve dug in your hand, and take another deep breath.

Place the coin inside or under the candle. Put a second coin on the ground, pour a little water over it, and place your water glass over it. Put a third coin in the hole you’ve dug and toss a pinch of soil on it. Toss a fourth coin into the air and let it fall wherever it likes. Repeat the process with a strand of your air. Keep any remaining hair for a later part of the spell.

Now make your petitions for new year. Ask for prosperity, health, happiness, or love. Ask whatever you like. Be as specific or as vague as possible. Be as formal or casual as you’d like. You don’t have to speak aloud, you can just think clearly in your mind. Just say what you need to say and express you hopes for the future. Now demand for your petitions to happen. Tell the world that these things will happen for you.

Once satisfied, toss whatever remaining hair you have with you into the candle. If it goes out, let it. Don’t relight it.


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Toss the fifth coin behind you, to pay off any regrets and past debts. Don’t look back at it. Toss the sixth coin in front of you to pay for your future. Pocket the seventh and last coin and carry it for good luck for the year.

Douse your candle and place the remnants in your fire source. If that’s not possible, bury both your fire source and the candle where the fire source was and in a separate hole from the previously dug hole. Pour out the water into the earth and fill in any dug holes. Leave the area without looking at or walking towards the area you threw your past coin in.


Candle Smoke



  • This spell was designed for New Year’s. The chill from the cold January night is part of the spell’s sacrifice. that being said, if it’s too cold, snowing, or raining where you live, wait to do this spell until you can stand going outside. Don’t injure yourself to do this spell. Be safe and healthy.
  • This spell was created with a campfire, fire pit, or fireplace in mind. Since that’s not always feasible for everyone, you can substitute it for other fire sources light the stove, matches, or lighters.
  • You don’t need to collect fresh hair for this spell. Just save a clipping from a recent haircut or pull some from your hairbrush. If you don’t have hair on your head, you can use hair fro other areas of your body like your arm, leg, or pubic area. You can use fingernails too, if the hair option doesn’t work for you.
  • Burning hair smells absolutely terrible. Endure it as best you can.
  • If you manage to keep your good luck coin throughout the year, use that coin in next year’s spell as the “past” coin.
  • Tip: to make your good luck coin stand out in your wallet or pocket, you can coat it thinly in wax or create a paper envelope for it.

Happy casting and happy new year!